Motoport GP2 Air Mesh Pant


The following mentions of the words “Stretch” and “Mesh” refer to the materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.

Same style as our GP-2 Road Racing Pant with the front of the pant made from Mesh and the back of the pant made from Stretch . This pant will work better than the all Stretch Pant if you live in hot humid conditions, ride slow in stop and go traffic at over 90 F. Or when riding a fully faired bike at over 90 F.

Made in the USA, custom for any rider and size.

This pant is made to be worn with only underwear underneath. Temperature range is 60f. to 120f. For cold/wet weather it is possible to wear hi tech thermal underwear along with a rain pant to go over the top.


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Motoport Sizing Guides

Please call or email your measurements to ensure proper fit. For riders that require custom sizing please call 1-800-777-6499 or email


Please call for more accurate ship dates. 1-800-777-6499

Sizing Guide:
To ensure proper sizing Motoport needs: Height / Weight / Sleeve (from center at base of neck around outside of arms to bend in wrist). To give us the most accurate sleeve measurement, follow the Dress Shirt Sleeve instructions below. Actual Chest / Actual Waist. (No jacket or pant sizes.)Do not inhale when measuring chest. Waist should be measured where you tighten the belt. All measurements taken in a relaxed position. Tape measure should also be comfortable, not tight or loose.NOTE:If ordering Aero-Tex liner we need a neck circumferance measurement at collar height or 2″ from the base of your neck.Follow these instructions to measure for correct sleeve lengthMeasuring a motorcycle jacket alone is not good. Please help to confirm the proper sleeve length by measuring a Dress Shirt Sleeve length as shown below. Also make sure to mention when providing this measurement, that this is a dress shirt sleeve length not a jacket sleeve length measurement, measured as shown in Sizing Detail.

Note: Your dress shirt sleeve measured as shown above should be approximately 2″ shorter than the jacket sleeve length measured.

After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.



For Men’s Jeans Sizing Guide Click Here.

Follow the instructions for marking your jeans; as you will need to send us the marked jeans so we can use them as a pattern. ( The jeans will be returned to you with your completed order)

Note: Denim jeans that stretch cannot be used as a pattern.


  • The entire back section of the pant is made with a woven blend of materialsMade with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber/Dynatec and Lycra. This four way stretch blend breathes better than a cotton t-shirt in hot weather yet works better than leather in cold weather. This material breathes differently from any other motorcycle apparel. If you put your mouth up to the outside of the material and blow, it is a little restrictive. If you put your mouth up to the inside of the material and blow, it breathes better than a cotton t-shirt. The Stretch breathes better than perforated leather.
  • The entire front section is the new open-weave Mesh  that is 10 times stronger than best competition grade leather. The pant has a new Hydrophillic Nylon Mesh lining on the inside. Without this lining it would be possible to see the skin through the Mesh . No restriction of air flow even at slow speeds. When stopped you can feel the air though the Mesh. Much better than even wearing shorts in hot weather.
  • World’s top rated, lightweight, perforated Tri-Armor that fully covers: Knee/shin and full wrap around thigh armor. All Tri-Armor is in Velcro secured pockets and can be removed. Motoport’s Tri-Armor covers more of the body than any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world’s best coverage for over all impact protection. Tri-Armor molds to the body in 30 minutes or less. After initial break the armor becomes comfortable with no restriction of movement. The Tri-Armor does not make the jacket warmer in hot weather. The perforated Tri-Armor pulls the jacket material away from your skin creating an air space that allows the armor to breathe..
  • Two zippered outside vertical upper hip pockets.
  • Four inch waist stretch panel that functions as a kidney belt. This makes putting on pants easier and provides a comfortable fit, especially during long rides.
  • Leg cuff zippers with Velcro closures that lock the zippers in place. These cuffs are for tuck in the boot style.
  • Heavy duty fly zipper.
  • All zippers are YKK.
  • All critical seams are Safety Lock Stitched with five threads woven on the inside and double stitched over the top. Each thread has over 100lbs. tear strength. THE GP-2 Air Mesh PANT HAS OVER 2000LBS. SEAM STRENGTH.
  • Motoport manufactures this pant at our factory in San Marcos California so repairs or alterations can be made quickly. Repairs average 3 to 5 working days.
  • Full circumference Heavy Duty YKK zipper in the waist area to connect to the GP2 Jacket or other waist cut jackets.


  • Quad-Armor – A four-layer system that is the highest rated impact-absorbing armor in the world. Quad-Armor protects both knee/shin and full wrap around thighs. Quad-Armor has passed and exceeded the new EN Certification and covers more of the body than any other brand. See Quad-Armor in the ARMOR Section. $129.00. To read more about Quad-Armor click on “Must Read Articles”. • Aero-Tex Pant Liner $99.99
  • Hip Armor is an option. Motoport use a thin perforated Closed Cell EVA Foam that is sewn in the upper hip area. This armor provides significant impact protection. If thick or stiff armor was used it would dig into the thighs when in a riding position. The armor is very comfortable. Not one rider has ever requested to remove the hip armor after wearing the pant. Optional Hip Armor $49.00.
  • Full length zipper on pant to connect to jacket. (For use on waist cut Jackets. $29.00 (3/4 length jackets do not need to be zipped to the pant.)
  • Cargo pockets can be added, or can be customized to go on the left or right leg only. $19.00 each
  • Velcro release suspenders can be added. This is recommended for any riders with a large belly or anyone that prefers leaving the waist area loose. Suspenders allow the waist to be left loose and still keep the pants from falling down. Suspenders are popular with all long distance riders. $79.00
  • Buckle Release Suspenders We use heavy duty buckles that connect in two places on the back upper waist and two places in the front. $ 69.00
  • Aero-Tex Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable Pant Liner. $99.00
  • Sacrum Tri-Armor. $49.00.
  • Sacrum Quad-Armor. $75.00
  • Reflective on the large Velcro panel on the back of calf when zip/Velcro cuffs are ordered. $12.00
  • ASTM rated 3M 1.5″ bright yellow reflective on the large Velcro panel on the back of the calf, when zip/Velcro cuffs are ordered. $12.00
  • ASTM rated 3M 1.5″ yellow reflective down outside of both legs, when zip/Velcro cuffs are ordered. $29.00

About Why materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber are better?

It’s stronger than leather and less than half the weight. Click on “Save Your Hide” to see how strong both the Stretch and Air Mesh are!

Only the best materials are used. Ask what the other Air Mesh Jackets and Pants are made of. Most are made of Polyester that has a 100% Polyurethane Coating (See Polyurethane in Motoport’s Dictionary). Polyester has poor tear/abrasion strength along with a very low melting range. Adding Polyurethane coating to Polyester is like adding gas to a fire. Sliding on pavement with any other Air Mesh jacket or pant can cause the plastic Polyurathane coating to start melting into the skin in seconds.


  • Mesh colors: black, gray, red, blue, yellow,  and hi-viz.
  • Stretch colors: black, gray, red, blue, bright yellow.
  • CLICK HERE to view color samples of our material.
  • Motoport can send material swatches to show the strength and different colors available.


  • Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed on all standard sized, standard color jackets.
  • To support the claims made by Motoport about materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber, and to confirm the protective/long lasting qualities of this clothing, this garment has a 7-year warranty.

More Information

  • Machine washable armor and all.
  • Repairs or alterations can be made.
  • Production times vary throughout the year. A current actual production time is on the home page directly below the flash photos.
  • Motoport makes this pant for you to the exact size.

Alterations and repairs can be made.

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