Stretch Breeches


The following mentions of the words “Stretch” and “Mesh” refer to the materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber.

In most cases it is important for police to maintain the traditional look.

Here is a pant that can be made identical in appearance to the standard police pant used all over the country.

We can match the color, braiding, pocket styles to the same exact pant that your department wears. It is impossible to tell the difference in appearance between our Stretch Breeches and standard duty pant.

Here are the reasons Motoport’s Stretch Motor Breeches are far better:

  1. Five times stronger than leather!
  1. Tri-Armor that covers knee/shin and full wrap around thighs providing more coverage than any other motorcycle pant. Tri-Armor molds to your individual shape in 40 minutes or less.
  1. Breathes better than Jeans in hot weather yet works better in cold weather. Water resistant, material dries in minutes after the rain stops. On a bike without a windshield it will take 30 minutes or longer in the rain before the water goes through. Much longer to get wet on a fully faired bike.
  1. Seven year warranty!  If we can’t repair after a crash, Motoport will replace the Stretch Motor Breeches for free!
  1. Made in the USA in house by Motoport. Even after multiple crashes Motoport has always been able to repair these pants.
  1. Made custom to fit exactly like your best fitting Jeans NO MATTER WHAT SIZE! If you gain or lose weight alterations can be made.
  1. Machine Washable. Will never stretch out or shrink.
  1. The only material other than leather that is approved for road racing! Four way stretch

Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber/Dynatec/Lycra blend that makes these pants more comfortable than Jeans. (See “Save Your Hide.”)

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Motoport Sizing Guides

Please call or email your measurements to ensure proper fit. For riders that require custom sizing please call 1-800-777-6499 or email


Please call for more accurate ship dates. 1-800-777-6499

Sizing Guide:
To ensure proper sizing Motoport needs: Height / Weight / Sleeve (from center at base of neck around outside of arms to bend in wrist). To give us the most accurate sleeve measurement, follow the Dress Shirt Sleeve instructions below. Actual Chest / Actual Waist. (No jacket or pant sizes.)Do not inhale when measuring chest. Waist should be measured where you tighten the belt. All measurements taken in a relaxed position. Tape measure should also be comfortable, not tight or loose.NOTE:If ordering Aero-Tex liner we need a neck circumferance measurement at collar height or 2″ from the base of your neck.

Follow these instructions to measure for correct sleeve length

Measuring a motorcycle jacket alone is not good. Please help to confirm the proper sleeve length by measuring a Dress Shirt Sleeve length as shown below. Also make sure to mention when providing this measurement, that this is a dress shirt sleeve length not a jacket sleeve length measurement, measured as shown in Sizing Detail.

Note: Your dress shirt sleeve measured as shown above should be approximately 2″ shorter than the jacket sleeve length measured.

After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.



  • Top rated, lightweight, perforated Tri-Armor that covers: . Full wrap around thigh and knee/shin. All Tri-Armor is in Velcro secured pockets and can be removed. Motoport’s Tri-Armor covers more of the body that any other motorcycle apparel available. This provides the world’s best coverage for over all impact protection. Tri-Armor molds to the body in 30 minutes or less. After initial break the armor becomes comfortable with no restriction of movement. The perforated armor doesn’t make the pant warmer in hot weather. The armor pulls the suit material away from the skin providing an air space, allowing the armor to breathe. CLICK HERE to view the pant Tri-Armor.
  • Entire outer shell is made of 4-way Stretch for comfort. The four way stretch material allows you to wear the optional Aero-Tex Pant Liner for cold/wet weather or wear thermal underwear underneath.  Click here to see the optional Aero-Tex Pant Liner.
  • Motoport makes all of our synthetic pants with no Polyurethane coating on the inside. No worries of pant melting into your skin! To see Polyurethane , click on “Dictionary”.
  • All critical seams are Safety Lock Stitched. 5 threads woven on the inside, triple stitched over the top. Each of the 8 threads has over 100 pound tear strength. (See Safety Lock Stitching in “Dictionary.”) Seam strength on the Stretch Jeans is over 2000lbs.
  • Zipper fly with Velcro adjustable waist.
  • Heavy Duty Belt loops to use a standard belt. Standard Belt Keepers work for securing your duty belt.
  • Zippers are top quality YKK.
  • Hydrophilic Nylon Mesh Lining on the inside. The Hydrophilic Lining wicks away sweat and makes the liner more comfortable, even when worn directly against the skin. Options:
  • Aero-Tex Pant Liner.  This is a thin 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable liner that zips in and out of the pant. No rain gear necessary. Riding over 100 mph Motoport still Guarantees that you will not get wet. Temperature range with Aero-Tex Liner is 30 F to 85 F. Wearing a good hi tech thermal underware under the Aero-Tex Liner will allow sub zero riding. All Aero-Tex Liners have a Lifetime Guarantee to be 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable. From the coldest weather to 85 F, you will stay comfortable and dry.  No sweating in our Aero-Tex Liner. $99.00
  • Sacrum Tri-Armor. $49.00.
  • Hip Armor is available. Closed cell EVA perforated foam is sewn into the upper hip area. Motoport can’t use the Tri-Armor in the hip area. Anything thick or stiff will dig into the thighs when in a riding position. This hip armor is comfortable and adds significant impact protection to the upper hips. Not one rider has ever requested to remove the armor after using. Optional Hip Armor $49.00
  • Motoport recommends the pant cuffs to be made with a zippered/Velcro closure. ($29.00 Option) Standard cuffs can ride up the leg in a tumble. If the cuffs are not secured on the boots the knee armor can also fall down when standing/ walking. This can expose the knees in a tumble.
  • If your department wears the tall stack boots pant can be made to tuck into boots. No extra charge.
  • Velcro release suspenders can be added. This is recommended for any riders with a large belly or anyone that prefer leaving the waist area loose. Suspenders are recommended for all long distance riding. Suspenders allow the waist to be left loose and still keep the pants from falling down. 79.00
  • Butt pockets can be removed.
  • Optional Aero-Tex Pant Liner. This will make the Stretch Motor Breeches a four season pant in most areas. $99.00
  • Cargo pockets can be added. $19.00 each
  • Vertical hip zip pockets (No charge when standard front jean pockets are deleted)

About Why Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber

The Stretch  is 5 times stronger than leather and less than half the weight.

See “Save Your Hide” to learn more about the tear and abrasion strength. When sliding on pavement with any leather/or synthetic fabrics, heat is generated instantly. If no hole is worn through, in many cases, the rider will have a burn under the material from heat generated from friction during the slide.

The Stretch Motor Breeches is made from a weave of three threads. Aramid,Lycra and Dynatec. Both Aramid and Lycra are fire retardant materials and will not transfer heat as severely as leather or any textile materials. The Stretch Motor Breeches have the highest tear strength of any other brand motorcycle pant ever made! Take your body weight and multiply that by the speed on a motorcycle. The best competition grade leather tears at 110 pounds. In many cases just after a few months of use the leather looses tear/abrasion strength and can tear/abrade at a low speed tumble! Each time leather gets wet and dries it can lose up to 20% tear/abrasion strength. Even after ten years of use, the Stretch Motor Breeches maintains the original tear/abrasion strength. Colors

  • Stretch main colors for Motor Breeches:  black, dark LA PD blue, green and khaki brown.
  • CLICK HERE to view color samples of our material.
  • Motoport can send material swatches to show the strength and different colors available. Sizing Just below Accessories see the link to click on for Sizing. We use your best fitting denim pant as a pattern to make your Stretch Motor Breeches. These pants are made for you in your exact size. All sizes can be made. In some cases a custom charge may apply. This is when denim pant sent is larger than a 50 waist or inseam is longer than 36”. You will need to send us a well fitting (denim) pant so that Motoport can use them as a guide for accuracy. Thicker denim works better as a pattern guide. Note: Denim jeans that stretch cannot be used as a pattern. When placing the order by phone, we will provide shipping instructions.  If you place the order on our web site we will email shipping instructions. Warranty
  • • To support the claims made by Motoport about materials Made with Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber, and to confirm the protective/long lasting qualities of this clothing , this garment has a 7-year warranty.
  • This is a complete custom pant and is not returnable for refunds. If Motoport makes a mistake in sizing from your jeans, Motoport will alter or replace the pant at no charge to you. If you make a mistake in marking the jeans Motoport charges 50% of the normal alteration cost to change the pant.
  • Our Synthetic suits are machine washable armor and all. NO DRY CLEANING NECESSARY!!
  • Motoport manufactures this pant at our factory in San Marcos California so repairs or alterations can be made quickly. Repairs average 3 to 5 working days.
  • Production times vary throughout the year. We can advise approximate production time when placing the order.
  • Motoport makes Synthetic safety gear for police all over the country. We can provide a list of police that have worn our gear for many years. Many police on this list have also crashed wearing our gear.  Contact us and we can provide this list to other police departments.

Here are more reasons to make the Stretch Breeches part of an officers daily apparel:

  1. Very difficult to cut/tear even with a sharp knife.
  1. Will not smell bad after sweating.
  1. Will last 10 times longer or more than a wool/cotton shirt.
  1. Will not fade like cotton/wool pants.
  1. Can be worn in the office, directing traffic, walking or when riding the motorcycle.
  1. Sets proper example with the public for police wearing correct motorcycle apparel.
  1. When amortized over a 7 year period will save the department/riders serious money.
  1. Will save the tax payers/city untold thousands in hopital/disability payments when riders have protection in crashes.
  1. Will save riders pain/loss of work when injuries are prevented.
  1. Pant can be used for personal riding.
  1. In many cities with tight budgets the Synthetic apparel is owned by the city and when riders leave the gear is used again for new riders.  Many times in the past we have altered the gear to fit another officer.