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Customer Testimonials

” You saved my hide! On 17 April, I was headed to work when someone cut me off. I avoided the car, but both the bike and I went down. 
When I stopped sliding, I did a quick inventory and everything was still attached. I literally jumped up, surprising everyone who saw the accident. My air mesh jacket and pants protected every part of me – not a scratch, scrape, cut, or bruise!. The bike, however, is another story: so far the front wheel, forks, and steering stop are bent; the fender, fairing, windscreen, mirror, and many other parts are broken. I’ll stop by to shake your hand, and tell you that after all these years wearing your gear, it paid off. ” Ron W.

“I purchased a Marathon Air Mesh Jacket and Police Air Mesh Pants in January, drove over 17,000 km in South American in February and March in temperatures up to 37C (98.6 F), and I couldn’t believe how comfortable the suit was. I don’t handle the heat well, but I can personally attest to your claim that this is a great suit for hot weather riding. Conversely, the liners provided the cold weather protection I needed in the high Andes. I never complained once, or even considered riding without it. Thank you for a fantastic product that provides both comfort and protection.” Ron


Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets

We make the highest quality custom made Motorcycle Jackets here in the USA.

Motoport Guarantee

Motoport Guarantee

Motoport has the worlds best crash guarantee of any Motorcycle apparel company in the world! If you ever crash in any of Motoport’s Mesh or Stretch jackets/pants or one piece suits and the damage cannot be repaired for half the cost of a new item, we replace the...

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