These pants are made per your order in your exact size. All sizes can be made. In some cases a custom charge may apply. This is when denim pant sent is larger than a 50 waist or inseam is longer than 36”. You will need to send us a good fitting, (denim) pant so that Motoport can use them as a guide for accuracy. Thicker denim works better as a pattern guide. After the pant is made your denim pant is sent back with the custom Motoport jean in the same condition as sent. Note: Denim jeans that stretch cannot be used as a pattern.
The best way to get this exact fit is to follow these instructions for placing an order:
1. The best way to start is by sitting in a chair with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Shin is vertical to the ground, leg is horizontal to the ground. Place a hard ruler up against the shin with the end of the ruler above the knee cap. Slide another ruler down up against the shin ruler. This point is the top of the knee.
2. The knee armor goes over the top of the knee 1.5″ as shown with the ruler below. Note: Follow these instructions if your feet are more back on the pegs when riding a sport bike or more forward if riding a cruiser. At number 9 below, we explain how to mark for a different foot peg position.

3. This shows the shin at a vertical plane and the leg at a horizontal plane, with the finger pointing back at 1.5″ from the top of the knee.

4. Place tape around the leg 1.5″ back from the top of the knee, extending down to the inseam of the pant.

5. Straighten the knee and measure down the leg 5″. Put another tape 5″ down from the first tape line. You have just marked where the knee armor would fit perfect in a riding position.

This pant is marked in a perfect position for the knee/shin armor.

6. The above photo shows the inseam of the pant at a perfect level. The pant cuff should touch or be close to touching the top foot arch of the boot. If the pant you are marking to send is too short, measure the amount it needs to be longer. If the pant is too long, also measure that amount. Our pants don’t wrinkle up like a denim jean. Try to pull the wrinkles out of the jean pant when measuring inseam.
7. It is best to send a jean that fits as close as possible to work well riding a motorcycle. We can make minor changes to sizing compared to the jean sent. If you tell us the waist needs to be one inch larger this is not a problem. It is impossible for us to know what you want when using terms such as: “Make the waist a little larger. Make the butt area smaller. The jeans fit is a little loose.” Please try to be specific with measurements.
8. Most jeans tend to be a bit baggy below the butt area. Many riders don’t like this look with our riding jeans. Here is the best way to know if the area below the butt is too loose:

You’ll need one or two of the large metal paper clips. These clips are at least 2″ wide and can hold up to 100 or more sheets of paper. Clip the loose area below the butt. on one side of the leg. Sit down on the bike or a chair in your riding position. If the clips pop off or move when sitting, standing or walking, they have been put on too tight. If you can clamp more than one inch of material, send us the pant with the clamps attached. If the clamps pop off when removing the jean, mark each side of the clamp with a pencil, remove the pant and reinstall clamp.
9. When your foot peg position is farther back and the knees are bent more than a 90 degree angle, mark the pant the same way as explained above. Then move the feet further back to your foot peg position. You will notice how the mark 1.5″ above the top of the knee will start to move forward. The knee/shin armor needs to be a little lower on the leg when riding bikes that have the foot pegs more to the rear of the bike. Marking the jeans first as shown above allows you to know better where the pant needs to be marked for your individual foot peg position.

The photo above shows knees further back in an average sport bike foot peg position. You can see the tape line at an inch and a half back from the top of the knee where the armor has moved down the leg. As a general rule when the boots are back in a sport bike position the knee armor is 1″ to 1.5″ further down the leg



10. For riders that use both sport bikes and sit up straight style bikes with different foot peg positions, position the feet in the middle between the two different peg positions. Mark the jean with this middle position and the armor location should work ok for both bikes.

 11. For riders that want to wear motocross boots with the cuff over the boot.
Please provide:
1. Circumference of the boot at the ankle.




2. Distance from the ankle to the top of the boot.




3. Circumference at the top of the boot.




NOTE: It is important that the inseam of the pant leg ends at the top of the arch of the boot.
If you call in to place the order, we will provide the shipping address to send the jean and Return Authorization Number. (RA#) If you place the order on our web site we will notify you by email with the shipping address and RA#. Write your name, address and RA# on a paper inside the box with the marked jean. Make sure pant is marked as shown and also let us know if the inseam needs to be longer or shorter with correct amounts.
Waist Measuring Larger Than 45″ (+ $29.00 )
Inseam Longer Than 34″ ( + $29.00 )
Waist  And / Or  Belly Measuring Larger Than 50″
After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.
For riders that require custom sizing please call 1-800-777-6499 or email