Cordura Street Jean 1000 Denier


Here is a pant that looks identical to Jeans but much better in every way:

1. Equal in tear/abrasion strength to the best new road racing leather in the world.

2. Tri-Armor that covers knee/shin and full wrap around thighs providing more coverage than any other motorcycle pant. Tri-Armor molds to your individual shape in 30 minutes or less.

3. Breathes better than jeans in hot weather.

4. Four year warranty

5. Made in the USA in-house by Motoport. Repairs after a tumble average 3 days.

6. Made custom to fit exactly like your best fitting jeans NO MATTER WHAT SIZE! If you gain or lose weight, alterations can be made.

7. Machine Washable armor and all. Will never stretch or shrink.

The 1000 Denier Cordura has a softer, lighter feel than all the 500 Denier coated Cordura jackets/pants, yet the material is 5 times stronger.

No plastic Polyurethane coating on the inside. No worries of the pant melting into your skin (see Polyurethane in the “Dictionary”).

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Detailed measurements are required to place an order. Please provide appropriate measurements below. Please refer to our Sizing Guides page for detailed instructions.

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Motoport Sizing Guides

Please call or email your measurements to ensure proper fit. For riders that require custom sizing please call 1-800-777-6499 or email


Please call for more accurate ship dates. 1-800-777-6499

Sizing Guide:
To ensure proper sizing Motoport needs: Height / Weight / Sleeve (from center at base of neck around outside of arms to bend in wrist). To give us the most accurate sleeve measurement, follow the Dress Shirt Sleeve instructions below. Actual Chest / Actual Waist. (No jacket or pant sizes.)Do not inhale when measuring chest. Waist should be measured where you tighten the belt. All measurements taken in a relaxed position. Tape measure should also be comfortable, not tight or loose.NOTE:If ordering Aero-Tex liner we need a neck circumferance measurement at collar height or 2″ from the base of your neck.Follow these instructions to measure for correct sleeve lengthMeasuring a motorcycle jacket alone is not good. Please help to confirm the proper sleeve length by measuring a Dress Shirt Sleeve length as shown below. Also make sure to mention when providing this measurement, that this is a dress shirt sleeve length not a jacket sleeve length measurement, measured as shown in Sizing Detail.

Note: Your dress shirt sleeve measured as shown above should be approximately 2″ shorter than the jacket sleeve length measured.

After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.



For Men’s Jeans Sizing Guide Click Here.

Follow the instructions for marking your jeans; as you will need to send us the marked jeans so we can use them as a pattern. ( The jeans will be returned to you with your completed order)

Note: Denim jeans that stretch cannot be used as a pattern.


• World’s top rated, lightweight, perforated Tri-Armor that fully covers: full knee/shin and full wrap-around thigh armor. All Tri-Armor is in Velcro-secured pockets and can be removed. Motoport’s Tri-Armor covers more of the body than any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world’s best overall coverage for impact protection. CLICK HERE to view the Tri-Armor.

• All outside pockets same as Levi Pockets

• All critical seams are Safety Lock Stitched. (See Safety Lock Stitching in “Dictionary”). Five threads woven on the inside, three threads sewn over the top. Each individual thread has over 100 pound tear strength. Seam strength on the 1000 Denier Cordura Jeans is over 800lbs.

• Zipper fly with Velcro adjustable waist.

• Belt loops

• Zippers are top quality YKK. • Fully lined with a new Hydrophilic Nylon Mesh Lining that repels sweat/water to make the jacket more comfortable in hot humid weather, even when worn directly against the skin.


• Quad-Armor: Four-layer system that is the highest rated impact-absorbing armor in the world. Quad-Armor protects full wrap around thigh and knee/shin. Quad-Armor has passed and exceeded the new EN Certification and covers more of the body than any other brand. The perforated armor doesn’t make the jacket warmer in hot weather. The armor pulls the suit material away from the skin providing an air space, allowing the armor to breathe. CLICK HERE to view the Tri-Armor. $129.00 To read more about Motoport’s crash studies click on “Must Read Articles”.

• Optional Hip Armor – Closed cell EVA perforated foam is sewn into the upper hip area. Motoport can’t use the Tri-Armor in the hip area. Anything thick or stiff will dig into the thighs when in a riding position. This hip armor is comfortable and adds significant impact protection to the upper hips. Hip Armor $49.00

• Recommended: The pant cuffs can be made with a zippered/Velcro closure. Standard jean cuffs can ride up the legs in a tumble. If the cuffs are not secured on the boots the knee armor can also fall down half way below the knee cap, when standing. Loose cuffs against the boots will also expose half the knee caps in a tumble. $29.00

• Note: If a waist-cut jacket is to be worn, the pant can be ordered with a maximum 13″ length zipper to connect with waist length Jacket. $29.00  Motoport can include the other side of the zipper on the pant that can be sewn into any waist-cut jacket, no charge. You could then take your jacket and have the zipper sewn on. We can sew this 13” zipper onto your jacket for $29.00

• Note: Full waist zippers cannot be used with the jean cut. It is not necessary to zip a 3/4 length jacket to any pant. If you want a full circumference zipper in a similar pant see the Police Jean.

• 1.5” or 1” Scotchlite Reflective stripe can be put down legs. $29.00

• Sacrum Tri-Armor $49.00

• Sacrum Quad-Armor. $75.00

• Velcro release suspenders can be added. This is recommended for any riders with a large belly or anyone that prefer leaving the waist area loose. Suspenders are recommended for any long distance riders. Suspenders allow the waist to be left loose and still keep the pants from falling down. $79.00

• Buckle Release Suspenders can be added. This is recommended for any riders with a large belly or anyone that prefer leaving the waist area loose. Suspenders are recommended for any long distance riders. Suspenders allow the waist to be left loose and still keep the pants from falling down $ 69.00


The 1000 Denier Cordura Street Jean is also available in Red, Blue, Bright Yellow. See all the 1000 Denier Cordura colors at the Ultra II Cordura Jacket. No additional charges for custom colors.

Additional Information

• Production times vary throughout the year. A current actual production time is on the home page directly below the flash photos. • These pants are custom made and they are non returnable. Alterations can be made if fit is a problem. Very large or tall sizes may require a custom fee.