Woodcutter Pant Sizing

Woodcutter Pant Sizing Guide 
1.     Height
2.     Weight 
3.     Waist (Actual) : Please provide actual waist measurement. Do not submit jean size. If the belly is more than 2” larger than the waist we also need the belly measurement.
4.     Thigh: Measured just below the crotch at the largest part of the thigh.
5.     Hip: Measured around the largest part of the butt standing shoulder width apart. 
6.      Calf: Largest part
7.     Ankle: 1.5” above the ankle bone.
8.     Inseam: Start tape where the four seams meet in crotch. Measure all the way down to where you took the ankle measurement. (Note: These pants are made to be worn tucked inside a boot)
9.     Front Rise/Back Rise: Distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband on the front and back. You can use a current pair of moto pants or a pair of blue jeans to take this measurement. 
10.  Knee Brace/Knee Cup: Thigh circumference, Center of the knee and around the calf. For knee cups we just need a measurement around the center of the knee cup. 
Please see video above for more info. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.
Or email us at motoportusa1@gmail.com