Motoport Racing Glove


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Why is our new Racing Glove the best?
. The entire glove is made from our Racing Grade Stretch Material Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber. (No Leather Used On the Entire Glove!) This is the only synthetic material approved for road racing suits. Stretch is 5 times stronger than leather. Doesn’t absorb heat like leather or nylon. Doesn’t have a loss of any tear abrasion strength each time it gets wet, like leather. In fact even after many years of use these Gloves will have the same exact tear/abrasion strength. When new, the best leather used will average 50 to 110 pounds to tear. Motoport’s Kevlar blended Stretch tears at 420 pounds and is equal to the best new leather for abrasion. Stretch is less than half the weight of racing grade leather. An extra layer of a new Kevlar Blended material is in the palm and fingers of the glove. This new blend is 10 times stronger than the best leather in the world and has far more abrasion strength. Many riders today spend up to $300.00 or more for the higher rated leather gloves. These same riders see in many cases the gloves falling apart after 8,000 miles of use. This premature wearing out is caused by leather getting wet from the riders hand sweating or getting wet from the rain. Each time leather gets wet and dries it can loose up to 20% of the tear/abrasion strength. Water has no bad effects with the Stretch Material. Most gloves can start smelling bad especially in hot weather from sweat and bacteria. Simply throw Motoport’s Racing Gloves in the washing machine to clean. When riding in the rain and temperatures are over 75F, these gloves will work great. No need to change or wear any rain covers. Gloves will be dry in a short period after the rain stops.
 2. Strongest seams of any motorcycle glove ever made. Leather weakens when holes from the needle poke through the skin. Our Kevlar blended materials don’t weaken when needles for stitching go through. We also use a far stronger thread that can be used for leather.

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  •  3. Riders would wear Motoport’s first Racing Gloves for approximately 50,000 to 100,000 miles and then the lining inside the glove would actually wear out. The entire outer shell of the glove was still in great shape. Now on all our current Racing Gloves we use a new material that will not wear out and provide up to three times or more the life span of our past nylon linings. This new lining material is the same used to make Motoport’s Motor Duty Shirts for police. NanoSphere, 3 Times Dry, Cold Black, This new technology allows the moisture to spread out, drying quickly keeping the rider’s hands cooler in hot weather. This new lining is thin and also has an incredible tear strength of up to 1000 pounds.
    • Rated for most riders from 50F to 120F. Many of our customers with heated grips will use this glove even for cold winter riding. This is the most versatile motorcycle glove ever made.
    • Entire glove is made from Stretch, providing the highest tear/abrasion strength of any motorcycle glove ever made. Extra layers of a new blended material in the palm, inside fingers and over the top of the knuckles. This new blend is 10 times stronger than the best leather.
    • Stronger stitched seams than any other motorcycle glove ever made.
  • TPU Molded Ram Air Injection to cover knuckles that provide not only great impact protection, it also channels air into the glove to cool down the top of the hand and fingers.
  • NanoSphere, 3 Times Dry, Cold Black lining. This is by far the best lining used for any glove in history.
    • Gloves will stay on in a tumble. Velcro cinch on the wrist and forearms with along gauntlet. These gloves are made to wear under the sleeve cuffs on the majority of touring style jackets. Can be worn over the cuffs of road racing/sport bike style jackets.
    • Provides more comfort in hot weather than any glove ever made.

    If you still can’t justify spending $169.0 0 on a motorcycle glove, please read:

  1. A
    . First time you crash the protection the Racing Glove provides will more than pay for itself. What are your hands worth?
     B. The Racing Glove will last 5 times or more longer than the best leather gloves.
    If you want the best, most comfortable motorcycle glove ever made, this is it. If you have problems now with gloves try out the New Racing Glove. It will be the best investment ever made on a motorcycle glove.