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A husband and wife just returned from a long trip wearing our Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket, Air Mesh Pant and liners for both.  He told us the gear performed excellent for all the different cold/hot/wet weather they encountered.  The main problem with the trip was that they started with extra room in the luggage on the motorcycle, to store the riding gear when stopped.  After half way through the trip the wife had all the luggage full.  Whenever they stopped, the riding gear would have to be carried or left on the bike.  They didn’t want to purchase and tow a trailer just to hold the gear when not riding.  The apparel was hard to carry and when left on the bike they always feared of theft.

Motoport’s new  Bag  Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber. solves the problem.  Gear can easily be stored inside the Bag and securely locked to the motorcycle.  The new Bag also makes carrying the gear much eaiser.  Even two full sets of jackets/pants/liners/helmets can be carried by one person.



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Motoport Sizing Guides

Please call or email your measurements to ensure proper fit. For riders that require custom sizing please call 1-800-777-6499 or email


Please call for more accurate ship dates. 1-800-777-6499

Sizing Guide:
To ensure proper sizing Motoport needs: Height / Weight / Sleeve (from center at base of neck around outside of arms to bend in wrist). To give us the most accurate sleeve measurement, follow the Dress Shirt Sleeve instructions below. Actual Chest / Actual Waist. (No jacket or pant sizes.)Do not inhale when measuring chest. Waist should be measured where you tighten the belt. All measurements taken in a relaxed position. Tape measure should also be comfortable, not tight or loose.NOTE:If ordering Aero-Tex liner we need a neck circumferance measurement at collar height or 2″ from the base of your neck.Follow these instructions to measure for correct sleeve lengthMeasuring a motorcycle jacket alone is not good. Please help to confirm the proper sleeve length by measuring a Dress Shirt Sleeve length as shown below. Also make sure to mention when providing this measurement, that this is a dress shirt sleeve length not a jacket sleeve length measurement, measured as shown in Sizing Detail.

Note: Your dress shirt sleeve measured as shown above should be approximately 2″ shorter than the jacket sleeve length measured.

After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.


The following mentions of the words “Stretch” and “Mesh” refer to the materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.


• Made in the USA

•One side of the  Bag is made with Stretch . This material is water resistant and if left facing up in the rain, all the gear inside the bag will be dry. The other side of the bag is made with Mesh. The Mesh and Stretch are far stronger than leather. Almost impossible to cut and the entire bag weighs less than a pound.

• A strong Velcro flap closes up the bag.. One Stainless Steel ring is on each side of the bag. After closing the Velcro flap, the two rings go together and lock on the motorcycle. When the rings are together the Velcro closure cannot be opened.

• Bag can be secured on any motorcycle helmet lock. Cable Lock, Combination or Pad Lock can also be used to lock the bag anywhere on the motorcycle. (When using the helmet lock on motorcycle, no extra lock is needed.)

• Motoport has two Bag sizes. One, that is large enough to fit up to a 4XL, 3/4 length jacket, 4XL size pant along with both the jacket liners/pant liner and other items. (45″X25″X3″) The other bag is designed to fit two complete jackets/pants and liners along with gloves or other items. (45″X25″X6″)

• Velcro secured pocket on the inside of the bag to hold gloves or other miscellaneous items.

• When not in use, the Gear Bag folds down into a very small space.

• Each individual thread used for sewing the seams has over a 100 pound tear strength. Five threads are woven on the inside seams of the bag. (Safety Lock Stitched) Triple needle stitching on the top of the seam. Even if the three threads on the outside seam are cut we still have 5 threads woven on the inside of the same seam. All the seams on the bag have more than 2000 pounds of seam strength.

• Bag is made with a strong handle to allow for ease when carrying the suits. Two complete suits in the bag are much easier to carry than one jacket/pant not put into the bag.

• The Gear Bag keeps apparel clean and dry instead of exposure to the elements when left out.

•The new Gear Bag can be used for many different purposes when on a long trip or even at home.

• Machine Washable

Note: Two large helmets can also be put into either bag. Sections are made at the end of the bag to allow helmets to fit.