Stretch Motor Shirt
Stretch Motor  Shirt

The following mentions of the words "Stretch" and "Mesh" refer to the materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber

For riders that want ultimate protection in hot weather without wearing a full jacket. This is the first police shirt that provides ultimate protection along with: 

• Cooler than a wool or cotton duty shirt. Our long sleeve Stretch Shirt is cooler than even the short sleeve duty shirt. 

• Weighs less than a wool or cotton duty shirt. 

• Machine washable armor and all. No need to dry clean. 

• Will not fade like wool or cotton shirts. 

• Will last 10 times longer than a wool or cotton duty shirt. 

• The Stretch Motor Shirt is made in the USA, custom for any size rider. 

Motorcycle Police all over the country wear Motoport's Synthetic apparel Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber. They had a problem even with our Mesh gear when the temperatures were over 95 F. They could not take our jackets off when directing traffic or when going into a restaurant. 

Some of the officers explained that this would force them into wearing their standard cotton or wool short sleeve shirts that offered no protection in a tumble. The police couldn't wear both the duty shirt and our jacket together when it was hot. From this demand Motoport started making the Stretch Motor Shirt for the police. The traditional look is important with many police departments. We can match colors and exact style/pockets with your current duty shirt.
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$ 439.00
* This price DOES NOT reflect delivery costs, these costs are calculated and charged at the time of shipment. Please read our Ordering Process for more information.

 Air Mesh Underarm Vent
 Sew On Provided Patch (+$ 5.00)
 Velcro On Provided patch (+$ 7.50)
 Badge Holder (+$ 3.00)
Detailed measurements are required to place an order. Please provide appropriate measurements below. Please refer to our Sizing Guides page for detailed instructions.

* Please be sure to read our Ordering Process page before checkout.
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 • Entire outer shell is made of 4-way Stretch for comfort. The four way stretch material allows you to layer or wear thermal underwear underneath. Material will not conduct cold or heat like leather or nylon, so even the black color works great for hot weather. All of the Stretch material is made with a new invention called "Cold Black". The Cold Black stays 15 Degrees cooler than the previous colors. UV rays bounce off the material and cannot absorb. When touching the material it is actually feels cold. The Cold Black is in the dye of the material and will always work. See "Save Your Hide" for material tear/abrasions strengths.

• Stretch collar is sewn down. This was done to match the standard Police shirts. It is often requested to copy the collar on the Air Mesh Jacket. This can be done no charge. Any style custom collar can be made.

• Heavy Duty YKK Zipper to open/close the front. We can also duplicate the buttons on the duty shirt to match the traditional appearance.

 • The Shirt is made to tuck in, similar to a regular long sleeve dress shirt. It can also be worn without tucking in. Either way because of both the length of the shirt and the Heavy Duty main zipper, the shirt cannot ride us the torso in a tumble. No need to zip our Shirt to any pants.

• Zippered sleeve cuffs with a Velcro closure that goes over the zipper end.

• Two front pockets made with Stretch. Any style custom pockets can be made.

 • World's top rated, lightweight, perforated Tri-Armor that fully covers: back, shoulders, elbows/forearms, and even the chest. All Tri-Armor is in Velcro-secured pockets and can be removed. 

The majority of police are wearing the Protective Vest and remove the back and chest armor. When riding off duty most riders will put both the chest and back armor back into the jacket. Motoport’s Tri-Armor covers more of the body than any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world's best overall coverage for impact protection. 

The Tri-Armor is all perforated and does not make the shirt warmer in hot weather. The armor pulls the shirt away from the skin making an air space for the perforated armor to breathe.

 • Hydrophilic Nylon Mesh Lining on the inside. The Hydrophilic Lining wicks away sweat and makes the liner more comfortable, even when worn directly against the skin.


 • Velcro on patches $7.00 each. Strongly recommended, our shirt will last far longer than the patches. When off duty the patches can be removed.

 • Sew on patches $5.00 each.

• Small Velcro or sewn on patches $3.00 each.

• Velcro on/off “Police” on the back of the jacket. All letters of Police are made reflective. $19.00

• It is possible to order with a collar similar to the Air Mesh Jacket. No charge for this option. • 1.5” Reflective across the upper back section $29.00

 • 1.5” Reflective across the upper back and down the outside of both sleeves $49.00

• 3" Reflective across the upper back section $39.00

• 3" Reflective across the upper back and 1.5" down the outside of both sleeves $59.00

• 1.5" Reflective in bright yellow across upper back $29.00

 • 1.5" Reflective in bright yellow across upper back and down the outside of both sleeves $49.00

• 3" Reflective in bright yellow across upper back and 1.5" bright yellow down the outside of both sleeves. $59.00

• Pen Holder Pocket to hold two pens on left arm. $19.00

• Pen Holder Pocket to hold two pens on right arm. $19.00

• Sleeve pocket on left or right sleeve $19.00

 • Clear Velcro Pocket. (6”long and 4” wide) This pocket can be used for maps or identification to enter secure facilities. This pocket attaches very quickly with Velcro, and can be taken on and off in seconds. YKK Zipper to enter pocket. Unless specified, we put this pocket on the left sleeve $29.00

 • Clear ID Pocket. (3” long and 4” wide) This pocket is sewn on. Clear ID pocket that can be used for maps or identification to enter secure facilities. Unless specified, we put this pocket on the left sleeve. $19.00 Colors

• Stretch colors: black, LA PD dark blue, green, brown, gray, red and hi-viz.

CLICK HERE to view color samples of our material. 

• Motoport can send material swatches to show the strength and different colors available. All of the different Stretch colors can be seen on the Ultra II Jacket. 

Sizing :  For perfect sizing Motoport request that you send us a long sleeve duty shirt that will fit properly when riding. Motoport uses this shirt as a pattern and returns it with the Stretch Motor Shirt when finished. Make sure to put on the shirt that will be sent and sit on the motorcycle, hands on the bars.                                                                                           

If you intend to wear a ProtectiveVest please also have the vest on. If the shirt does not fit correctly please let us know. 

If you want the shirt not to tuck into the pant please let us know and mark on the shirt where you want the length front/back to end. When the order is placed Motoport will provide a Return Authorization #, along with our ship to address to send the shirt. Sit on the bike wearing the shirt that you intend to send. Pull any wrinkles out of the sleeve. If the cuffs extend past the bend in the wrist, let us know how many inches it extends past the wrist. 

If the sleeves are too short, please let us know how many inches it is too short, in a letter sent with the shirt. If you send a tight fitting shirt the Air Mesh Shirt will fit tight. Please send a shirt that fits your body sizing well. Warranty

 • The Stretch Motor Shirt is custom and is non returnable. If there is a sizing problem we can always alter the shirt.

• To support the claims made by Motoport about materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber, and to confirm the protective/long lasting qualities of this clothing , this garment has a 7-year warranty.


Many police departments Motoport deals with, have troubles getting approval to change gear. Motoport can provide a document to present to Administration for getting the gear change approval. This document has been used by many departments and also has been studied and approved for use by an attorney. Please contact us if you would like to use this document.


Motoport can also provide a current list with contact names and phone numbers of the departments wearing Motoport’s police apparel. These departments have given us approval for other police to contact to verify Motoport’s claims and help with questions.  Please contact us if you would like us to send this document.


We can also send a Power Point Video Presentation to help in getting approvals


Motoport is also available to send employees to provide a presentation at your facility.


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