Marathon Stretch Jacket
Marathon Stretch Jacket

The following mentions of the words "Stretch" and "Mesh" refer to the materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.

The Marathon Stretch Jacket is 100% made in the USA, custom for any size rider.
 Motoport's GP-1 and GP-2  Suits are the only synthetic apparel approved for road racing. Now get this same Kevlar blend in a sport bike/ touring/dual sport jacket. The Material Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber/Dynatec/Lycra is five times stronger than the best competition grade leather. 

Click on "Save Your Hide" to see more on material tear/abrasion strengths. 

Click on "Testimonials and read the stories about our customers and how they love their Kevlar Suits. 

The Marathon is a 3/4 length jacket. Read: Waist Cut Jackets vs 3/4 Length Jackets Here Also available to order now is the Marathon Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket, $469.00, Consider the Marathon Air Mesh Jacket for the following reasons: 

1. If you ride in temps over 95f in traffic at slow speeds or if you ride in temps over 95f with a windshield/fairing. 

2. If you ride off road at temps over 85f. 

3. If you’re the type person that has a problem with heat when riding. 

4. For hot dry desert type heat the all Stretch  is the best jacket if you ride a naked bike.
1343856954_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Black Grey POPLET.jpg
1343856985_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Black Grey Back POPLET.jpg
1343857004_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Yellow Bands on Biceps with Grey Cuffs.jpg
1343857026_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Yellow Bands on Biceps with Grey Cuffs Back.jpg
1343857312_100_0368 web.jpg
1343857420_100_0369 web.jpg
1343860737_102.333 Gray,Black web.jpg
1343860773_102.333 Gray,Black  Back web.jpg
1343860951_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Blue Grey web.jpg
1343860973_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Blue Grey 1 web.jpg
1343860996_Marathon Kevlar Jacket Blue Grey Back web.jpg
1343861165_Marathon Jacket 2 Keep.jpg
1343861189_Marathon Jacket Back web.jpg
1343861655_100_0411 web.jpg
1343861676_100_0409 web.jpg
1343861835_102.333 Black,ktm arms.JPG
1343861860_102.333 Black, ktm side shot of arm.JPG
1343861889_102.333 Black, ktm  Back.JPG
1343862746_Marathon Kevlar Grey Yellow Black web.jpg
1343862776_Marathon Kevlar Jacket web.jpg
1385148919_marathon two toned 4.jpg
1385148919_marathon two toned 5.jpg
1385148919_maratho two toned 6.jpg
1389733728_marathon kevlar jacket - blk.png
1389733729_marathon kevlar jacket- blk 2.png
1389733729_marathon kevlar jacket - blk 3.jpg
1391641164_MARATHON KEVLAR - GRY-BLK.jpg
1398283998_MARATHON STRETCH 1.jpg
1398283998_MARATHON STRETCH 3.jpg
1398284185_MARATHON STRETCH 2.jpg
1422056208_MARATHON BLK BLUE 1.jpg
1422056209_MARATHON BLK BLUE 2.jpg
1422056209_MARATHON BLK BLUE .jpg
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SKU 102.333
$ 544.00
* This price DOES NOT reflect delivery costs, these costs are calculated and charged at the time of shipment. Please read our Ordering Process for more information.

 Dark Blue

 Leatt Neck Brace Collar (+$ 79.00)
 45" or Larger Chest (+$ 29.00)
 Heated Liner (+$ 169.00)
 Emergancy Information Pocket (+$ 24.00)
 Clear ID Pocket (+$ 19.00)
 Right Sleeve Pocket (+$ 19.00)
 Left Sleeve Pocket (+$ 19.00)
 Clear Velcro Pocket (+$ 29.00)
 Velcro On Reflective Over Shoulders (+$ 69.00)
 Reflective On Sleeves (+$ 29.00)
 Air Mesh Patch On Elbow/Forearm (+$ 39.00)
 3" Reflective On Back Instead of 1.5" Gray (+$ 10.00)
 American Flag Patch on Left Shoulder (+$ 5.00)
 Quad Armor Jacket Set (+$ 250.00)
 Reflective Bands On Sleeves (+$ 29.00)
 American Flag Patch on Left Shoulder (+$ 5.00)
 Reflective All Yellow
 Reflective All Gray
 Reflective On Back and Sleeves (+$ 49.00)
 Chest Vent (+$ 19.00)


Add accessories by clicking in the box. READ MORE
Heated Jacket Liner
Read more
$ 229.95
Marathon 2 Part Jacket Liner
Read more
$ 189.00
Marathon Jacket Liner (No Insulation)
Read more
$ 129.00
Detailed measurements are required to place an order. Please provide appropriate measurements below. Please refer to our Sizing Guides page for detailed instructions.

* Please be sure to read our Ordering Process page before checkout.
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• World's top rated, lightweight, perforated Tri-Armor that fully covers: Back, shoulders, elbow/forearms and chest. All Tri-Armor is in Velcro secured pockets and can be removed. Motoport's Tri-Armor covers more of the body that any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world's best coverage for over all impact protection. Tri-Armor molds to the body in 30 minutes or less. 

After initial break the armor becomes comfortable with no restriction of movement. The Tri-Armor is all perforated and does not make the shirt warmer in hot weather. The armor pulls the material away from the skin making an air space for the perforated armor to breathe. CLICK HERE to view the jacket Tri-Armor. 

• Entire outer shell is made of 4-way Stretch for comfort. The four way stretch material allows you to layer clothes or wear thermal underwear underneath. Material will not conduct cold or heat like leather or nylon, so even the black color works great for hot weather. Note: All the new black Stretch  is made with a new invention called "Cold Black". The new black color made with this Cold Black stays 15 Degrees cooler than the previous black color. When touching the material it is actually feels cold. The Cold Black is in the dye of the material and will always work. 

•3-8 pounds lighter than leather. 
Does not shrink or harden or need conditioning 

• Water resistant. Jacket will dry in minutes after a rainfall when riding. 

• All critical seams are Safety Lock Stitched. All construction seams have over 2000 pound strength. (See Safety Lock Stitching in Motoport's Dictionary.)

• No Polyurethane coating. The Stretch blended material breathes better than Denim pants, vented or perforated leather. It is impossible to sweat in this jacket riding a bike with no windshield/fairing getting wind flow at over 25mph.

• All zippers top quality YKK.

• Four large outer chest pockets..

• Two hand warmer pockets.

• One inside zip pockets.

• Full wrap around pocket inside the back protector for a Camel Back or the optional liner or other gear. 

• 10” Intake zippered vents in arms with large zippered exhaust vent that runs under the entire length of the reflective, in the back.

• Velcro adjust in the back and additional Velcro adjustment on bottom hem of jacket.

• Velcro adjustable wrists with additional zipper closure.

• Stretch  Fleece lined adjustable Velcro collar.

• 3M ASTM Rated 1.5" Yellow Scotchlite reflective across back. 

• All Tri-Armor is in Velcro-secured pockets and can be removed. Motoport’s Tri-Armor covers more of the body than any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world's best overall coverage for impact protection.

• Hydrophilic Nylon Mesh Lining, fully covers the inside of the jacket. This new Hydrophilic Mesh Lining will wick away sweat and make the suit feel comfortable against the skin.   


• Quad Armor- a four-layer system that is the highest rated impact-absorbing armor in the world. Quad-Armor protects elbow/forearm, shoulder, back and chest. Quad-Armor has passed and exceeded the new EN Certification and covers more of the body than any other brand. See Quad-Armor in the ARMOR Section. $259.00 To read more about Quad-Armor click on "Must Read Articles".

• 3M 3" Scotchlite bright yellow reflective across back $10.00 

• 3M 1.5" Scotchlite bright yellow reflective across the back No charge.

• 3M 1.5" gray Scotchlite reflective down the outside of both sleeves $29.00

• Small zippered pocket on the sleeve for quick access to keys or change $19.00

• Small zip chest pocket, on outside of right side chest pocket. Can be used for I-Pod, change, earplugs etc. $19.00

• Two 3M 1” Yellow Scotchlite bands around upper bicep area. $29.00

• We now have 3 different types of 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable Aero-Tex Jacket Liners available.

1. Aero-Tex Jacket Liner with no insulation. Riding temperature ranges from 40F to 85F in comfort.

2. Two part liner with zip out Thermoloft Insulation. Ride from -20F to 55F with the optional Two Part Aero-Tex Liner. $189.00 Zip out the Thermoloft Insulation - it’s still 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable and ride from 40f to 85f in comfort.

3. Aero-Tex Jacket Liner no insulation with zip in zip out Heated Jacket Liner. This is the ultimate in comfort for extreme cold weather riding. No other layering necessary. $298.00 Remote controllers to adjust heat are shown in the Accessories Section. Remove the liner completely and ride from 60f to 120f.

• Remove chest cargo pockets. (No charge) • Remove lower cargo pockets. (No charge)

• Shorter or longer jacket length. (No charge unless lengths are more than 2" shorter or longer)

• Emergency Information Pocket: If you crash and are unconscious or can’t move, this is the place to have Emergency Information. Blood type, allergies etc. can be put on a plastic card for quick easy to see important information for the paramedics or doctor. We use a bright red Stretch panel and sew it on top of the right shoulder. It stays shut with a strong Velcro closure and has a pull tab for quick access. If you’re laying on your back or front side, this pocket can still be seen. $19.00

• Velcro on Reflective • We add a collar to the jacket that can be zipped on/off and the Leatt Neck Brace can be worn. We use a strong heavy duty YKK Zipper to attach the collar section when the brace is not being used. This custom collar has the same Polar Fleece on the inside with a Stretch  outside material. To see the Leatt Neck Brace CLICK HERE.

• Clear Velcro Pocket. (6” long and 4” wide) This pocket can be used for maps or identification to enter secure facilities. This pocket attaches very quickly with Velcro, and can be taken on and off in seconds. Unless specified, we put this pocket on the left sleeve $29.

• Clear ID Pocket. (4” long and 3” wide) This pocket is sewn on. Clear ID pocket that can be used for identification to enter secure facilities. Unless specified, we put this pocket on the left sleeve. $19.

• Mesh  panel on the outside of the arm that extends from the elbow down to the end of sleeves. $39.00 Note: This is for looks only. Adding this Mesh panel is not necessary for more protection. 
About materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.
 Why is this better? The Stretch  is 5 times stronger than leather and less than half the weight. See "Save Your Hide" to learn more about the tear and abrasion strength. The world's first all season 3/4 length Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket that will take you from -20F to 85F with optional two part Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable zip in Aero-Tex liner. Remove the liner and have a fully breathable jacket or pant that will take you from 60f to 120F. You don't need two or three different riding outfits for different weather. The Ultra II Air Mesh jacket is great for any weather.
See: Why remove the Aero Tex in Motoport's Dictionary. Only the best materials are used. Ask what the other brands of textile Jackets and Pants are made of. The majority today are made of Polyester that has a 100% Polyurethane Coating. Polyester has poor tear/abrasion strength, short life span with poor tolerance to UV rays, along with a very low melting range. Adding Polyurethane coating to Polyester is like adding gas to a fire. Sliding on pavement with any other textile jacket or pant is not safe. Motoport has seen many riders with permanent skin damage where the Polyurethane coating melted into the skin. (See Polyurethane in Motoport's Dictionary)

The new Marathon Jacket material has the highest tear strength of any motorcycle jacket ever made! 500 Denier Cordura (the best material companies use for overall construction will tear at 22lbs). The Stretch tears at 420 pounds. Take your body weight and multiply that by the speed on a motorcycle. 

 All the other nylon jackets and pants made can tear at a low speed tumble! If the best material of all other synthetic jacket/pants tears at 22lbs. imagine how poor the seam strength is! No other leather suit or synthetic suit has proper seam strength. Motoport Safety Lock Stitches all of the construction seams that will provide more than 2000lbs. of strength.

Abrasion strengths of Polyester are not even close to adequate for riding a motorcycle on pavement. Click on "Save Your Hide" to see more on material strength.. Also Click on "Testimonials" to read stories about riders that love the  Suits.
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