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Motoport's Kevlar blended apparel gives the highest tear/abrasion and seam strength of any motorcycle apparel made today. (See: Save Your Hide) We use different types of Kevlar blended materials. Kevlar comes in a thread form. The materials we use are Kevlar thread that is woven together with Dynatec. (Dynatec is similar to Cordura.) Or the Stretch Kevlar that is Kevlar/Dynatec and Lycra all woven together. We are the only company currently making the entire garment's outer shell from these Kevlar blended materials.

Other companies use small patches of Kevlar. It would be a big gamble to hope to land on the Kevlar patch in a tumble. This means that you have to rely on the other material the suit is made from. The majority of synthetic motorcycle apparel today is made with Polyester that is Polyurethane coated. (Plastic Coated) This material will not provide proper tear/abrasion/seam strength. The plastic coated material can also melt into the skin when sliding on asphalt, requiring skin grafts for removal.

Another gimmick companies use are the pure Kevlar woven patches put on the inside of jeans. They put these patches on the knees and butt area. Pure Kevlar has a similar abrasion rating as cotton. These companies could put Cordura in patches that would perform better than pure Kevlar. These other companies use the word Kevlar to sell the jeans. This is misleading the customer. Kevlar needs to be woven together with other materials like Dynatec or Lycra to have proper abrasion strength. If you're lucky enough to land on the patches of Kevlar the pant will provide more abrasion/tear strength than just denim. If any sliding on asphalt or landing off the Kevlar patch the denim will disintegrate instantly and the Kevlar will abrade quickly offering very little protection.

You may have also seen the pure woven Kevlar Shirts. This is again a gimmick. Pure Kevlar does not provide proper abrasion when used alone. The abrasion would be the similar to a long sleeve cotton shirt. If the Kevlar Shirt is worn alone the Kevlar will degrade rapidly when exposed directly to UV rays. All the Kevlar threads in Motoport's apparel are exposed on the inside only. To damage our apparel the gear would have to be turned inside out and hung in the sun for two months or more with the inner mesh lining cut out, exposing the Kevlar. · Some of the other reasons we make apparel with Kevlar blended materials:

  • Five to eight pounds lighter than leather suits.
  • Clean by tossing it into the washing machine when it’s dirty, armor and all.
  • Does not shrink, harden or ever need to be conditioned.
  • The Kevlar blended material is water resistant and will dry in minutes after rainfall when riding.
  • Can be worn in road racing, touring, dual sport, TT or half mile, enduro, off road, Baja, rally, snow mobile, skiing, inline skating or any other activity that requires the ultimate in protection and freedom of movement.
  • Kevlar is the strongest fiber known to man.
  • Breathes better than nylon or leather, the best suit to wear for hot weather.
  • Our riders pour water into the neck, arms and legs on days over 100 degrees.
  • Intake zipper vents in the arms with exhaust vents in the back with all the Stretch Kevlar suits.
  • With all the Mesh Kevlar no venting is necessary.
  • The entire suit is a vent.
  • While riding with air circulating Motoport guarantees that you'll be more comfortable in hot weather than if you wore a T-shirt and shorts, even at temperatures of 100F or more.
  • Will not conduct cold or heat like leather/nylon or polyester so even the black color works great for hot weather.
  • Tri-Armor Body Guard System located in elbow/forearm, shoulder, chest, wrap around thigh, knee/shin and back.
  • This armor covers more of the body than any other motorcycle apparel. (See Tri-Armor in Motoport's Dictionary. For the ultimate in impact protection, see Quad-Armor.)

Polyester apparel will wear out the quickest. Nylon not far behind Polyester for poor life. Cordura material will outlast both Polyester and Nylon. Our Kevlar blended apparel will last 2 to 3 times longer than the best Cordura suits. It is common for riders to return their Kevlar gear to us after putting 400 to 500 thousand miles on the suit. We replace the Scotchlite Reflective, stretch waistband and in some cases the nylon mesh inner liners. After the repairs the suits can go another 300 to 500 thousand miles.

To prove all the above facts we have the best guarantee on motorcycle apparel in the world. All Kevlar blended jackets/pants/suits have a 7 year warranty. If you ever crash and we can't repair, Motoport will give you a new jacket/pant/suit for free!

We have noticed over the last year that the nylon mesh type jackets have become very popular. Please try and read what the jacket is made of. Most are made with 100% Polyester with a 100% Polyurethane coating. This material has very poor tear and abrasion strength. If you only ride off road the mesh jackets may provide some protection. Sliding on the pavement both the Polyester and Polyurethane can become a dangerous combination. At a motorcycle show in Minnesota a man came into our booth with an injury to the top side of his entire arm. His arm looked like raw hamburger. He said: “I fell going about 35mph and the jacket melted into my arm. I’ve had two skin grafts and need to go in for one more". The jacket he crashed in was made out of Polyester with a 100% Polyurethane coating. Again at a motorcycle show in Anaheim CA. A man came into our booth asking for a jacket that would not melt into his skin if he slid on the pavement. He also had a large scar on his back. He said: “I fell going about 25mph” and then pulled up his shirt to expose a huge scar on his back. His Polyester/Polyurethane jacket melted into his back. A 21 year old girl was on her BMW waiting for the light to change in Atlanta. A car ran the red light and hit this poor girl head on. She had a few broken bones from the impact of the car but her worse injury was from her jacket melting into her back while she was sliding backwards on the asphalt. She had a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath the jacket that provided no benefit. In all three cases the doctors had to remove the skin to take out the Polyester/Polyurethane. The girl required 3 skin graft surgeries. It is possible today to find motorcycle apparel very cheap. Even if you're trying to save money, our Kevlar gear is the best buy. First you need only one suit for cold/hot/rain. Second if you crash, you're wearing the best protection possible. Third if you amortize the life span our gear provides, it is by far the best buy. Fourth who else can repair your gear after a crash if need be or alter it if you gain or loose weight. Finally what other company will give you new gear for free if after a crash the gear cannot be repaired?

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