For correct pant sizing please provide the following measurements:
(Sizing not required for Law Enforcement or Jean Style pants. Please use the jean sizing guide)

1. Height/Weight

2.  Inseam

3. Actual Waist (Please provide actual waist measurement. Do not submit jean size) If the belly is more than 2″ larger than the waist we also need the belly measurement.

4. Belly measurement if it is 2″ larger than the waist.
5. Hip Circumference (Measured around the largest part of the butt.)

6. Thigh Circumference (Measured just below the crotch at the largest part of the thigh.)

7. Crotch to start of knee armor.

ctk  knee

You can also print the knee armor template to use as a guide. Double click on the image below.

For riders that want to wear motocross boots with the cuff over the boot, please provide:

1. Circumference of the boot at the ankle.

2. Distance from the ankle to the top of the boot.

3. Circumference at the top of the boot.

Waist Measuring Larger Than 45″ (+ $29.00 )
Inseam Longer Than 34″ ( + $29.00 )
Waist  And / Or  Belly Measuring Larger Than 50″  ( Additional Custom Fee Based On All Other Measurements. )
The above measurements are mandatory for placing an order for any of our over pants.  After we receive the above measurements, we will advise if any other measurements are necessary.