On August 19, 2016, one of our Motor Officers was hit by another motorist failing to yield onto a heavily traveled street.  The impact caused him to be ejected from the motorcycle and then sliding on the pavement for approximately 70 feet.   He sustained serious injuries that caused him to be off work for six months.   His 2015 BMW Motorcycle was totaled along with his duty boots, shirt, vest, and helmet.   The air mesh trousers that he wore are still being used today.

Two years ago, our department purchased the air mesh trousers to add another layer of protection for their safety.   Despite sliding on the pavement, all of his injuries were isolated to his upper torso.   I am totally convinced that his injuries were minimized by Motoport’s trousers!  Because of our confidence in your product, we will be purchasing our third set of pants and considering the Motor Duty Shirt.

Lt Joe Cruz
Patrol Division Supervisor
Midwest City Police Department


I received my Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket and Mesh Pants couple weeks ago. The fit was great right out of the box.  Y’all caught a mistake I made measuring the arm length. I corrected the error and as I said, the fit is great.  I worn the jacket and pants on several short trips.  The fit on the bike is perfect. The temperature has picked up into the 70s and 80s.  The Mesh venting works great.  The venting is as good or better than my last off-the-rack major brand Mesh jacket and pants. Had no problems with the armor fit. Followed your instructions, which seems to have worked out well.

Couldn’t be more pleased with the style, fit and look of the jacket and pants.

Oh… let me not forget the great customer support. Your team answered all questions, over several calls. When you were ready to ship, QC check found a mistake in the order, that needed correction.   Rather than take no action, who is going to know any way, you called to let me know there was going to be a day delay. Thanks. 

Again, thanks 


It was a dark and stormy night… I was riding my VStrom 650 home on Friday in the #1 lane of 280 South in San Francisco. This particular lane is somewhat evil to motorcycles because it’s made of two different asphalt materials with an uneven grout line between them. My tires were pretty bald and I planned to get them replaced at my oil change a few days later. It was the end of rush hour, and the density of cars was high but traffic was moving faster than 65mph. I was going perfectly straight, and all of a sudden my bike low-sided out from under me. I think the bald front tire hit the wet uneven grout line and hydroplaned. The bike and I slid left into the concrete freeway divider (no shoulder) and my upper torso was dragged along the top of the wall. I hit one of the reflectors embedded in the wall with my elbow and realized that I might go over the wall down a ten foot drop into oncoming traffic, so I let go of the bike and pushed back into my lane. I slid and rolled to a stop behind the bike in my lane. Thankfully the driver behind me was attentive and stopped before hitting me. I think we were both shocked that I just popped right up moved my bike over to the edge of the lane. My top case was shattered and its contents, including my backpack with my work laptop, were unfortunately lost never to be seen again among the flood of cars and water. Highway patrol came to divert traffic and call a tow truck. They too were shocked that I was nearly unhurt. They didn’t take an accident report or call an ambulance because no one else was involved and I was OK. After riding in the tow truck to drop off my bike at the mechanic, I was convinced by my wife to go to the ER just to get checked out. After we peeled off my sweater we found my shirt was full of blood from the deep gash caused by the reflector, which ended up needing three stitches. Besides those stitches, I only had a few bruises. The ER staff were also amazed at the lack of severe injuries. The bike may or may not be totaled – the mechanic will see if the frame, engine, and transmission are OK and if they are the damage is just a bunch of front bodywork. Looking at my gear, I shudder to think of what my body would have looked like if I was unprotected or wearing lesser gear. My left wrist, left leg and right arm would have been absolutely shredded. HUGE thanks to MotoPort for the one piece Air Mesh suit with Quad Armor and Winter Gloves. Without the protection of the mesh and extra elbow padding, I may have lost an arm or even my life from blood loss, judging by the impact marks on my wrist. I’m also very impressed with the crash performance of my Sidi Vertigo boots. My foot is just badly bruised, and without these boots I’m positive I would have broken bones.

I finally crashed from motorcycles

Corey B.



You saved my hide! On 17 April, I was headed to work when someone cut me off. I avoided the car, but both the bike and I went down. 
When I stopped sliding, I did a quick inventory and everything was still attached. I literally jumped up, surprising everyone who saw the accident. My air mesh jacket and pants protected every part of me – not a scratch, scrape, cut, or bruise!. The bike, however, is another story: so far the front wheel, forks, and steering stop are bent; the fender, fairing, windscreen, mirror, and many other parts are broken. 

I’ll stop by to shake your hand, and tell you that after all these years wearing your gear, it paid off.

Ron . W

I purchased a Marathon Air Mesh  Jacket and Police Air Mesh Pants in January, drove over 17,000 km in South American in February and March in temperatures up to 37C (98.6 F), and I couldn’t believe how comfortable the suit was. I don’t handle the heat well, but I can personally attest to your claim that this is a great suit for hot weather riding. Conversely, the liners provided the cold weather protection I needed in the high Andes. I never complained once, or even considered riding without it. Thank you for a fantastic product that provides both comfort and protection.


I am at a loss for words. I have never experienced this sort of riding wear in nearly 30 years of motorcycle riding. This jacket is like a swiss army knife with respect to it’s capabilities for changing to existing conditions. The fit is perfect. the comfort is great and the zippers and snaps will take a little getting used to. I’m sure that they will become second nature after a few trial runs. I fear that Florida may not have cold weather capable of overcoming this jacket’s low temperature protection…but we’ll make up for it in a challenge to its protection against rain. I just got it and I haven’t actually ridden with it on…but I believe it will be everything I was hoping for…and more. Thank you for the tremendous quality and attention to detail.

Thanks again,
Jacksonville, FL


After my preliminary review of my new jacket, you asked me to post another review after I had some riding time. I now have about 1,500 miles riding with the new jacket. All I can say is “WOW”….it’s a great piece of gear. I’ve ridden in the heat (about 95 degrees max) without the liner and found that the jacket is very well ventilated and is reasonably comfortable at low speeds and just as comfortable as any jacket with less coverage and less armor when riding at 45-70 mph. The pockets are great and I have no complaints about how I had it made. Anybody that orders one should definitely go with the sleeve pocket. I ordered it thinking it might come in handy and I found it to be the one I use more than any other. Change, earplugs and keys all have a perfect home in that pocket. Mine is on the right sleeve. Zipper quality is super and the straps on the forearm and biceps are very well placed and really very nice to have. We’ve started to get cold here in North Florida (actually “cool” to folks who ride farther north)…some low 40s at night and high 50s during the day. I put the liner in and took off one afternoon with a long sleeve t-shirt and an undershirt under the jacket. I had the vents closed when I left the house and ended up opening some of them to make it more comfortable because I was a little too warm at 65-75 mph. That was at about 50 degrees. With some minor adjustments, I managed to get the temperature just about perfect as it got cooler. I rode about 200 miles that day/evening and was very happy with the jacket. It was 42 when I got home and I was perfectly comfortable. As far as rain goes, I can’t give a review because we just haven’t had much. I got caught a couple of times when it was hotter in light showers but that’s no test…and I didn’t have the rain liner installed anyway. All in all, I have zero complaints and nothing but compliments. I gave my “Speed & Strength” jacket to a consignment shop to try and sell it for me. It cost me $200+ and I’ll just donate it to Goodwill if the consignment shop doesn’t sell it. You all make a great product and my only other comment is “Thank You”!

Jacksonville, FL

If you’re looking for the BEST, choose Motoport and Wayne Boyer. I researched riding gear and first purchased a pair of gloves. I was so impressed I drove to Motoport (200+miles) and had a fitting appointment with Wayne. Within a month my street jeans with zippers, custom pads and a few extras arrived along with a custom Air Mesh Marathon Jacket. To say the least, this box cost well over $1k. Upon opening it, I couldn’t have been happier. I wore the jacket for a week while driving in the car and the padding formed to me like a glove. My first ride was like I was wearing a custom suit…I sort of was.

Six months later I had lost 35lbs and the pants were 4 sizes too big. I sent them for an alteration and they returned looking NEW with NO signs of repair or alteration. Motoport is FIRST CLASS and the fee to resize them was VERY reasonable.

As long as I ride, I’ll always ride in Motoport gear.


If you’re a serious motorcyclist, you wear all your gear all the time. The only effective protective gear I’ve ever had that I can wear in extreme heat and extreme cold is Motoport Airmesh .

In summer, I take out the all the liners and wear the Airmesh against my skin. It’s cooler than wearing nothing because it provides shade and lets the wind breeze through on those 100 degree high humidity summer days. In winter, I put on the electric vest and zip in the airtex dry liner and the insulated winter liner and I can ride in below freezing temperatures. And that waterproof Airtex liner makes the jacket water proof. I don’t bother with a rainsuit. And this stuff lasts. I’m in my third season now and it’s barely broken in. Motorport stands behind its gear. I had a complain about one of the zippers locks holding (turned out it was something I was doing wrong) and the factory (Wayne) offered replacement without argument. Bottom line: Motoport  gear is worth the money. Don’t bother buying the cheaper gear. It won’t last and it won’t work in extreme conditions. If you’re into riding, Motoport is the most cost-effective. Oh – forgot to mention – had a nasty crash in a busy intersection that involved going down hard on my left side. No damage on the gear not even cosmetic, faint impact bruise on the elbow. This is really great stuff.motoport.

Kevin Barron

I don’t give testimonials easily

The Air mesh product is the best I have ever experienced or seen.
I have had a full Air mesh  set (jacket, pants and gloves) for about 6 months and about 6000 (3730 miles) remote and fun kilometres around Australia. I have worn the gear in the rain at -2 degrees C (28.4 degrees F) and been completely comfortable. Last week I rode 500K, the temperature was between 42 (107.6 degrees F) and 46 degrees C (114.8 degrees F) for the entire trip. This was not comfortable, but I did not feel the need to take off my outfit in fact it kept the burning sun of my skin while still allowing the air through. I wear it with a neck brace most of the time and the zip in zip out neck piece makes this easy to change. It is intuitive to use and a must on the road. It is the best decision I have made for my own safety.

Wayne thanks for the thought and quality built into your product.

Best wishes.

James Hayes

I did a lot of research on protective gear before purchasing a pair of Street Jeans from you a couple of years ago. They fit me really well and were as comfortable as a pair of denim jeans once the hip, knee and thigh armor conformed to my body. I usually didn’t give them much thought when dressing for a ride but that changed this past Sunday. It was a sixty degree autumn day perfect for a leaf peeping ride with my friends through lower New York State. The country roads were in great condition until I hit a patch of gravel on a blind sweeping right curve. The bike lost traction and I ended up low siding across the road. When the dust settled, I had pain in my foot that the bike came to rest on that ended up being a simple sprain and no other injuries at all. There is no doubt in my mind that the gear saved me from much worse injuries.
After I got home and examined my riding gear, here is what I found: My Street Jeans, while splattered with dirt showed absolutely no sign of damage at all…not even any fraying on the knee and thigh I landed and slid on. The fabric saved me from road rash and the armor saved my leg from being broken or bruised.

My helmet was scratched and gashed but did its job, the 3/4 length jacket from another manufacturer was shredded on the back and the spine armor was gouged and torn, and my high quality leather riding boots were gouged and abraded. It all worked to protect me but your  Street Jean was the only item that didn’t look like it was in a crash.

I can only thank you for designing and selling such a remarkable product that does what it’s supposed to do…protect the rider.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Alan Kane
North Brunswick, NJ

“As a U.S. serviceman deployed overseas, motorcycle safety could not be of greater importance on fast foreign highways. I’d heard great things about Motoport/Cycleport’s protective gear from a friend and my high expectations were instantly exceeded when I unwrapped my Marathon Air Mesh Jacket and Pant. Their premium gear is well worth the investment as is the wait for the perfect fit (plus the gear looks amazing). To top it all, I received the order in perfect condition in Italy in a matter of days. Thanks a million, Wayne!”
Rgr on the emergency pocket. I think more than anything I thought it would look kind of cool in another language since its so conspicuous. Maybe it’s the one embroidered message I don’t want to mess around too much with. Thanks anyway.

The gear speaks for itself and is probably your best marketing tool, and I’ll definitely recommend it to every rider.

Best wishes… keep me up with your latest products.


After my recent experience I felt I had to share what great appreciation I have for the Cycleport gear. I currently have around 22,000 miles on my gear and other than some hi-viz fading, it is in excellent shape. I, as every rider must, was hoping that I would never have to test out the strength of the gear but it finally happened.
As I was headed to work one day, I was t-boned by a car. I tried in vain to get the bike to stop short of the car but instead my ankle met the bumper. I hit the ground and slid behind my bike. The final result was only a broken ankle. My Ultra II Air Mesh pants and jacket did the job and I had no other injuries with the exception of a few bruises. In fact, the gear suffered very little damage itself. I was quite surprised but not as surprised as my trauma doc who came by my hospital room the next day to talk about what gear I was wearing. It turns out he also rides and was very aware I didn’t have any injuries other than my bumper-broken ankle. In fact, I was described by the ER staff as the most pleasant motorcycle rider they had ever admitted. I attribute a lot of that to the gear and the fact that I wasn’t all rashed up and in greater pain. This wreck has changed my mind about what gear my wife should wear when she rides with me. Originally, since she is only going to be doing some fair-weather riding, we were going to go with some less expensive gear. Now, I am of the opinion that only will do. Thank you for providing such good riding apparel. As long as I am up on a bike, I will be wearing Cycleport.

Paul Bielicki

Just wanted to let you know I received my Ultra-Trek 1-pieceAir Mesh suit yesterday. It exceeded my expectations – especially for something bought over the internet “sight unseen” except for pictures on your web site. The fit is spot-on, and the quality of the workmanship is second to none. I suppose I should take some credit for giving accurate measurements, but I could not be happier with the result.

I rode into work today and the suit was very comfortable too. I’m looking forward to getting many years of use out of this and hope I never have to test it’s protective capabilities, but it’s very reassuring to know that I’m protecting myself with the best there is.

Many thanks to you and your employees for a job very well Done!
Bob Harrington,
Newington, CT

Well – I just finished up a 2.5 week 5,500 mile trip from San Francisco to Alburq to Helena and back to SF. The trip north was with Rawhyde on their northbound Great Divide Ride – roughly 2,200 miles along the Continental Divide and I’ll guess 500 or so miles on slab, the rest on dirt, gravel, mud, roads, water crossings, two track, and single track. Awesome fun and challenging.
The motoport gear performed extremely well, took a beating, saved my knees, back, elbows, and shoulders and survived some pretty solid impacts to gravel and rock and dirt and sage brush without a scratch – unlike my KTM, which looks even better, now. I crashed at least 6 times on day one, perhaps 3 on day two, and once or twice on days 3 and 4 – then no more dumping after I got my skills dialed in. Last year during 4 days in the Mojave I wore a compression setup with strap on knees, and neither I nor the geared faired nearly as well.

The cycleport marathon jacket and overpant setup, all air mesh, was super comfy, breathable and cool in CA, NV, NM, CO, and WY and with the liners was fine in the rain and wind above the snow line in WY and MT and ID. I blasted through death valley at noon on Aug 3 and was fine – of course moving at about 95-105 mph helped, too. This gear now replaces my shorter and tighter air mesh jacket and street jean setup – currently for sale. Highly recommended. Steve Michelson

I had purchased a mesh jacket and pants from you this spring and although our summer has been less than spectacular weather wise, I had a good chance to try my suit out over holidays.

We spent 2 weeks riding from Calgary, Canada to San Francisco and I debated whether or not I should wear my new mesh suit or my warmer one since weather on the coast was supposed to be cool.

Bottom line is I wore the mesh suit. In land the weather was in the high 90’s and that suit paid for itself right there. If it was really hot, I soaked my t-shirt and with my jacket over top, I was protected and cool.

When we got to the coast the temps were mid 50’s to mid 60’s. I put my heated jacket on underneath and was still comfortable.

One of my favorite things about this outfit is that the pants are finally long enough.

I hopefully will never try out the but I am really happy with my investment and I thank you for your guidance on style and sizing.

Thanks again, Cheryl Dielissen

I’m the guy who flew in to Palomar in my Skyhawk to check out your jackets sometime in early June. I’m also the guy who requested that, if my jacket were custom made, you leave off the advertisement “Cycleport.” I’m also the guy who bought one off the shelf, so to speak, the day we visited and I have to say that I now wear your jacket with pride and have told several people how much I like it.
It is really a great product providing uncanny cooling in up to 110 degree weather (as long as the bike is moving — I was in Death Valley in late June), and is, with the liner, as warm as I could want in snow and ice down to mid-20’s (Tioga pass in mid June). The quality of the jacket is, well, as good as it gets. THanks for a truly great product. And it is by no means lacking in style, as I’ve heard others say.


Just wanted you to know that my recently purchased Motoport riding jacket and pants just saved me from serious injury and possibly worse:

The accident happened two days ago, when I had to stop abruptly to avoid a collision. I was traveling about 40-45 mph, went down on my (and my motorcycle’s) right side very quickly (like a snap roll). The motorcycle slid toward the left, and I was thrown and slid toward the right – all on asphalt.
The spill happened in less than a second; the sliding seemed like it took a few seconds before I finally stopped. So, I was thrown quickly and hard to the asphalt at 40-45 mph and slid to a stop; all on my front and right side. When I finally stopped sliding, my right knee felt a little tender, and my right shoulder was a little stiff and sore. No body parts were broken. No skin was broken. I was able to get up, without assistance, walk over to my motorcycle and with help raise it up and took it out of the road.

To get a feel for the impact: The right crash bar and right hand guard took most of the impact. About 3/8” of the crash bar was ground away from sliding. A similar amount was ground off the right (aluminum and plastic) hand guard. A heavy aluminum bracket that mounts the foot peg and rear brake was snapped in half. So, a lot of energy was absorbed by the bike in the impact when it went down.

The impact was hard and the energy absorbed significant. But I was able to get up, walk back to the motorcycle, get it up (with help) and was then, in about an hour, able to temporarily repair the broken foot-peg bracket and ride the bike back home (about a hundred miles away).

My survival of this accident was due entirely to the Motoport armored jacket, pants; and the full-face crash helmet I was wearing. The  jacket and pants, along with all the Motoport armor absorbed all the damage from impact and sliding. The riding clothes will need some repair, but that’ll be a lot easer than the hospital care I would have needed had I not worn the clothing.

Thanks for everything.

Scotty Neal

Dear Mr. Boyer,

I learned about your company a year ago while researching premium riding gear. Since I don’t have my own car I ride a lot, and it started to make more sense to look for better gear. More importantly, I was frustrated with the gear I had at that time since none of it fit correctly. Being 5-11” and only 130 lbs, just about nothing fits me “off the rack.” The custom fit was the deciding factor in why I chose your products since you could build my gear to my body size.

I came across several blogs, some very complimentary of your products and some not complimentary. I generally don’t assign much credibility to highly negative reviews, especially those that sound like personal attacks, or that demonstrate clearly unrealistic expectations of what riding gear should do in the unfortunate event of an accident. However, I read all I found since I try to be objective. Cost, armor, and customer service were common threads in the reviews I read.

Cost initially concerned me, but after researching high-end gear lines, and considering that your gear is: 1) Custom-fit, not made in long or short versions of a standard size, but fit to my exact measurements, 2) Repairable, 3) Replaced if it’s not repairable, 4) Alterable for fit adjustments, 5) Customizable with color combinations, reflective tape, badge holders, pockets, etc., 6) Easily washable, 7) Available in full-body hi-viz, and 8) Made in the U.S.A. (which means something to me), I concluded that, when compared directly against other manufacturers’ premium riding gear, you provide the best overall value based on my priorities. Since I was going to spend “that much” anyway, I wanted something made specifically for me and in hi-viz.

About the time I first learned about Motoport, I saw a motorcycle accident during which a rider had to stop; he skidded, and rolled the bike. The rider was rolling too—in a t-shirt and jeans. (He survived.) That accident made me recall accidents I had when I rode bicycles and how much it hurts to lose skin. Having lost some skin several times, I concluded that—for me—the main function of my riding gear is to protect my skin and muscle as much as possible from being ground off my bones. Armor is certainly necessary, but the debate about armor is very subjective and will go on forever. No armor is realistically going to keep my bones from being broken in all cases, so I stopped worrying about that. I trust that your standard tri-armor in my suit is very good, and that, just by being there, will help me 100 percent more than a t-shirt and jeans will while tumbling.

The main protective advantages that it seems your gear will provide me are: 1) To keep my skin and muscle as intact as possible because, from what I can tell, you use the strongest fabric and construction techniques, and 2) If I am still in one piece, and the bike is still functional after a slide, your gear appears to be of the quality that it might be intact enough to still get me home either fully, or close to fully protected.

In addition to the gear itself, I was amazed throughout the order and production process at how responsive and attentive you and others in your company were to my calls and e-mails. I tried to keep it to a minimum since I understand you have a business to run, and because I understand that nothing causes problems in a made-to-order business like constant changes, especially after production has begun. I particularly appreciate your focus on sticking to the issues, guiding me to the information you needed, and not wasting my time or yours on idle conversation.

I have done some miles now in the hi-viz  Air Mesh Riva and Air Mesh Over-pant suit, and I am happier with it now than the day I got it. Truthfully, I expected to be disappointed, but the quality and fit of your gear have far exceeded my expectations. I expected it not to fit right, but the second I put it on and sat on the bike I knew you had nailed it. I finally have gear that fits me! I wanted a tighter fit, which is why I chose the waist-cut jacket, and the pants have none of the excessive bagginess that store-bought pants have on my thin legs. When I’m on the bike, it’s the most comfortable gear I’ve ever ridden in; and it’s pretty decent off the bike too as far as riding gear goes.

I’m glad I took the chance on your products, and I hope to be back sooner rather than later. I’m not in to the wear-it-until-it-fades-and-falls-apart look. I’m sure your gear is very durable, but I can’t imagine it being in top shape more than 3-5 years max after being ridden daily (like helmets). Plus, I have found it’s handy to have a backup suit. Thanks for the responsive customer service, the great-fitting suit, and great value for my money. I’ve already told the riders I know about Motoport, and am answering questions about it when I’m out and about. Besides making car drivers LOOK, the hi-viz color by itself is a good conversation-starter with other riders!


Mike L.

I recently had intimate proof of just how effective the Motoport + quad armor combination is in a crash.  My front tire went flat riding along the highway and as a result I went down hard and slid along the road for very significant distance, as evidenced by the amount of damage to the side case on my motorcycle.  Luckily I was wearing the all Motoport riding gear:  Marathon Air Mesh Jacket with Quad Armor, Ultra II  Pants with Quad Armor, and the Racing Gloves.  As a result I was able to walk away from the crash no injuries.  No scrapes, brakes, or bruises.  Not even any lingering soreness.  My riding gear did not fair as well.  Scuff marks on the jacket and holes in the pants are a graphic reminder of how bad this crash could have been if I were wearing a less capable riding suit.  Thank you Wayne, Motoport has designed an amazing safety product for motorcyclists!


Aloha Wayne, Thank You for saving my skin and bones! A pair ofAir Mesh Overpants allowed me to walk away from a 40 mph low-side tumble last week after being cut-off in the fast lane of the H-1 highway. After going airborne and bouncing off my back and helmet, I came down hard on my right knee followed by a hard landing and slide on my left rump and thigh across the rain-grooved concrete road surface. The Quad Armor soaked up the impact. The  mesh kept my office pants and skin intact. No bruises, cuts, road rash, damaged joints, cracked bones or other injuries whatsoever. I was able to pick up my scoot, complete the police report, and ride another 5 miles into work within an hour of impact. The best moment of the event was signaling OK to two ambulances that arrived on scene, have the drivers return the sign and speed off. The responding police officers congratulated me on the gear. They were much relieved they weren’t mopping up injuries (or further delaying traffic). It would have been an entirely different kind of day and week if I hadn’t been wearing your product. Over the past seven days I’ve been very thankful to be able to hop out of bed in the morning, walk normally, go running with my wife, wear pants, and generally be a mobile, pain-free human being. My wife thanks you too. For background, I’ve been wearing the  Air Mesh Overpants on my 20-mile commute five days a week for about 2-1/2 years. I was looking for a pair of easy-on armored pants that would be comfortable in Hawaii’s tropical heat and humidity. The Air Mesh have been perfect. They’re amazingly cool, even in full sun, and allow tremendous air flow. They’re very convenient to throw on: 30 seconds on and off – no exaggeration. The fit and armor placement is spot-on. I’ve used the zip-in liner through several toad-strangler downpours and have remained absolutely dry. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to throw them in the washing machine armor and all. The crash took the shine off the fabric in the areas of impact, but otherwise doesn’t seem to have compromised the strength of the fabric or seams. The Quad Armor shows no sign of distortion, compression, or other damage. The pants remain intact and solid. In short, they protected me, as you designed them to do, and have otherwise far exceeded my expectations for comfort and performance. So, thank you again for an outstanding product, and in this instance for literally saving my skin and bones. The bike has since been totaled by the insurance company. I’m eager to throw my leg over a new one and get back on the road. I’ll be wearing Motoport gear when I do. With thanks and warm regards, Jim Niermann Honolulu, HI




I live in Canberra Australia and bought a pair your Air Mesh pants and an Ultra II air mesh jacket some time last year.  The jacket was intended for trail (on my DRZ 400) and road on my Gixer 1000.  The pants were always going to be mostly for the dirt and I wasn’t sure about on the Gixer.  I Brought them with summer in mind, as I cook pretty quickly with the heat here turning me into somewhat of a dehydrated smiling lump of putty pretty quickly.

After a couple of expensive car repairs ($$$ and some more $), I’ve only just got the DRZ registered so haven’t tried the gear on that yet, but have used the jacket heaps on the road and am more than happy it.  After owning a couple of one-piece leather suites, a two-piece, and multiple other jackets I can confidently tell you this is my favourite bit of gear and I consider it essential anytime I get out for longer than a day.  The two part lining is great and has been shoved into my backpack multiple times.  It takes up a bit of space but I happily sacrifice other items to fit it in.  I’ve ridden with the jacket in the heat and have been good in temps up to the high 30s Celsius (so I now get on my bike much more in summer now) and am sure I’ve hit short patches of about 45 degrees (bloody hot) in country areas.  When I’ve had to throw the thermal liner in, I don’t know how cold it’s been but my best guestimate is close to zero for some short trips and around 6 or 7 degrees on some longer ones (pretty cool esp with the wind chill added) but with not much gear underneath it I stay pretty warm.  I can testify that the wind/waterproof liner works well too.  So great product, thanks heaps.

Unfortunately what I have seems an absolutely unique product over here, I haven’t seen anyone else (at all) wearing your stuff.  They all seem to buy leather or the plastic crap our shops flog over here.  Even more unfortunately a lot of em just get around in shorts and t-shits, or less, in the heat.  The bike shops I’ve spoken to over here haven’t heard of you either.

I did want to ask a question about the pants.  And it’s likely to pretty stupid.  As I haven’t got out in the dirt in them, and the Jacket is so dam good, I’ve wondered about using the pants on my Gixer.  The ‘but’ is, the paint on my Gixer is still nice and shiny and bc the material feels fairly rough, I’ve been a little scared to have them rubbing on the petrol tank for mile after mile.  So I’ve been using some Draggin Jeans (minimum protection I know but handy on a trip with limited backpack space).  Here’s my stupid question… is there any danger of your mesh pants scuffing up my tank?

Thanks and have a good day,


I just wanted to say thank you so much on all your help on my new jacket!  I’ve ridden about a thousand miles with it so far.  I have to say what a difference it makes having a jacket that stretches with me.  I can’t see how I rode with my Aero-Stich so long with the binding in the shoulders.  As you know I like it hot and have not had a chance to try it when it is hot.  Making  a trip to Anza Borrego on Friday and I hope it is hot.

I don’t know why the people say the Quad-Armor is stiff or bulky, I find it really comfortable from the get go.  As I said I will be back for the Pants, hopefully soon.

Kind regards,
Don Mock

PS:  Anybody want to buy a Roadcrafter Jacket?

Hi Wayne,

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the suit I purchased from Motoport this past Dec-Jan.  I continued wearing my leather suits until now as the weather on Long Island has suddenly changed to hot and humid.

I seem to have chosen the perfect combo for my purposes.  The air mesh Marathon jacket flows lots of air just as I had hoped and the ultra ll pants have just enough stretch to make them comfortable from the first ride.  The standard tri-armor can barely be noticed in its comfort.  Even the zippers are top-notch and trouble free.

I been riding street bikes for over 30 years and always wore competition weight leather suits.  I wish I had given your light weight products a try sooner.  I’ve never been so comfortable and well protected on a motorcycle in my life.

Thanks for producing such a satisfying product!



I have been wearing your jackets for at least the last ten years and have always loved the comfort and versatility.  Well after 25 years of almost daily riding I got to test out my Ultra II Cordura Jacket.

On Wednesday June 16th I hit a deer at about 70 mph.  I didn’t see it until the impact and had no time to react, no brakes or swerving.   I was thrown off the bike immediately, impacting the ground on my forehead and right shoulder. I was knocked out on impact.  I came to while in the ambulance to the surprised EMT’s who could not find a bit of road rash on my body.  The doctors showed the same surprise in the ER.

I was released from the hospital the same day with only bruises and a pretty healthy concussion.  I attribute a large part of my current health with the quality of your gear.  I am convinced the armor saved me from broken bones and the construction saved me from road rash and a lengthy hospital stay.

As an MSF instructor since 1993 with hundreds of classes taught in that time I have always stressed wearing full gear and have always used my Ultra II as a sample.  When I teach my next class, on Monday, I will bring in the crash jacket and use that as a sample to demonstrate the importance of quality gear.

Thanks for making a quality product and I will purchasing another as soon as the insurance check arrives.

Mark Mozzachio
Haddon Township, NJ

Hello Wayne,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the excellent products. I received my clothing last week the day before I was to leave for a ride on the northern end of the Blue ridge parkway. I was a bit apprehensive to wear the jacket due to the stiffness of the quad-armor and the mesh, but after wearing it around the house it started to break in and I decided I should wear it. Over the course of the next few days the jacket and pants broke in and continued to get more comfortable. The mesh allows plenty of air flow and even w/ 100 degree heat in VA. I was comfortable and felt well protected. The construction and sewing on the garments are first rate and the custom tailoring is a great feature especially for people like myself who have trouble fitting into off the rack clothing.

Thank you again for such fine clothing, safety equipment is a better description though.

Best Regards,

PS- Also thanks for duplicating the gusset feature from the jeans I provided on street jeans.

Hi Wayne,

I wanted to share with you a recent crash I had and how the Ultra II Mesh  saved my hide! Thank you for producing the best riding gear on Earth!

On Tuesday, 6/22, I was traveling home from a trip to Idaho only 500 odd miles left in a 2700 mile week. Me and my riding partner, Dennis on a KLR, me on a BMW R1200 GSA, were traveling on CA49 about 60 miles North of Nevada City. The day had been going great beginning at Lakeview, OR, taking all the good roads. I was traveling at a relaxed pace so Dennis wouldn’t have to whip his KLR to keep pace. I approached another left hander, like a thousand before it, setting up for the entrance to the turn. It was about 4:30ish and the road was pretty shaded. I made entry to the corner at about 40-45 mph and was beginning to accelerate out of the turn. I saw something, a dark streak down the middle of my lane and immediately the bike slams down hard onto the pavement. I realize the rear tire hit fresh diesel as I could now smell the fuel and I am now sliding down the road on my back. The GSA does a fast 180 running over my left foot, grinding off some of the toe leather, twisting my knee and ankle. The only thing going through my head is that I am going to hit the armco guard rail barriers. The bike gave me a good shove and I am now sliding on my back headfirst. I estimate I was going about 45 when I went down. I am lucky and hit the guard rail post head first at maybe 4-5 mph. The compression is tremendous and I see stars for a few seconds. I hear the James Gang playing on the mp3 player and think, this isn’t really happening. I’m pretty stunned and disoriented when I see Dennis standing over me. I can’t hear him because all I hear is James Gang singing, “There I Go Again.” I flash him a peace sign and he heads for the bike lying in the middle of the road, trying to pick up the beast by himself. I yell for him to wait and I quickly make sure everything still works, and it does. So up I get and help Dennis right the bike. There was a small turn out at the corner and I roll the bike back the 100 or so feet. A local contractor stopped and he puts out flares and has one of his work crew start throwing dirt on the spilled fuel. This was a good thing as I counted maybe a half dozen bikes come through that corner within the next few minutes.

I was wearing full riding gear, Cycleport Ultra II Mesh pants and 3/4 length Ultra II Mesh jacket, riding gloves, and riding boots, which all saved me from serious injury, I am only sore. The Cycleport mesh is incredible stuff. A casual look and you wouldn’t even know it had just slid 80 or so feet on rough chip seal asphalt. The gloves, boots, and helmet are ruined, they did their job. My Cycleport riding gear will ride again. The motorcycle is totaled. I, on the other hand, came out of the incident almost unscathed, not a single scratch on me. I am sore, but no road rash, not even a visible bruise.  Bikes can always be replaced, you are not replaceable. Always wear the best gear. I will always wear my Cycleport riding gear.

Thank you Cycleport.

Greg Ayala
Bakersfield, CA


Hi Wayne:

Nice to see you at the rally in Redmond! I saw the guy I met at your
booth during closing ceremonies and he said he bought the suit!!

My Riva Air Mesh jacket and Air Mesh pants are the perfect riding gear.

The Gore Tex liners are a must up here in Edmonton and they work great
keeping me warm and dry!

Oregon served up 100 plus every day that I was there and your gear
worked amazing!! Full airflow kept me cool and the Quad armor with the
cooling vents kept me confident through those tight twisties.

I have worn leathers since the first bike I owned and now am the proud
owner of the finest motorcycle apparel anywhere.

Added bonus – I have received more compliments on the look of the
jacket than anything I have ever worn.

Keep up the great work.


Gordon Sopczak




I have been wearing your jackets for at least the last ten years and have always loved the comfort and versatility.  Well after 25 years of almost daily riding I got to test out my Ultra II Cordura Jacket.

On Wednesday June 16th I hit a deer at about 70 mph.  I didn’t see it until the impact and had no time to react, no brakes or swerving.   I was thrown off the bike immediately, impacting the ground on my forehead and right shoulder. I was knocked out on impact.  I came to while in the ambulance to the surprised EMT’s who could not find a bit of road rash on my body.  The doctors showed the same surprise in the ER.

I was released from the hospital the same day with only bruises and a pretty healthy concussion.  I attribute a large part of my current health with the quality of your gear.  I am convinced the armor saved me from broken bones and the construction saved me from road rash and a lengthy hospital stay.

As an MSF instructor since 1993 with hundreds of classes taught in that time I have always stressed wearing full gear and have always used my Ultra II as a sample.  When I teach my next class, on Monday, I will bring in the crash jacket and use that as a sample to demonstrate the importance of quality gear.

Thanks for making a quality product and I will purchasing another as soon as the insurance check arrives.

Mark Mozzachio
Haddon Township, NJ




I must have been looking for gear such as yours for years because I bought pretty nearly everyone elses in my search for protection, comfort and longlasting value. The standing joke at my Triumph dealer was that I probably owned one of everything they sold for gear right down to their rainsuits. But that didn’t stop with them as I also bought Powertrip, Joe Rocket, Fieldsheer, ASV, Olympia, Revit and probably a couple of others that don’t come to mind anymore.
In September of 2008 I had the misfortune of a deer/bike collision. I was lucky as I broke the animals neck and killed her instantly and I only came out with a shoulder separation and bruised ribs. Since I am a big fan of ATTGATT, meaning All The Gear All The Time I did have on armored Fieldsheer 4 seasons mesh top and bottoms, Revit leather gloves, Redwing boots and a brand new full face HJC Symax II helmet. I got up off the pavement with a little assistance thankful to be alive but noticed that my Fieldsheer gear had been shredded. I was lucky not to have experienced any road rash at any point and the full face helmet really took a beating but it too did a remarkable job. After the accident I started searching on the internet for gear that I believed could be much better than what I was wearing. Somewhat of a sad thought as I had invested quite a bit in so many leathers and textitle coats and pants. While reading through various forums I came upon the name Motoport and after reading a little I was intrigued enough to read all I could including your long testimonial page. After understanding your philosophy and the materials that you use I was convinced I needed to contact you for further corroboration and advice in this matter. Riding bike isn’t an up and down Main Street event for me so I wasn’t looking for a colorful costume in which to parade around in. When I turn the key on one of my bikes we’re heading out of town for a minimum of 100 miles and more. 99% of the time I ride by myself and on my agenda, guess I’m getting fussy in my old age (55). After discussing the merits of mesh and stretch with you I immediately ordered a full set of Ultra Mesh II with the quad armor upgrade. With the thought of the accident in mind I was up for all the armor I could get in the mesh. I also ordered the Marathon coat in the stretch which is another super garment. A couple months later I added the stretch Pants to go with the Marathon coat. Both are excellent garments that work superbly and I was surprised at the wide range of temps that I have worn them in. I wore the mesh recently on a trip to the South where temps were 40F in the mornings and up to 90F during the afternoon. I also love being able to add the reflective striping where I want it and how much I want in the colors I want. Very cool and effective
From the beginning I think I was also sold on your knowledge of gear, attitude towards making the best protection that can be had and attention to detail with great advice on add ons. One of the neat things with Motoport is that no two garments have to look the same. The degree of customization that can be done is a real head scratcher at times. When someone checks out your website and starts looking at the choices they have with designing their next piece of superb protection it becomes a desire to make it all your own. Now I know there are some who always place a dollar sign on what clothing should cost. I could never understand this as a bike costs quite a bit more and can’t protect you in a crash. Maybe these people haven’t had the misfortune to total a bike in the manner that I did. In any case I found your gear to be priced the same as BMW gear or Revit so I considered yours which is quite a bit better stuff right from the start to be a relative bargain for what it can do and the fact that I doubt I can ever wear it out. The quality of the materials and manufacture are first rate, the zippers are awesome and it’s so easy to get on and off, especially the pants and rain liners. One thing I also added from the start with your company was the Cycleport stretch  Gloves. Although I have Triumph, Revit, Alpinestars yours are the only ones I wear anymore due to the protection they offer.I always wear excellent footwear and full face helmets along with your gear so I’m doing my part to stay protected when riding.
Now the issue of what I’ve done with so much other gear. I gave my brother a few Triumph leather coats just to wear, another friend a perforated leather Triumph coat, my son got the Olympia gear (full suit and jacket) plus some of my collection of gloves. I gave another friend my Army logo Powertrip leather coat as his daughter is in the Army and on it goes. If I find someone in need that is just starting and won’t spend the money to buy the top gear at least I try to get them covered and away from their denim or just tee shirts. I give them the lecture of when they grow up in the bike world they will want to consider some top shelf protection such as you offer. Since I am a value kind of guy I appreciate what you do for us as we don’t come back to you for the latest fashion garment. Your business goes largely on your ambassadors (us) which are true believers after owning your gear. Now I don’t even consider buying a garment from anyone else than Motoport, I’m set. I also just recently orderd a full suit of Ultra Mesh II for my wife as she has started riding. Thanks for your concern for the motorcycle community Wayne and for the value you offer.
Jeff Fitch   Perry, NY

Dear Wayne and Christy,

It has been a little over a month since I received my altered riding
jacket.  I just want to tell you both how pleased I am with the way
it now fits.  Truly it is “night and day” different!  The coat looks
and feels so much better.

Thank you for your patience and kindness as you reviewed the pictures
I sent and helped me get the correct information that you needed to
make the proper modifications.  You offer an amazing product and
incredible customer service.  Thank you for all of your help!

Marie Bonga

Wayne and Christie

Received the riding pants, armour, gloves etc.

The tailor-made pants are incredible. The high quality of the materials, the expert workmanship and the thought put into the safety-first design are obvious and I congratulate you for operating at such a professional standard. Your products are far superior to the unsafe rubbish that is sold in most retail motorbike shops.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your organization. I will be ordering more products off you in the future.

Please keep me on you email list for new products.



Peter Ferguson


PS I am happy for you to use my email as a testimonial for your website

Hi Wayne,

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the suit I purchased from Motoport this past Dec-Jan.  I continued wearing my leather suits until now as the weather on Long Island has suddenly changed to hot and humid.

I seem to have chosen the perfect combo for my purposes.  The air mesh Marathon jacket flows lots of air just as I had hoped and the ultra ll  pants have just enough stretch to make them comfortable from the first ride.  The standard tri-armor can barely be noticed in its comfort.  Even the zippers are top-notch and trouble free.

I been riding street bikes for over 30 years and always wore competition weight leather suits.  I wish I had given your light weight products a try sooner.  I’ve never been so comfortable and well protected on a motorcycle in my life.

Thanks for producing such a satisfying product!

John from Long Island


I found out that the Dutch have an interesting way to rejuvenate paved roads.  They spread oil on them.  No gravel, no sand, just spread oil on top and let it soak in.  I discovered this as I entered a curve on my Sunday morning moto ride at 50 mph. The weather was very overcast and the road looked like it was wet from a recent rain.  This being Holland, I took things at face value and assumed the road was wet form rain.  Silly me!  As soon as I asked the tires to turn, they told me “no way”!  And then I was watching my beautiful R1200RT slide away from me as we both slid through the curve.

I slid for a fair ways and the jacket and pants did great.  The new armor also worked very well.  The only thing that hurt immediately after the crash was my hip.

Now, several hours after the event, I am a bit sore and stiff, but have no broken bones and no road rash.  My bike isn’t totaled, but it will require some major repairs.

Thanks for making such good moto clothes and take it from me, they make a real difference.

Best Regards,


Hi Wayne,

Talking about the gear I can tell that I am really impressed. Although looks heavy and rigid the gear is extremely light and comfortably to wear. I was using it on both long and short trips starting from mid august, then september and october, so have experienced temperatures between mid 30 C down to 13 – 15 C in october mornings. What I can tell about how I feel is that I’ve got got feeling of getting cool in the heat and nice feeling of getting sheltered and protected in cold weather. One more aspect I am impressed with, is the fact that with the jacket you can feel the air inside but without feeling no harmly wind streams which when exposed too long can induce muscle and bones pains. Well I love it, even friends around here might consider this solution for next year (winter seasons severe enought in our area, so bikers and bikes back in action end March or even April).

Thanks once again, best regards,




As promised:

While on tour in the Himalayas, we ran into five straight days of monsoon rains.  When the monsoons finally passed, we decided to do a day trip from Manali to the Rohtang Pass, the third highest motorable pass in the world.  It lies at 4500 meters, thousands higher than Manali.  Up we went, switchback after switchback, dodging trucks, buses, people, cows, horses, burros, dogs, etc.  After days of rain, a dry road was like shore leave for a sailor.  After about an hour, I overtook a tourist van.  He didn’t like that, apparently, and gave chase.  Like the idiot I am, I responded and the race was on.  Careening around switchbacks and theatrical sheer drop offs, we ascended.  Then I came around a blind curve to find a jeep facing me.  Panicking (again like the idiot I am), I executed a panic stop and then pulled–like any sensible American or European–to the right.  The driver also pulled to the right–his left– and we met.  I took out his left headlamp and departed the scene airborne.  I was next aware of lying face down in a ditch with pain in my lower back and left shin and ankle.  Thank God for my Ultra II Air Mesh jacket!  The medics checked me out and concluded that I tore my right hamstring and bruised my left shin (no Cycleport pants), but nothing more.  No road rash, no upper body bruising–nada.  Considering that the bike was totaled by American standards, I feel pretty lucky.  And grateful that I bought that jacket.

Kim A. Rieck

Wayne and team,
I had been looking at Cycleport gear for over a year before my low speed “get off” this spring.  The accident served as a wake-up call to get the best gear available.  Your sizing guide was clear and concise,  it arrived on the day you said it would, and performed as promised on it’s maiden voyage yesterday in 95 degree heat.  I hope that I never need to test the protective elements of my Ultra II Air Mesh  Jacket and Air Mesh Pants but if I do I’m confident that they will perform as promised.  They are substantial.  Thanks for suggesting the Quad Armor.  I understand why now.

This is the first time I’ve provided unsolicited positive feedback on a product I’ve purchased.  I’ve worked in the retail industry for over 20 years and know the difference between good and excellent products & services.  Your’s are truly excellent.  I have only one regret; I should have looked for Cycleport before purchasing my last 3 sets of riding gear.  I could have saved a ton on money and I have a feeling these pieces will be with me a long while :).

Derek Horeis – Cycleport Believer


I just received the mesh pants I had sent to you for a zipper repair.  Not only did you do the repair for free, the zipper is better than the original AND you replaced all the flaps that cover the leg zippers and pockets (yes it was pretty shredded).  All that in less than a week from ship date to return.  WOW!

I remember when I rode out to your shop over 6 years ago to shop & get fitted.  Even then I suspected you were a unique business in today’s mass producing – sub-par production of riding gear.  Ever since then I have lauded your products and your business in the hopes that all safety minded riders would buy your gear.

Now I only have more good things to say.  You are a great group and your product is the best.  Please – never change!

With my utmost gratitude,

Glen Smith
Las Vegas, NV

I recently bought a pair of police pants, and wanted  to thank you for your exemplary customer service and congradulate you on the quality of your gear. your customer service durring the ordering process was fantastic, and the personal services over th ephone let me order with confidence. i’ve had the pants for about two months now, put a few thousang kilometers on them, andi can say that they are by far the highest quality and most comfortable pair of motorcycle pants i have ever owned. i wanted a set of armored textile pants that would be suitable for hot and cool weather, but everything else out there seems to be cut too baggy, is too hot or made with inferior materials. your pants are perfect, and every feature is perfectly suited to motorcycling
I am very impressed and pleased with the quality and design of your gear- Im just trying to decideon which jacket suits me best, and then i will be placing another order.
yours, MIKE

Hey Wayne

Just wanted to drop a quick line a let you know I am totally impressed with your gear. It has exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Even after reading all that I could about your equipment and making the comparison sheets, I am even more happy with my decision. I have ridden 110,000 safe miles on my R1150RT since I bought it in late 2003 and I know down deep inside should an accident occur, I am much better off than I was before with only a mesh jacket and jeans. (Of course I always wear gloves, boots and a helmet. I was just missing your stuff! )

Thanks to all that were involved with making my gear.

Andy Akers


I wanted to give you some feedback. First, your personalized service and quick turn-around on my order was fantastic. The pant liners you sent fit into the pants perfectly and fit me perfectly as well. I tried them in a variety of increasingly cold conditions. Down to around fifty degrees the liners are great by themselves. As you state, at temps move down from there, the simple addition of a layer of thermal underwear will make you good to go well below freezing. I went as low as twenty degrees F and I was very warm (though I have to state at that temp my gear also includes heated socks, gloves and jacket liner…).

With the addition of your liner, I now have taken my favorite pair of warm weather pant and made them versatile enough for year round riding. Thanks so much for your excellent product and service.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,


Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the upgrade and work on my pants, here is a full review regarding your gear that you can post on your website or where you see fit.

I have had my Motoport setup for several months now, by far the best protective motorcycle gear I’ve ever invested in. I have the Marathon Jacket in Mesh and full length with Quad Armor and Ultra II pants that I just upgraded to Quad Armor. Here are my impressions:

The mesh breaths better than any gear you can possibly wear, yet holds up incredibly well as I recently did a slide on a track day with minor damage

The functionality of the jacket and pants work extremely well. Very easy to take on and off, easy to clean, store and use. The pockets on the pants come in handy and armor upgrades are 100% worth the costs as I truly do feel like a tank riding in this gear.

I used a black combo with ultra bright lime green strips on the side of the jacket and pants. This gets A LOT of compliments and attention on open road. In my opinion, this setup gets more attention from the contrast compared to all lime green apparel.

Well over 40,000 miles in the gear so far and love every bit of it. I’ve encountered 115+ degree climates and -30 degree type climates and everything works great. Layers are essential in colder riding as the mesh breaths extremely well. The setup dries out extremely well when wet and works very well in every riding situation I’ve encountered…commuting, touring, you name it; this gear simply does the best possible job and gives the best possible protection.

The only downfall I see in this gear are the gloves. Too me, they were a little too bulky to feel the control of the throttle-but then again they may just be too large for me. They do breath extremely well but started to tear apart my grips from the abrasive material. Since then I have put grip puppies to prevent from wearing down the primary grips.

Overall, the best investment I have ever made in the motorcycle apparel department. I’ll never ride without this setup. Thanks to Wayne and everyone at Motoport for their genuine interest in protecting riders all across the world.

Anyone is free to contact me with any questions about the gear.

Best Regards,

Scott Hartwick

I chose to go with Motoport gear as well when I first started getting into motorcycles last year.  I was going to get one from the shops here being concerned about safety.  However when I read the reviews and did some research on gear, I was convinced that Motoport offered the best compromise between safety and comfort.  I went with the waist cut Air Mesh Jacket, Air Mesh Pants and gloves.  I also wear my sidi b2 boots and shoei hornet-ds helmet every time I ride.
Most people who see me on the road do stare because it is so hot and humid here.  Many riders who ride with me ask me the same question over and over….isn’t it hot?  Actually….it is a lot cooler than it looks.
Most importantly though, my gear protected me from a low speed fall.  While the speed wasn’t fast, the surface I fell on was sharp and I slid on this sharp edge for a few meters with no injury whatsoever.  Impressive
I also fell many times last weekend while dirt riding with absolutely no injury.
So if anyone is contemplating getting gear and is worried about heat///don’t…..cos this stuff works great!

Super!. Thank You.
I wore my pants today, to and from work, I want you to know the following:
1) They fit great!
2) They feel great
3)They look great
4)The features are great
5)They are made great
6)I feel 1,000 % safer
7)You can quote me on this

Thank You for all your help.
Michael Campeau

I received my jacket on th 28th as expected and have taken it for a few rides, all i can say is WOW. The material and construction are very impressive and confidence inspiring and the armor is simply amazing. Fit and placement are superb, overall I am VERY pleased with the jacket and will surely send all my gear needs straight to cycleport. Many thanks for putting out an excelent product with protection of the rider in mind. I’m sure you will hear from me in the future for some more gear.

To Wayne and Everyone at Cycleport,

Just wanted to say thank you. Everything fit great. The products look good. Went for a ride with the new jacket, it was a little stiff but I know it will loosen up. I will recommend you guys, and even plan on writing a review on some forums that were helpful to me.
Good job. Hopefully I will not have to test your product but if I do I’m much more confident in this then I would have been in the other stuff i was looking at.
Thanks again,
Martin Norlin

My name is Cat MacLeod, I’ve motorcycle toured all over the world (British Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and USA). Motoport makes THE best gear for sport touring. I consistently wear the GP-2 two piece jacket and pant. Here’s why…

The most comfortable with far superior protection: With other brands of gear I had to sacrifice protection for comfort. In order to get the same comfort in other gear I have to settle for far less protection both in tear and abbrassion strength and quality padding for impact protection. The stretch flexes and moves with you but is far tougher than any other textile suit and most leather ones. The whole suit breathes well eliminating the need for lots of vents.

Ridability and walkability: A motoport suit fits slimmer and better. This makes a big difference at speed. There’s not a whole bunch of extra fabric rattling around or worse pulling you. You know that feeling when your jacket wants to take you for a ride…doesn’t happen with motoport suits. Sounds silly but I once headed out for a 2 week trip into the Sierras and didn’t get more than 15 miles before I turned around and swapped my big bulky noisy touring suit for my slimer GP-2. Other suits try to make themselves size adjustable with buttons and snaps, motoport fits the suit to your measurements and the keprotech stretches slightly to fit you so the fabric doesn’t rattle around or pull you at speed…and I’ve gone over 150mph in it. The fabric’s flexibility makes in very easy to walk around and it’s quiet. No seriously,,, doesn’t the scratchy noise of your textile pant legs rubbing together get annoying after a while. Touring jackets often try to impress you with lots of pockets. It makes the jackets too bulky. The GP2 suit has 7, that’s always been enough for me.

Quality Construction: To be honest we American’s get junk for gear compared to our fellow European riders. The big brands of touring and sport gear you get from your dealer often use lower quality fabrics and construction methods out of China The european’s have some junk to but on the whole they get better quality. There’s some independent gear makers here in the US that make decent race gear but if your riding on the street in the USA your options are limited if you want well made stuff that’s going to hold up mile after mile as well as in a crash. I know from experience, crappy zippers, snaps that pop off the second time you open them and velcro that’s tougher than the stitching that holds it….JUNK. Motoport’s keprotech suits hold up, not just when you crash but mile after mile of hard use.

Holds up in a crash: I’ve crashed twice in motoport suits since 2002. Once was a perfect abbrassion strength test, I used my GP-2 on my RC51 for a track day at Thunderhill and tucked the front into a lowside in turn 6 at about 70mph hour sliding a good 30 feet on pavement. I was back up and out on the track again in 30min. Three weeks later all the damage was repaired and it really wasn’t that bad. The second time was an impact test. I was riding my VFR on HWY1 and came around a turn to find a truck towing a boat had decided to stop in the turn. I had to stand the bike up and head off into the brush. I flew a good 10 feet into the air and came down flat on my back and head. The jacket’s back pad did a better job than my helmet. My back was bruised up but my head got a concussion.

Best thigh and chest protection: No other suit offers better impact protection for your upper leg and your chest. most makers flat out don’t even offer it. You always land on your leg when you go down I don’t know why more suit makers don’t pay attention to that. Also I kind of like the idea of having a layer of impact protection for my vital organs…don’t you?

Changing Conditions: I use this suit for pleasure riding, I try to avoid extreme heat or cold or rain on my trips but you can’t always avoid it. Here’s my solutions with the GP-2 suit. When it’s cold there’s plenty of room for a thin insulating jacket underneath. I recommend arcteryx (it’s expensive but NOTHING beats it). In heat the keprotech does much better than leather and better than most textile jackets to because it breaths. In extreme heat you’re going to be sweating, but keep your gear on. Drink water and throttle up to feel the breeze because a sweaty t-shirt beats skin grafts. In rain and snow (Yes I’ve riddin in snow in the Swiss Alps) I keep a good fold up rain suit in my luggage. For light rain you’ll be surprised how well the keprotech fends it off and then dries out really fast later. Having a bellaclava beats those big high collars they try to put on some touring suits to, much more versatile.
Yes I’ve worn the other stuff at the end of the day comfort and protection rules: I’ve spent good money on gear that I thought was going to be more appropriate for touring…and it wasn’t. The sad thing is I know some of the people who work for these companies (hence I’m not going to name them). I’m a serious rider. I have a nice custom made kangaroo skin track suit for when I need to look good at the track. I’ve got a cool street jacket for when I’m just cruising to a bike night and want to look fashionable but when I need to do serious miles and need good protection fashion is secondary. When you tour long distances it’s always about comfort and protection. Motoport’s stuff is the best by far and frankly as a marketing guy I think their prices are too low…so order yours before they get wise. Then get out and ride.


Two years ago I purchased an Air Mesh jacket and pair of pants from you at an FJR Owners rally in Park City, Utah. I have worn them on virtually every ride I have taken since then and, with the zip-in Gore-tex liners, they have proven to be comfortable over a very wide range of weather conditions. Last summer, for example, I rode across the deserts of Sothern California and Arizona, across the mountains and plains of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia and on to Hyder, Alaska. Rain, sun, wind, hot, cold – it did not matter. I was reasonably comfortable under all weather conditions other than the 115 degree heat I experienced one day (and let’s face it, that would have been decidedly uncomfortable no matter what I was wearing, or not wearing).

Fortunately, I had been lucky enough not to test out the other properties of the gear until just a couple of weeks ago. On 01 July 2009, I found myself in some thick gravel on the Dalton Highway just twenty miles south of Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, experienced a tank slapper, high-sided and was tossed from my FJR 1300 at thirty-five miles per hour. While some may question my judgment for being on an FJR on the Dalton, no one can question my choice of Cycleport riding gear.

I skidded twenty-five feet across the gravel, stopped and, much to my surprise, stood up unhurt. The palms of the Held gloves I was wearing at the time were abraded so I know I took that slide but there was no damage to my jacket or pants and I was unhurt. I did receive a small (approximately three square inch) bruise on my right side at the gap between the front panel armour and the back armour. A truly acceptable outcome. I will cut that deal with the cycling gods any day, any time.

Thank you. Your gear is clearly as good as, or better than, the gloves and Daytona boots that I was wearing and those companies are considered by many riders to be the very best. I will be sending my jacket and pants to you shortly to upgrade to the Quad armor. Although I did not need it on the Dalton, I will take every safety edge I can get.

Hi Guys,


About 3 years ago I purchased a 3/4 jacket and two stretch  pants.  I have worn them for about 40,000 miles, through evertthing form blazing heat to heavy rain.  I have been fortunate enough to test the armor only once when I took a tumble at a very low speed.  Your suit performed perfectly.  I hardly felt anything.  Also, except for a slight fading in the shoulder and one thread hangingf from one of the pockets, your suit looks almost new.  Thank our for making such a great product.  It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Feel free to use me as a reference.  I would be happy to take a ride and show anhyone your great suit.  Sincerly,

Paul Lujan, Pasadena, CA

I wanted you to know that my Ultra II Air Mesh jacket and pant are being sent back to you for your repair.  And yes, they saved my  hide: big time.  I made the poor decision of riding in front of a new rider who had not learned that lesson of “you go where you look”.  When he locked up his back tire, then locked his eyes on my back tire, it was just a matter of time before he slammed into my RT.  So when I was thrown onto the ground, the Quad-Armor took the forceful impact of my left shoulder and thigh, and the  did the trick of protecting my skin.  I remember as I slid along the road for 100 yards, seeing the jagged little rocks they make roads out of in Texas whizzing by, thinking, “Gee, I’m sure glad I have this gear on”.  I knew before I stopped sliding that I was not damaged.  Too bad my bike was totalled.  Anyway, can you please fix the minor scuffing on the left sleeve, and the small tear on the left pocket?  Also, see if ou can find any other damage, as I cannot.  Again thanks for making such a high quality piece of gear that I can actually wear and be comfortable in during the Texas heat!

David Weis

Hi Wayne,
I received my jacket and pants yesterday.  They fit perfectly! Great Job. I got to ride about 150 miles in them today.  I am totally pleased.  It is rare that I publicly endorse a product but I  posted the info below on the BMW sport touring site.  You can put in in your testimonials if you would like.



Dear Wayne,  I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for my gear — the Ultra II Air Mesh  Jacket and Air Mesh  Pant which are, unfortunately, enclosed for repair.  As previously mentioned, I had the ‘opportunity’ to crash test the gear over the Labor Day weekend.  It was a low speed accident but the bike is totaled and I have a broken right tibia and two broken fingers on my right hand.  Aside from the broken bones, I did not get a scratch on me thanks to the padding and  of my jacket and pants along with the rest of my protective gear, (helmet, gloves, boots).  The gear held up fantastic but the EMT’s had to cut the sleeves in order to take my blood pressure.  The damage to the pants appear mainly in the padding but I am also enclosing them for your assessment of the minor scuffs in the fabric in case they need to be patched.
Please feel free to use my letter as a testimonial for your gear.  Aside from the protection your gear provides, I live in Texas where it gets quite hot but the mesh is always comfortable and I would never consider riding without it.  I look forward to hearing back from you on the gear.  Kind regards,

Dear Wayne, I wanted to let you know that within a week of receiving these pants, I spent three weeks and 6000 miles in them, and they performed wonderfully.  They even had a chance to do their job in a gravel slide, and I can’t even tell on the pants that anything happened.  Once they broke in, they became very comfortable, and the fit is really good, they even look pretty good on me if I do say so myself.  The inseam length is just right, finally some pants that don’t ride up over my boots!
I have been asked by a few folks about my gear, often on behalf of their wives or girlfriends who can’t find gear to fit in the stores, and I refer them all to Motoport.  Thanks again!
Kristy Dye

Wayne, I’m writing to you to say a huge, sincere thanks.  I feel certain that the quality and effectiveness of your riding gear saved me from numerous and potentially very serious injuries in a recent, violent crash I sustained.
I was thrown tumbling through the air at approximately sixty miles per hour and flailed to the ground upside-down on my shoulder/back/elbow (not exactly sure) and tumbled down the asphalt to a stop.
Having roadraced all over the county in younger years I’ve crashed a motorcycle more times than I can recall.  I’ve crashed hard.  I’ve been hospitalized.  There are parts in my body that aren’t OEM, like most people who have roadraced seriously.  This crash was one of the most powerful and awkward I’ve ever been involved in.  Although the bike hit nothing but the pavement it was nearly destroyed.  The front tire was blown out.  The front wheel was broken to pieces.  Both forks were severely bent and I don’t know yet the extent of frame damage, just to mention the serious stuff.  Truly a sad fate for my favorite road bike, a fire red 2005 Tuono R.
As you probable know I’ve liked and worn your street riding gear for years.  This crash was its first real test for me and I am so grateful I was wearing it.  In the crash I ended up basically being badly beaten  up without really looking like it.  Every body part that stuck out got hammered.  Both of my ankles, both knees, both elbows and my shoulder all took a wicked beating.  I had bruised ribs and pelvis, among other things and I generally felt as though I had been run over by a truck or something.  However, nothing major was wrong.  I had no broken bones, no torn ligaments and the like and no road rash.
Over the last two months my aches and pains have dissipated to almost nothing and I believe I will have no long-term health issues due to this crash.  It’s hard to know what never happened but I believe I would have been hospitalized with potentially multiple serious injuries if it weren’t for your Air Mesh Jacket and my old, trusty Voyager Pants (the same pair I’ve sent in for repairs over the years – here they come again.)  Having raced and crashed, always in full-race leathers, armor, etc. I’ve always felt that wearing street gear would help some in a crash but nothing like the “real stuff”.  I must admit, though, that the level of protection I received from these two pieces of your gear is extremely impressive.  Again, I thank you for this.
Equally impressive is the fact that the only repair necessary to the jacket, which took an incredible beating too, is to replace some of the Scotchlight stripe down the one sleeve.  It was literally ground away between the pavement and the stuff your jacket is made of, which seems to have fared very well through it all.  But don’t expect to see it back for this more or less cosmetic repair until after the riding season.  Suddenly this jacket has become my favorite.  And should we ever cross paths in the future, dinner is definitely on me.
With heart-felt gratitude,
John Chionchio

“Always Comfortable ! ..I finally listened and bought one of your GP-2 suits. I do not normally write a manufacturer about their product but in this case I am compelled to do so. I have been riding for over 25 years, I currently ride a BMW K-1 and K-75RT, and I have never experienced a suit more comfortable, stylish or that gives me more freedom of movement than the Gp-2. There is no suit on the market, and I have looked at them all, that I would be more satisfied with. I have never been happier! I have ridden in over 100F heat and on foggy cold nights and have always been comfortable. Your suit fits better and provides much more protection. Thanks again for providing a great product”
Bob Lilley, Mobile, AL

“Saved My Life ! On St. Patricks Day I was returning home and was struck in the right side of my ’90 ZX6 by a car turning right on red. For the next 45 yards I was pinned in between her car and a 4″ curb. In the first flip my lower back struck the car, after another flip I hit the base of my skull on the divider. A few rolls later I came to a stop face down. All the witnesses were sure I was dead. Luckily I was wearing the Gp-2. The gear I was wearing saved my life and kept me from hours of painful skin grafts.”
Michael T. Beswick, San Francisco, CA

“Lite Weight Performance ! The GP-1 racing suit has performed marvelously. It weighs much less, breathes better and is therefore much cooler. The 2 times I have crashed, the suit held up well with no injuries to me and minimal damage to the suit. I do not hesitate to recommend your terrific products to my friends (and even competitors)!”
Robert Gonzales, AMA Pro Thunder

“Durable as well as Safe I am a United States Marine and being so we are required to wear a safety vest on base at all times while riding. Consequently I burn through a safety vest about once a year. They just don’t seem to last. I’m glad to say I bought your Neon Vest at your retail outlet 2 years ago and other than some bugs and dirt it is as stout as the day I bought it. The competition could learn  from you when it comes to quality and design. Thanks for the vest.”
Robert Q. USMC

“Comfortable and Dry! I was a little worried about spending $150 on your Penta Rain Jacket and Pant. I guess you get what you pay for. So far I have 37,000 miles from 2 differnet continents and the suit is still going strong. I hae seen temperatures from the high teens at 11,000 feet to the low 100’s in Colorado. Just two words for you – comfortable and dry. Thanks!”
Jim Snell, Casper, Wy

“Rain Tested …we encountered a fair amount of rain. Nonetheless, the Motoport gear held fast and not once did a single drop penetrate through. Another example of the fine quality of the gear. I would’nt recomend anything else!”
Patrick D.

“Cool and Breathable. Hi Guys, Just a quick report on our recent trip using Ultra II  jackets (Hi Viz green) and pants, which you shipped to us last May. The alterations were great, everything fit well. We covered 16 states, 9,200 miles over a 6 week period on our GL 1800 Gold Wing and Hannigan trailer thereby completing our tour of the lower 48 states. The route generally ran from Arizona to East Texas to Northern Michigan to Montana and back to Arizona. The temperatures ranged from 44 degrees to 106 degrees. We had rain for about 4 days along the way. We received many comments about our high level of visibility, comforting words to be sure! After a brief learning curve, we quickly determined the best combination of jacket liners, rain and quilted for the environment at hand. Essentially, we were able to wear T-shirts and walking shorts underneath the suits for the entire trip, which enabled us to strip down and do the “tourist thing” at various locations in perfect comfort. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we were more comfortable wearing the jacket and pants in the higher temps than when we wore nothing but long-sleeve T-shirts and Levis. In fact we were real comfy in excess of 105 degrees when we water soaked both the jackets and the T-shirts. The evaporative effect lasted about 90 minutes each time. I regret that we did not make this purchase years ago. Dedicated wearing of the apparel substantially enhanced our travels. It certainly gives one a certain peace of mind when encountering moments of high risk riding. We highly recommend your product, and you can quote us!”
David Fields

“Cool Ride Golfman, I’m in Atlanta and my requirements in riding gear are very similar to yours. I think I have found the answer. This is going to be a long post. The short version is: buy the Motoport Ultra II jacket and pants, get the waterproof liner (with the fleece removed from it). Get the CoolTek long sleeve vest and helmet liner (find them at http://www.heatrelief.com), and Aerostich’s Evap-O-Danna Yesterday, I spent the entire day on a ride from Atlanta, GA to Meridian, MS and back to Atlanta. Temperatures were nice and cool in the morning, then got into the high 80’s and barely into the 90’s with high humidity. I was, among other things, testing out my recently purchased Motoport Ultra II  jacket and pants. I already own a set of BMW AirFlow jacket and pants. The pants are hot. The jacket flows air pretty well through several panels on chest, back, and arms. With Motoport, the entire suit breathes. The Motoport (and the  fabric is critical here, because it breathes much better than the cordura) kicks the AirFlow’s butt. But breathability is not enough in this heat and humidity…that’s where the CoolTek comes in. Go to their site and read about their product. It uses evaporative cooling (so does the Evap-O-Danna) and feels like the air conditioning is on. Man, what a godsend this stuff is! I would emphasize that you get the long sleeve vest. You’ll be amazed at how nice it is to have your arms cooled too. And they are more out there in the airstream than your torso is behind the RT’s fairing. Note, I did this ride yesterday on the K1200RS. With my RT I find that I have to “raise my elbows” and “stick my knees out” to catch the airstream and direct air up over my torso. On yesterday’s ride I brought along my Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket because I was sure that the Motoport was going to just get too hot to wear. Well, I never used the Joe Rocket. I was on I-20 most of the ride. Had I been on side streets…at lower speeds….the Joe Rocket may have become necessary in order to get more airflow onto the CoolTek…I don’t know. I’ve only owned the Motoport for about 3 weeks, the Joe Rocket for a month, and the CoolTek for about 2 months. When the weather gets cooler I’ll just use the zip in liners for the motoport and layer underneath, and/or use my gerbing electric jacket liner and heated gloves. I see no need to use any of my other riding gear…ever. The motoport is just way superior in every way to my current collection of First Gear Sirocco Jacket/Pants, BMW AirFlow, Vanson vented leather Jacket, and Frogg Togg rainsuit. Quick donning, superior armour and abrasion resistance, excellent workmanship, stretchable/breathable material is very comfortable, plenty of pockets, machine washable…..yadda…yadda…yadda. Spend the money, then ride in comfort and confidence in your gear. The Rukka AirPower is also excellent gear. Aerostich Roadcrafter is too hot this time of year, anyone here will tell you that, and anyone where you are will tell you that too. Darien too. My wife has the Darien jacket and pants and she’s too hot in them during the summer….she wants to go look at the Rukka stuff. I have done a TON of reading on hot weather gear, and have agonized over this for a very long time. I have found stuff that works, and am testing it to fine tune the very best performance out of it in these ungodly hot conditions. I also require waterproofness for the times I wish to ride the bike to work, ease of donning, and overall convenience. And safety is always Numero Uno. I insist on wearing a full set of riding gear. Sorry about the lengthy post, but I hope I’ve convinced you that I’m quite serious about this heat thing, and that I have been demanding quite a lot from my gear…that it “do it all”. Best of luck in your search. If you call Motoport ask for Amy Polazzi and tell her that I sent you her way. Regards, ———– Perry A. Younker ’02 Black K1200RS ’00 Graphite R1100RT”
Perry A. Younker

“Crashed  Roadracing I live in Galveston Texas and road race with the GP2 Jacket and Pant. I own a perforated Vanson leather suit but its too hot to wear. I’ve been wearing the GP2 for over two years now and love it. I’ve crashed in the suit around ten times, twice at over 100mph the rest between 40 to 80mph. If anyone out there is wondering how the suits hold up have them talk to me. I sent it back to Cycleport and they fixed it up for me and it looks great. As far as I’m concerned this suit is the only way to go!”
Glenn Weir

“Ultra II Crash Dear Wayne, I am enclosing my Ultra II riding suit for repair. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you making this suit available to the motorcycling consumer. Unfortunately this is my third opportunity to “road test the suit”: and the second time it has needed some repair work. This time the suit endured a get-off at approximately 60-70mph. Fortunately, thanks to the suit and my wearing full protective gear head to toe, I sustained minor sprains and bruising to my left wrist, my right foot and right ribs along with a small friction burn to my right forearm, although the suit was not damaged in that area. THAT WAS THE EXTENT OF MY INJURIES!! I am very thankful for that and feel very wise for having invested the money in your  suit. The accident happened on a Friday and I was back to work the following Monday. Again, if you ever need a personal testimony for anyone considering buying the  riding suit please feel free to have them contact me.”
Brian Peters

“Custom Ultra II Pant Dear Wayne, Just wanted to drop you a line and compliment you and Motoport on my recent order. Even though I’m only 2 hours from Aerostitch I totally believe in your equipment VS theirs. Despite my girfriend’s extremely long legs the pants turned out perfect. Most of my friends are brainwashed on the Roadcrafter hype and they will in no doubt be impressed with these pants. You offer fantastic products that are fully functional, safe and superior to the rest of the junk on the market that they call motorcycle clothing.”
Chris Haebich, Wisconsin

“Custom Ultra II Pant I’m currently in the Middle East and during the summer the temps get to well over 120F. There is no jacket made that will keep you cool in these temps. However the Air Mesh Jacket is pretty amazing. It breathes so well that the first itme I rode with it I felt like I just had on a T-shirt. I was really quite amazed. It’s a fairly heavy jacket but super breathable and the armor is great. I’ve stayed cool enough while riding in 120F weather but as with any jacket if you are stuck in traffic or at a stop light then you will get hot. On the other hand once you get going again you cool right off because the air is going right through and cooling off all your sweat. Overall I’m extremely happy. Their communication could be a ton better but their product is excellent. I will get one of their jackets for my wife.”
JJ from Manama, Bahrain

“One Suit For Any Weather I bought the new Air Mesh Jacket. It’s a great product! I can use it for all seasons (although I’m in So Cal) and not have to worry about other outfits. I have the waterproof liner and insulating liner for the jacket and only the waterproof liner for the pants. I have used it in 40F (in the mountains) and 90F weather. Depending whether I have the liner in or not, it has kept me warm or cool. Since it is stronger than leather yet totally breathable. It’s more expensive than other mesh jackets, but it’s not made of nylon so you don’t have to worry about it melting on your skin if you ever go down. Considering most people have 2 outfits or not wear protective gear when it’s hot, this is a good deal. The best thing about Cycleport is that it has a 7 year warranty and it is custom fitted. After I got the jacket and pants, they were able to fix the pants for me. The pants fit well over my work clothes and is easy to get in and out of. Expensive but considering you only need one outfit for all seasons, this is actually reasonable. Great product! Custon fit! Great customer service!”
Mike from Long Beach

“Tried Everything Else, This Works The Best I currently have Cycleport Ultra II Jacket and pants in and the GP2 jacket and pants in . I have owned First Gear, Joe Rocket, multiple Aerostich, BMW suits, multiple Vanson perforated street and race weight leathers, Perf Leather, solid leather, coated Cordura (virtually everyone but Motoport), Motoport and untreated Cordura and after years of trying various jackets, pants, materials, etc., I have concluded that until something better comes along: Cycleport offers the best protection available and simultaneously, offers the most BREATHABLE jackets and pants that truly protect and won’t melt onto your skin in a get off. Yes, you can buy much more fashionable cycle duds for less money, but, when I get on my bike, I generally care little about how I look, and superior clothing does instill confidence through the twisties. The 1000 Denier Corder and mesh flow air llike a screen door compared to my prior Aerostich one and two piece suits, (The Cycleport does Not flow air as well as my Joe Rocket Phoenix, but frankly, in two years of having both, The Phoenix has only beeh worn twice, and I did not feel comfortable either time.) I would say that the Cycleport  flows slightly better than a fully perforated leather Vanson, But you won’t have that clammy feelling the damp leather gives you between the pores. Cycleport’s armor is VASTLY superior to the “Stich” or Vanson competition. You will need to do a little trimming to get a good fit. Just part of having more rigid CE approved armor (includes chest and back as well as the usual forearms, elbows, and shoulders). Aerostich uses urethane coated 500 Denier Cordura–it doesn’t breathe…at all—just try to breathe through your stich,…you can’t do it—above 80F an Aerostich is much like wearing a rubber suit—unbearably humid and hot inside one. The only way it breathes is to start unzipping it everywhere which renders it ineffective. Don’t be fooled by the breatheable Gore-Tex lined, in the Aerostich, Yes it allows moisture to move away from your skin, but, it can’t get out of the suit unless you unzip it everywhere. The Cycleport jacket and pants breathe much better than virtually anything else you can buy that offers real protection and the ENTIRE garment breathes, not just where the zip vents are. Superior construction–Handmade/Custom tailored in the US, AND—Toss it in the washing machine: don’t even remove the armor, try that with your Vanson perf or “Stich”. May not be the most stylish, (but I get compliments every time I wear my Black GP2 Jacket and pants), and certainly not inexpensive, but you won’t ever find me on the road withouyt it. PS: I have a brand new Vanson Pro-Perf leather Hurrican Jacket for sale–wore it once, then my Motoport Jacket and pants arrived–never looked back. The Vanson is nice for posing at Starbucks however.”
Brian from Dallas TX

“Air Mesh is Amazing I bought the full Air Mesh Suit. It is amazing. The body armor and feel of the suit is great.”
Michael from Costa Mesa

“Tried the more expensive ones, the Body Guard Jacket is better. Very light weight, small enough to wear under a suit jacket. Feels like your wearing a t-shirt. Triple layer foam molds to your body. Full coverage on the forearm, elbows, shoulders, chest and back. Maybe good for mountain biking too. Well made product and waranty policy. Tried the more expensive option from Joe Rocket (the Phoenix) and needed more chest protection and breathability.”
Tony from New York, NY

“The Body Guard makes any Jacket a lot safer.  Adds the same armor that’s in the Motoport’s top line Ultra II Jacket to any jacket you wear. Perfect under an un-armored leather, or even a denim for those that like to travel that way. Great product. Very useful. I’ve used mine under leather for years, until I bought my Ultra II. Very useable, and a great product.”
Dominatr37 from NY

“Stretch GP2 Jacket Tops! I think the workmanship is great. And Motoport worked with me to make sure it fit! Also the material used stretch/Cordura) coupled with the strategic placement of excellent armor is excellent. And the jacket is washable. I believe this product is superior to leather. The combination of superior materials coupled with superb workmanship ahd customer service with customer satisfaction makes Motoport’s GP2 Jacket tops! I was considering the Aerostich suit but after doing research I find the Motoport GP2 Jacket a better value.”
Terry from Woodstock, GA

“Stretch GP2, great breathablity! Great Breathablity. Air goes right through it, making even the most blistering days bearable. I have an all-black set of pants and the jacket, and I can wear it in 90F heat without a problem. It’s fully armored as well, and although the armor doesn’t seem to be as protective as CE or GP-style armor, it’s a lot better than the foam armor a lot of jackets seem to come with.”
James from San Francisco

“Stretch GP2, 10 Times the Abrasion as Joe Rocket! Comfortable stretchy fabric, Great breathability, not quite as much as the Joe Rocket Phoenix, but with 10 times the abrasion protection. Light Weight, Dries quickly after getting wet. Washable. Thigh, arm, knee, chest, shoulder and back pads. Two piece zip together versatility. Zip open vents. Excellent product. Even better product for the money.”
Willliam from Claremont, CA

“Legs came out completely unscathed! I can say from first hand experience that these Ultra II Cordura pants are very protective in an accident. I had a 20 mph laydown and my legs came out completely unscathed. The pants held up well too – you can tell where they took the hit, but the material held up very well and they are still very wearable. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gotten the hip padding. I haven’t found them to be uncomfortable in hot weather. I wear mesh shorts underneath and as long as I’m moving their fine. I do wish they came in a lighter khaki color, though. Overall, I would highly recomend these pants! P.S. My experience with customer service was fine. The original pair was too short (I’m 6’2″, 190 ans they sent me the 33″ inseam because they thought it would be long enough), so I sent them back to add 2″ and everything worked out OK. I could’ve had them send me a new pair while I sent mine back, but after reading about other reviews that expressed concern over reimbursement, I opted to have the pair I bought lengthened.”
Alex from Watertown, MA

“Keith from Gautier, MS Ultra II Cordura Pant very comfortable right out of the box. Even with the armor. Easy access to inside pants pocket and two large outside pockets. Easy on and off over shorts/pants without having to remove boots. Great pants – did exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price. Love Them!”
Deni from Upper Montclair, NJ

“Perfect Pants to ride to work in! Great protection with the Ultra II Cordura and the armor. They are also easy to get in and out of with the help of the zippers. The perfect pants to wear over your work clothes on a ride into work. Tons of pockets and a retroreflective stripe down the side for visibility. I didn’t get the liner and have routinely ridden in 40F weather and been fine. Great pants and I would recommend to everyone (in fact I do). Also double as pretty good ski pants and the armor allows you a little extra protection.”
Joe from Kalamazoo, MI

“Supple yet protective 1000 Denier Ultra II Cordura. Great construction and fit. Supple yet protective 1000 Denier Cordura. Nice padding. Good customer service – they called me after my web order to be sure that I really wanted the (XXL) size I’d ordered. They ended up recommending a (L) instead, and it fits perfectly. I love them. They’re comfortable, and quick to put on and take off. The construction is bullet-proof.”
Mike from Denver, CO

“Outstanding Textile Pant I have worn these pants over shorts in summer (90F +) and over jeans in winter (35F) and have always been comfortable. The pants do a great job of containing the elements. Most important, they protected me when I went highside on a corner at 20mph. The fabric tore slightly (Motoport can repair) but the armor and Ultra II Cordura completely protected my hide. The pants felt bulky at first but after using them a few times, I quickly grew accustomed to the fit. Outstanding product which I highly recommend to anyone considering a textile pant! I received excellent service from Motoport and will not think twice about purchasing similar products from this company.”
Dave from Carlsbad, CA

“Wind literally Blows Through Them! Excellent construction and quality. High strength (double the industry standard) Ultra II Cordura. Excellent armor which protects shins, knees, sides of thighs, and hips. Highly breatheable for hot weather (without liner). They’re a little heavy (because there built to last). For the money I expected them to be tailor made, but the suggested size fit me fine. Top notch, high quality, heavily constructed, sturdy pants which will last a long time. Love how breatheable they are (again without the waterproof liner). The wind just literally blows through them as if your were just wearing jeans. I’ve tried out the cheaper brands and there is NO comparison. These will not fall apart in a spill.”
Jose from Beaverton, OR

Works Excellent in all kinds of weather. Great pants. I’ve worn them in 95F + heat, with shorts underneath, as well as in sub 40F temps with the optional lining installed. The Ultra II Cordura are just a great pair of road pants. And most importantly, they have the best armor on the market in them! Tri Armor is far more protective than the single cel foam stuff most manufacturers use. Second in importance is the fact that they breathe! A cool breeze in hot weather is great. I had them for 5 years now, and just had both zippers replaced by Motoport, My total cost on the repair? $26.00!!!! I’ve recommended these to all my friends, and everyone who has bought them loves them. They do excatly what they are advertised to. A top notch, top quality product. I’d buy them again.”
Ralph L from Centereach, NY

“My Wife is no Longer Skeptical I find myself in a unique position as a very prompt (unplanned) tester of your Ultra II gear. I am 45 years old and a very exerienced rider- 37- years -26 bikes – since I was 8 years old – with most of that time riding on the street while also racing off road. I have fallen literally hundreds of times while racing or practicing off road but have never even had a street bike tip over. A few weeks ago after comparing and shopping all summer long I ordered a set of protective gear from your company, (my wife was not happy about the cost, her opinion has changed now.) With some extra effort by your people I even had the order expedited so that I could wear it last week on a trip thru the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania on a trip to Washington D.C.. I was impressed by the comfort and fit and rode for a couple of days thru everything from 40F foggy days to heavy rain and gusty wind to 85F and 90% humidity. Bottom line I was very satisfied with my purchase and certainly with your service. Then my world literally went on tilt on the way home thru Pennsylvania. I was 2 hours ahead of the rainy weather from hurricane Isabelle in central Pennsylvania when a Chevy Tahoe pulling a trailer turned across in front of me to go onto a side road. I was doing about 53mph in a 55 zone, 9pm in the dark, no other traffic, no rain but the road was still damp from a shower that had passed thru. I tried to divert to the left to clear the vehicle but the road was too slick and the bike went down to the left onto my knee. Probably due to my racing backgournd I reacted by pushing off from the bike and all told the bike impacted the trailer at the wheel and I slid past the back of the trailer still going about 50mph and I had about 5 feet of clearance past the bumper of the trailer. No, I did not tumble the “slipperiness” of my gear worked as advertised, Yes I landed fairly flat and stayed spread eagled. I slid about 300 feet before the driver of the Chevy could run over to me. My gear received very minor scuffing which I will send to you for inspection/repair. My bike is totalled and I have a slightly sprained knee that will be good as new in a couple of weeks and that is it. Thank you very much for making the superior quality of product that you do. I will be contacting you later this week to order identical gear for my (NO LONGER SKEPTICAL!) wife.”
Frank Lutz

“HOT IN ATLANTA Great Air Mesh pants, good fit with lots of armor. One of the best all around pants out there esecially for hot weather. Reasonable priced. Think I’ll get one of their jackets once summer comes.”
Cas, from Atlanta, GA

“Started Riding After 20 Years Off I started riding again in March 05 after taking 20 years off from the sport. I pulled my 1976 R75/6 BMW out of storage and got it running agiain, but I needed new riding gear, since my old gear was no longer available. I use to wear leathers and denim, but this time I wanted someting with more protection and I could wear in the summer heat, since I live in NC and have become wiser with age, (I hope.) I spent several months researching all the new technologies and materials for riding gear and spent many hours at the local cycle shhops trying every type of riding aparel they had in stock. After much thought, I finally settled on Cycleport’s “Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket, Pants and liners”. I took my measurements as the internet site described and called to make the order and double checked my measurements. The person I talked with (Wayne) was very informative and gave good recommendations for any options. I received the suit within the committed time frame and everything was as ordered. The fit was just right and the quality was great, (hefty material,) lots of padding, huge zippers and great Velcro.) I feel that I am well protected if I ever have an accident. I have had some in my previous riding experiences, so being well protected is highly important to myself. Since it was April when I received the suit and 60-70 degrees I decided to ride with no liner and with pants and long sleve shirt underneath. I was comfortable, but chilly after awhile, so the next day I used the liner, which kept the chill out. So far, so good. Next test was the summer heat. As the weather warmed I removed the liner, and when it got hot and humid I wear dri-tech (athletic apparel) shorts and sleeveless shirt underneath. (The advantage of dri-tech is keeps wicking the sweat away from your body, so you stay dry and cool.) Even in the 90 to 100 degree humid weather we have, I am quite comfortable in the suit, which lets the air flow through and keeps me wearing the suit for protection. In summary I am very pleased with the suit and would replace with another when it becomes necessary. I can wear it year round with the liners and adjust what I wear underneath according to the temperature. I have had only one minor problem where a liner snap broke, which Cycleport immediately sent me a new snap when I notified them. Great Product, Great Service, equals one satisfied customer. What more can one ask.”
Steve W.

“Test Of My New Riding Suit I had to drop you a line about the new Ultra II Cordura LIght Jacket and Pant. At first I was a bit concerned about the cut in the shoulders, as it was a bit “flappy” in the wind. This was completely fixed by the addition of the Aerotech liner that I put in this morning after watching the weather report here in WI. The suit impressed me beyond all belief as I left work to rider the 25 minutes home in a raving thunderstorm in which the local streets were flooded. I felt water splashing against my feet as I rode 15 mph with just enough visibility through the pelting rain to find the way. I am always surprised by the level of chill from evaporation that can occur at eveh 15 mph……I rode into the garage and my future bride was shocked that I didn’t call for a ride….but I laughed and told her this was the test of my new riding suit. I stood in the doorway dripping and when I took off the suit, I was bone dry. It has been 85 degrees and horrible with humidity and I have felt very comfortable even in black. Feel free to use as a satisfaction story…. I am sure you have many. Thanks”
Eric Nelson

“Glad I Didn’t Remove The Knee/Shin Armor Wayne, Sorry for not writing earlier. The Ultra II Air Mesh  suit fits fantastic. Thanks for adding the collar – it works well for me. No adams apple issues either. I wondered about the knee/shin armor, until last weekend, that is. Some a$$hat in a van just ahead of me let loose a picnic cooler on the highway. In the second or so it took to bound my way at highway speed, I was able to karate kick the thing to keep it from hitting my right fairing. The riders behind me said the explosion was quite a sight. I braced for some pain. When I didn’t feel any, I remembered why — the knee/shin armor. Thanks again. You and your employees run a fine shop. I’m recommending the suits to all my riding friends.”

“Time To Upgrade After 9 Years Just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with the new suit. I’m enclosing several pictures taken in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This new suit is so much more comfortable than the old Cordura one piece I bought from you 9 years ago. But that suit served me very well, surviving several get-offs over the years with no damage to me or the suit. When it came time to move on I felt a bit guilty about leaving the old suit behind, but after receiving and wearing the new one, whatever guilt I might have had evaporated. This new suit, and the new armor, is so much more comforable (cooler,softer and lighter) than the old one yet I have the aditional protection of the stretch fabric. But the bottom line is that the quality of the original is what kept me coming back, first for my wife’s suit and now for my second suit. I’m looking forward to another great eight years with this one. Thanks again for making such a first rate product. You have my permisssion ut use the puctures and my remarks if you wish.”
Shawn W. Bryan

“No More Aerostich I had worn the Aerostich two peice suit for over 150k miles. I had planned on getting another Stich until I talked to a fellow rider who had a Cycleport suit. Well I made a ride to your location and wound up ordering an Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket and pant with liners. After making a 10k ride I must report that your suit outperforms the Stich in all types of weather. I rode in temps from 35f to 108f. Rode in rain, hail and a dusting of snow. Thanks for making a great product and being so easy to deal with. See my photo from Banff/Jasper National Park in the photo section.”
Patrick O’Hara

“Zero Tollerance For Risks I am a retired Telecommunications Senior Design Engineer, and my son is a cardiac intensive care RN. We both have zero tollerance for risks that we can manage: we both are perfectionists. When we received our Air Mesh  Jackets and our Police  Pants, my son said it best, “Dad, its just like you’d design.” These jackets and pants are just as advertised and more. Not only fully functional, with zippers that work, body moldable Tri-Armor protected, cool, breathable, machine washable, they also look great too. Thanks for providing such incredible products and customer service. We hope we never have to give a “Crash” report, but with this protective equipment investment made, we have never felt safer riding. Thanks again.”
Chuck Peters

“I Gave Wrong Measurements I just received my Ultra II Pants and, unlike the returned first pair, they fit perfectly. The knee/shin armor was in a perfect position and the pants were exceedingly comfortable both on and off the bike. Unlike the first pair, the flap at the ankle stayed closed around my boot. I think the increased length of the pants prevented them from “hiking up” and opening at the Velcro closure. Please hold onto your notes and measurements on these pants, especially the position of the knee armor, since I plan to order your Jeans and jacket this year. If you wish feel free to use my name and any parts of my letter as my endorsement of your superb workmanship on the Ultra II Pants. Also, I really appreciated your help when I probably made an error in my initial measurements. The long wait for the pant was well worth it!”
Dr. Ron Gellert

“Ultra II Air Mesh Did What You Advertised I’m pleased to share with you that I’m a very happy, satisfied customer! Since purchasing your Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket and Pant, with Aero-Tex Liners and thermal top liner, I’ve been fortunate to test this products’ all season wear ability. My first ride with the Ultra II ended mid afternoon in Borrego S[prings, termperature a hot 115f.. The mesh material allowed sufficient air flow which kept me comfortable while moving. I’ve also tested the jacket and pant, with liners fitted, in early mornings in British Columbia – one morning the thermometer showed 37 degrees when I started to ride, followed by four hours of rain. Your garmens provided sufficient warmth in these conditions, and more importantly, I stayed completely dry, as you advertised I would! The materials, design and craftsmanship in these air mesh garments are truly outstanding. With a little experience, the jacket and pants and liners have become very easy to put on and remove and overall, they proved very durable. The jacket and pant safety featurees are most impressive, which provide a welcome level of confidence while riding.”
Jim Scott, Coronado, CA. R1200RT

“GP2 PANTS BLOW AWAY LEATHER Very comfortable, highly breatheable, stretch – Lycra blend tough as nails. Good fit and finish. I’m a believer in the mesh blend textiles (Schoeller Keprotec technology.) Overall a very good pant.”
Jose from Beaverton, OR

“Cycleport can repair! Comfortable in a wide range of temperatures with the Ultra II Cordura Pant. Very versatile, Good protection in fall. Cycleport can repair, or send repair material. I got the discounted blue pants, which I think are a great value. Even at full price, these are nice pants.”
David from Boston, MA

“ARMOR COVERS MORE AREA Good breathability, comfortable fit, armor seems to cover more area than most pants. Air Mesh Kelvar pants are great for hot climates.”
James from San Francisco, CA

“USED AND ABUSED MINE SINCE 1995 Man, this Ultra II  is a great jacket! I have used and abused mine since late 1995. It’s like a timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I wear it dual sporting, cold weather dirtbiking, casual sportbiking, urban hooliganing (sp). You know all over. It has an assortment of pockets and even a tasty little gun pocket on the right chest for those concealed equipped kind of folks. Needless to say I dig it! I would surely buy one again if this one ever wears out.”
Mitch from Ft. Worth, TX

“QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY! This is a far superior garmet to anything I have owned in the past, and I have spent a lot of time and money on everything from leather to textile. This Ultra II Cordura jacket in combination with the stretch pants does it all. It is comfortable in all conditions, unlike my Roadcrafter suit which is unbearable in warm weather. The 1000 Denier Cordura is soft, breathable and more protective than anything I have yet to come across. I would highly recomend this to anyone seeking a superior product that is functional and protective. Do yourself a favor If you are in the market for a jacket or pants, look at this company first.”
Jerry from Hood River, OR

“4 YEARS, 75,000 MILES ON THE ULTRA II Cordura.  I purchased my suit, pants and liners from motorport after carefull shopping 4 years ago. It was not cheap. but seemed to be the kind of versatile suit I was looking for, for serious motorcycle camping. The liners were thicker and warmer for cold weather, yet it seemed like it would breath well. It seemed like the ideal suit for CA weather. Well, after 4 years, 75,000 miles and over a dozen national parks and monuments, it has always been with me. In 113F heat, wet your shirt, zip up your coat, and enjoy the evaporative cooling. On my Hayabusa riding through the Mojave desert in the summer recently, I stayed comfy in 100F without the water as long as I kept moveing 80+mph. I’ve been in INTENSE cold in this suit, wearing layers of long underware, polar fleece, the liner, baclava, and mittens with those skiing heat packs in my gloves and boots resembling the Michline tire man more than a human being. I’ve been deluged in rainstorms in Colorado, CA and Nevada, Stayed very dry except where my gloves failed once. Finally just seriously crashed for the first time while doing about 40-45 on a freeway interchange that had a diesel oil spill. The suit abraided but did not fail. My only serious injury was to my left hand through the deerskin leather glove that left me with 3 fractures and a complex laceration to the hand (buy armored gloves folks). I don’t think anyone else makes a suit that can do all this. Fades some with time and sun. Fraying was minimal and easily fixed with a lighter (get over it!) Liners compress down well for storage. You can wear it with shorts and tee shirt underneath, and not worry about PVC melt down. They made what ever repairs needed for free during warranty and beyond. Not the most stylish but 3/4 length jackets never are. Worked very well for me 4 years, hated it when they had to cut it off me. Shopped around again for a new suit and ended up at Cycleport. Buying their new perforated Air Mesh suit in a waist cut grey/black to match my Busa. Even better than the Ultra II Cordura. If you want one suit that will do it all, from 113F heat to snow and rain, is built better/more expensive materials than any other company will use, is stiched together like a tank, and will not fail you in a crash, this is it!”
Andy from Vista, Calif

“COMFORT IN HEAT WITHOUT LOOSING PROTECTION.  Ultra II Cordura Jacket works very well here in the south. Aerostich or any coated jacket is to hot. Protection is the best you can get for a Cordura Jacket. With the liner it is 100% waterproof. at all times. Never had leaks. With liner in and electric vest this jacket does excellent in the cold. Did a 70mph get off in May 03. Low sided and slid and tumbled. Jacket took major abrasion with out failing. Only problem: cuff was unzipped for venting, resulting in gash and road rash on forearm when sleeve rolled up. I consider this minor considering speed. Same pants took the brunt on the left knee. There was a 3″ hole with damaged armor. Left leg had bruise on back from ankle to thigh. Considering force of impact not to bad. If I was wearing a stich or something similar I would have lost a knee cap. All armor worked, period! I road the bike away. Very impressive in my opinion. I am now 100% committed to maximum protection after this. PERSONEL INJURYS: Had gash and road rash on left forearm, three stiches needed. Left leg, foot and toes bruised, minor abrasion on knee cap. To say I was sore all over is a major understatement. I am lucky.”
Keith from Gautier, MS

“ANOTHER CRASH TEST, ULTRA II Unfortunately I got to test my Ultra  in 2002 when my own error over braking took me down riding on a great August day in Idaho. I weigh in about 335lbs so I hit pretty hard and slid well too. We figure I was going about 25mph when I hit the pavement. I received no abrasions through the jacket and should have been wearing the pants The denim tore through pretty fast and the scaring on one knee is still healing – 6 months later. Cycleport repaired the abrasions on the jacket for $49.00. Nice. It’s hard to get gear to fit fat guys and Cycleport will make you whatever size you want. Excellent. They have sales at their web site regularly. If Cycleport says a garment is not waterproof BELIEVE THEM. Get the matching rain gear. They sell a spray fabric treatment that gives UV protection and will help a little with water resistance. The UV protection is nice if you ride often. I am very pleased with the product and the company. Choose your product carefully, call them and ask questions, you will appreciate their personal service and get the gear you need.”
John from Henderson, Nevada

“CONCERNED ABOUT MY HIDE! Let me start by saying that I am super particular and a general pain in the A__. I am super concerned about my hide when riding my MC. I was going to buy a JR Hard Drive Jacket before talking to the folks at Motoport. THey spoke to me at length, probably an hour, maybe more. I came away with the feeling that these folks really know what they are doing. I bought the Jacket after they explained how tough the fabric is. If they are right (and I hope like HELL they are), Then this is the best protection you can buy. I hope I never find out… Until then, I know that I am wearing a quality garment. It is built beautifilly. I have never seen a garment so well built. As good or better than any of my camping and Goretex rain gear. Thats saying something! Service was great too. First jacket was too large in the body and too short in the sleeves. They re-built the garment entirely, for a custom fit. A bit pricey but cheap if it saves your skin in a get off.”
Paul from Ridgewood, NJ

“BREATHES! Breathes! Nothing else made does.! I’ve used this Ultra II Cordura for three years now, and this is just a great jacket all around. I’ve worn it down to about 35F with the linings installed and been fine as well. The jacket has over 45,000 miles on it now, and is faded and worn, so I’ll be ordering a new one in the next few weeks. I can’t say enough good things about this jacket. It IS the best all around jacket out there, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve recomended this jacket and pant combo to many people, and all have been very happy with the product.”
Ralph from Centereach, NY

“BEST FOR SAFETY, COMFORT, HOT WEATHER Tremendous armor, great ventiliation – good in the hot South. Air Mesh  jacket for safety, comfort and hot weather.”
Jim from Waxhaw, NC

“2 CRASHES ON MY GP2 Excellent protection from impact and abrasion! Very tough. Comfortable and easy to care for! Repairable by Motoport, washable, lightweight Custom tailoring available. Versatile for multiple uses, (commuting, touring, sport riding, trackdays and racing!) I even thought about using it for snow skiing! On really hot days you can pour water down the back or front and it doesn’t harm the suit at all. It feels kinda like air conditioning. I have owned a GP2 suit since 1997. I crashed at 70mph in the southern California canyons in 1998 on my then 1991 VFR750. The bike was totalled! My protective gear consisted of an Arai helmet, Prexport boots, AGV gloves and the GP2 suit. All of the gear performed excellently. I was sore but other than that there was not a scratch on me. A couple small bruises and thats it. I thought I had broken a rib but that was just in my head as the X-ray proved the follwoing day! Truly amazing. The gear was trashed except for the GP2 suit whicn I sent to Motoport for repair. I’ve been riding in the suit and have had a number of motorcycles since then which brings us to June 6, 2004 and then it happened. I was on my 2002 Duke II strafing a little twisty section I frequent on Sundays and as I came around a familiar corner at approximately 50mph hit a patch of gravel and went down hard. My gear: Xlite X-901 helmet, Alpinstars Sp2gloves, Hein Gericke boots, Bohn Pro racer back protector and the Motoport GP2 suit. I have a bruise on my elbow and a slightly bruised ego. The gear performed its task well and it all goes in the trash except for the GP2 suit and the Bohn back protector. The back protector didn’t get harmed at all and the GP2 Jacket will be repaired. I will replace the pants this time however (they could be fixed, however they took a hard hit.) I wear the GP2 suit when I attend track days at the racetrack with confidence. I also own a Motoport Canyon II jacket, Ultrea II light pants and a bodyguard jacket, (which I use for Dualsport and offroading.) I am not affiliated with Motoport in anyway and write this review solely out of the love of Motorcycling and to share what a great product this is with my fellow riders. I currently own a 2002 Honda CBR945RR, 2000 BMW R1150GS, 2002 KTM Duke II and a 99 Yamaha WR400. Keep the shiny side up!”
Nathan from Simi Valley, CA

“Hit a deer at 60+ in an Ultra Suit Absolutely provides exellent protection and comfort of a “World Class” distinction, as advertised. I ride all year, at 20 – 95F. It has the most standard armor, (shoulders, elbows, forearms, BACK, CHEST, hips thighs, knees, shins) for which I am extremely grateful, since my crash. Plenty warm, insulated jacket liner (I haven’t been cold enough, yet, to need a suit pants insulated liner.) I’ve ridden for hours in driving rain, with the jacket liner inside and remained dry. I believe you can rely upon the accuracy of their detailed product descriptions. In hot, humid weather, I do sweat more than I would prefer, when not moving, but I would also sweat, if I was wearing even a light weight, long sleeve, regular jacket with no breeze! With air moving, while riding, it is sufficient to reduce unpleasant sweating, Personally, I consider this a minor point, compared to awful road rash I might get from an unexpectd dismount, while wearing jeans, T-shirt, or tank top, shorts, etc.. Presently, Cycleport/Motoport has a new “Air Mesh “, high tensile strenght, light weight suit, for warm climates. I hit a deer, “dead center”, at 60+mph. My GoldWing dropped and I hit the road on my left elbow and buttocks, slid along, then tumbled very fast, like a rag doll. Unquestionable, the armor minimized my injuries by blunting the impacts I had with the bike and road. The suit has three 3 – 5 inch holes ripped open and various cuts/abrasions, which likely would have abraded my skin, to the bone, without a suit. The one inch diameter, bike crash bar is worn nearly in half from this one long slide. I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to have survived this crash and without severe injuries (only sprains and bruises.) I’m confident that riders will be thoroughly satisfied with this suit. Thanks Cycleport for making a top quallity suit!!”
Hal, from Southern NJ

“AIR MESH IN PHOENIX Wayne, I got this message today from one of theother LT riders on the BMWLT.NET website. Just a note to let you know I got my Cycleport Air Mesh Jacket and my bike back from repair and I’m riding in 90+ temps in Phoenix and haven’t gotten hot yet, even after an hour + ride!! I don’t know what will happen when it warms up to 110 and higher, but I’ll still be wearing it and riding. Thanks for putting this group order together!!! Maybe pants to replace my Joe Rocket Phoenix pants are next….”
Dave in Phoenix AZ

“An Air Mesh Jacket and Pant that also works in cold weather! I had an Air Mesh Jacket and Pant made for me through Ed’s Moto in Portland Oregon. It was custom made. I am short and stocky. I’m 5’9” and 220lbs. You might say I’m hard to fit. The suit contours my build perfectly. It fits like a glove. The workmanship and craftsmanship of this riding suit is impeccable. This riding suit is the GIORGIO ARMANI of riding suits. I know because I wear GIORGIO ARMANI suits. The careful mix of the  Mesh and Cordura//Lycra material, “Keprotec” are tastefully styled and designed to present a handsome stylish sportsmen look that any rider would be proud to wear. The Tri-Armor in Velcro secured pockets is secured in all the right places, just like the professional racers. The armor sits comfortable for that cruiser/touring riding position, just right for the long rides. The placement of Scotchlite Reflective material is functional and tasteful. The top quality YKK Zippers are easy to work. It is winter in Washington State. I put on my new riding suit and took a quick test ride. I ride a 1992 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE. The wind blew right through the suit chillling me to the bone. (Keep reading!) This suit will be great for our hot summer days. I went back home and installed my custom made Gore-Tex liners, went back out for another test. I was warm as toast. How can such comfortable thin material insulate so well? I am all set for cold, hot, rain or spills. I recommend this riding suit to all riders, it’s GREAT!”
Michael Bigelow

“All Weather Suit for South Carolina You guys have the best suit for ALL weather conditions in South Carolina. I have been riding for over 40 years and have used my ultra II since 1998. I have had two crashes, one lowside slide on Deal’s Gap and a car hit me on the right side knocking me to the pavement after bouncing off the hood of the car. The last caused broken ribs and lots of pain but the suit held up great for all these years. Which brings me to writing, the collar is worn and the red color is now orange. I do not fault the suit at all because I ride year around. Any time the weather is clear, I’m gone riding since retiring 2 years ago. I would like to say thanks for the Ultra II and the Gore-Tex Liners. At 60 years old I don’t like to get cold. Thanks,”
John McCellion

“Bought Suit for Alaska Trip I don’;t know if you remember me but I bought the Ultra II Jacket and Pant for our Alaska trip this summer. I couldn’t make a decision on your sit and by the time I did we paid $120.00 to have it expedited. Numerous times on the trip I commented this was the best money I have spent in a long time. Suit worked great! No need to carry Fn rainsuit. Never hot across BC in + 100F and not cold at Artic Circle. Great Product. We even met a MSF Instructor (Ira), from Palmer, AK who crashed his GS in the Yukon with your suit on at 50mph.. He was fine and the suit wasn’t even scuffed. My only regret thus far has been not buying your suit sooner. Thanks, LJ”
Larry Jante

“Time to Upgrade I’m sure you don’t remember me. We talked at length back in 1996 when I ordered my Ultra II Cordura Jacket/Pants/Liners. The Ultra II has held up unbelievably well. I’m still wearing it three motorcycles, six states, four countries and two continents later. It still looks almost new! I’ve lost count of how many people at the MSF Rider Courses have tried it on. (I’ve been a range-hand for the past two seasons, as with a new baby I can’t commit to the schedule of a full Instructor.) Hopefully this has resulted in some sales for you. I love your products and I’d like to keep you guys around. One of my best friends has purchased a new motorcycle, his first. He put all his eggs into one basket and now he can’t really afford GOOD riding gear. That got me thinking….If I get a new Suit, I can give him my Cordura. Thanks for making great products that last and for making changes to your prodcuts over time, allowing them to evolve. (Unlike a certain company in Duluth who seems to think theri product has been perfected, and won’t change it.) Maybe other past customers will think of “upgrading” as I am.”
Jeff Carpenter

“GP2  Crashed at Thunderhill I’ve enjoyed the superior comfort of a Cycleport GP2  Suit for years, it breaths, it’s stretchy and comfortable lap after lap. Particularly in the heat when my fellow riders are emptying puddles of sweat out of their boots. But that’s not why I wear gear. Well at Thunderhill turn 6 got me recently because my tires weren’t warmed up. I low-sided at 65mph and slid cleanly and predictable for 90 feet on my gear….then I tried to get up, while still going 35mph (classic racer mistake based on speed perception.) This caused me to tumble hard impacting on the pavement in a number of places, including somehow my left armpit. I walked away without a bruise or a scratch. Thunderhills pavement is particularly rough and I went down pretty hard. While repair is certainly called for the suit’s protective layers were never penetrated. Cycleport’s gear performed exactly as they specified in a serious high speed crash. I continue to recommend Cycleport  gear as a superior alternative to leather.”
Cat MacLeod

“Downhill Racing with the GP1 Suit I’m writing to say how pleased I am with the GP1  Suit. I’ve been using it for 7 years now, about once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter plus races where it gets used for several days at a time. It’s still in fine condition, thanks to being so durable and washable. And of course it’s so much more comfortable than traditional leathers, especially on hot days. I use it for downhill racing, both inline downhill and classic luge (a variation of street luge, which is lying on a large skateboard feet first and rolling down mountain roads at around 50mph.) These sports are certainly slower than motorcycle racing, but with the less reliable equipment and more aggressvie riders we have a lot of crashes, typically the equivalent of having someone crash every lap. Since were often on steep roads with few barriers, crashes usually lead to long slides and sometimes go off the road. If it werent’ for the superior protection of my GP1 Suit, I probably would have quit racing by now (I’m 46 years old.) See my photos in the photo section.”
Scott Peer, Glendale, CA

“I DIDN’T Believe You I have to admit I did not beliee you. I do now. I went for a 100 mile ride today. The high temp was 34F. I turned off my heated jacket and could not tell much difference so I left it off. The Ultra II Cordura Jacket and Pant are a winner. Thanks,”
Tom Farley Toledo, Ohio

“Your Suit Works! Regretfully I got to test your suit I purchased at Laguna Seca in the summer of 1998. I’ve put almost 6000 miles on that suit the past 9 months alone with no more problems than lotsa bugs. When the folks pulling out of the quick mart without looking (or stopping, another hit and run!) decided to put me down on my right side. After the 30ft slide and the tumble into the dirt, I was able to slowly stand up and realize that everything was in the right places! The bruises that have shown up since tell the story. My right knee impacted first, then right elbow, and right shoulder. My right knee is good and bruised and the elbow is a little scraped where the padding rode up a little, but overall, I am one satisfied customer! The suit is one of the older models and has been long discountinued. It is a two piece, 1000Denier Cordura with a crotch n the pants and armpit vents on the jacket, color Blue, size medium. Full armor in both the jacket and pant. (Thank Goodness!) The damage to the pant is only on the seam above the knee. The seam has started to separate slightly. The jacket is in better shape with only a scrape in the material on the right elbow.”
Tim McCarthy-Smith, Santa Rosa, CA

“Love The New GP2 Jacket and Ultra II Pant Love the new GP2 jacket and Ultra II  Pants. They surpassed my expectiations. Hope to never have to test the skin saving qualities. Thanks,”
Bob Seitz, Bishop, CA

“Pants Are Just Plain Built Tough Every time I put these pants on I am impressed with the quality of the construction. These pants are just plain built tough. The components (inner and outer fabric, velcro and zippers) look to be the best available and the consturction is first rate. They were sewn together to stay together. I was riding across the open desert in a VERY strong, gusting crosswind. I wanted to pull off the but the road was elevated and when I began pulling to the edge, I was afraid that I would be blown over so I pressed on. I rememeber looking at the pavement and thinking…’I am really glad I bought THESE pants.’ I felt confident that they would not burst open or be worn through by abrasion. The pants have padding in the knee and thigh: most pants only offer knee and hip padding. They are very easy to put on over pants and boots (30 seconds or less without rushing). The zippers are on the inside of the leg and are easy to reach. Each leg has a large pocket with a velcro closure. I keep my wallet in one pocket and eyeglass case and phone in the other. The thngs I access most frequently (and would not want in a tank bag in the event I was separated from my bike) are right at hand. These pants are very comfortable both on and off the bike. I am completely happy with both the product and the customer service and intend to buy the matching jacket in the near future. I recommend the brand period: jacket or pants,  or Cordura, However, if the budget permits, spring for one of the fabrics. They offer greater protection and comfort…..can’t beat that.”
Tom Ruschak, San Diego, CA

“10 Years and My GP2 is Still Working I would like to thank you for your help over the past ten years. I purchased my GP2 at the motorcycle show in San Francisco in 95. since that time I use this riding suit every time I go riding on the pavement. I also wore it while I did the Starrs Supermoto circuit in 2001. I’ve onwed leather suits before and they never would take the abuse I’ve given the GP2. I’ve been riding and racing for thirty years and this is by far the best riding suit I’ve ever owned. My favorite ride is The Sunday Morning Ride in Marin Co, CA. The tight twisties along the coast has my rear end sliding out on many occasions and like my thumper, this suit has sustained very little damage in ten years of riding. A few scuff marks, one hole in the knee and a torn zipper is the only damage. These suits are lighter, stronger and breathe better than leather. Thanks again to you and your staff for the way you treat your customers and the fine products you produce.”
Dan Murphy

“Looked at Everything! I’ve had my Ultra II Cordura jacket and pant for over a year and 10K miles now. I’ve worn them almost daily for commuting and weekend rides, temperatures from 20F to 90F. The two part liner system is excellent for its versatility. I bought this gear because it seemed to be the most impact and abrasion resistant yet breathable. I’ve since seen alot of other gear, (Aerostitch, Joe Rocket, First Gear, etc.) and have yet to see any gear that can match Cycleport. I was riding with a friend recently when he hit a deer at 60mph, (the deer was completely cut in half.) His Firstgear Kilimanjaro (330 Denier) abraded completely through. (It was in tatters), and the shoulder and back patches were ripped off almost immediately judging from the abrfasion marks when the stitching failed. The sprayed on polyurethane melted. The Ulra II’s seams are clearly superior , (with pads on the inside where they can’t get ripped off), and I think the Ultra II’s shoulder and rib armor could have minimized his four cracked ribs, collasped lung, and broken collarbone. 1. Why have so few people ever heard of Cycleport? Aerostitch is also an internet only company, yet their name is better recongnized and their gear is inferior in my opinion. 2. I think Cycleport should seriously consider a high quality color, glossy, mailed catalog similar to Aerostitch. Even if it’s just pages from your website, mail it with orders and it will get passed around. My Aerostitch catalog has been well-read by me and others. As it is, people scratch “Cycleport” on a napkin when they ask about my gear. 3. Why do motorcycle shops carry so much crap gear, and no Cycleport? If you guys could get some of your gear in the shops for head-to-head comparisons, the safety and quality differenced would be obvious. I know guys who probably won’t even consider buying sight unseen from the web, let alone having to wait a few eeeks to get their gear made like I did. 4. A Google search for “best motorcycle gear” returns this link, with Cycleport represented only by a broken link to Motoport Australia! Thanks for listneing and keep making top quality gear. When I need new gear, you guys will be the first place I go.”
Mike Fuchs, CO

“TX State Chief MSF Instructor I have used Motoport/Cycleport products since 1993, and I can honestly say that they are all that was advetised and more. The quality, durability and comfort of the suit, boots and gloves have served very well, both when I ride and on the range when teaching MSF Safety Courses. Currently, there are approximately 4400 MSF-certified Instructors nation wide. Collectively, they train about 125,000 students annually. These people are normally very demanding when it comes to their riding gear. Those I know that have Motoport products are very pleased and are spreading the word. The new Ultra II suit I just purchased appears to be the product of extensive ressearch and development, and I expect to be as satisfied with it as I have been with the previous Motoport products I have used. Keep up the good work”
Fred Barney, MSF Chief Instructor

“Much Cooler Than My Joe Rocket I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Mesh Jacket and  Air Mesh Pant I got from you. I live in Central Florida where it has been unbelievably hot and humid. I had gone for a motorcycle ride one morning (early so it would be cooler) with my Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket on. It was still hot and humid! When I got home my new jacket from you had just arrived. I had to go over to a neighboring town to pick up some motorcycle parts so I decided to try it out. In the middle of the scorcher, my new jacket was actually cool!! SO much better than the Joe Rocket that it just doesn’t compare. It was not only cooler but lighter as well! I just can’t tell you how pleased I am with the jackets and pants. Perhaps the fact that I have ordered a set for my brother and my girlfriend says it all. Thanks so much for developing the safest product on the market which is also so amazingly comfortable!”
Chris Hughes

“The Best Protection One Could Ever Have We are so happy with the protective clothing you made for us. It is so comfortable and definitely made for all four seasons. The gear is a perfect fit for both of us. Since my husband bought his 1800 in 2002 we have been looking for the most protection we could get. We started out with Joe Rocket, then we heard First Gear was better and from there we found your line. I must say, I am only 4’10” and it is the first clothing I ever bought that fit, perfect!! My husband found your company on the internet, after talking with you on the phone we decided to have our protective clothing made that was in the winter of 05. Thank you so much for making our custom suits so perfect. We never ride the bike without our Air Mesh Jackets and Pants. We feel more protected than ever now becuase we feel we have the best protection one could ever have. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Very Satisfied Customers,”
Janice and James McDanell

“Crashed 2 Times, Still No Repairs Needed I have been riding 20 years and over 200k miles. I used to wear a leather jacket and jeans and freeze my ass off a good portion of the year on my commute. I bought a set of Ultra II  Pants and Jacket and have been more comfortable year round. I have now been in two accidents with it. One splitting lanes on the freeway at about 40mph.. A car changed lanes into me and knocked me down. I only had a bruised shoulder and ribs and the Ultra II gear was dusty. Not bad for a 40mph slide!!! then 3 months later, I get plowed into from behind while wiating at a light. Again, bruises and a beating, but no scrapes, cuts, roadrash and the gear survived as well. This gear is GREAT!! Saved my hide twice. No road rash, no holes worn through the gear!!! Thanks Motoport”
Dan Carrington, Los Angeles

“Great Service to Spain I just wanted to thank you guys for all the help with my new Ultra II  jacket and pant. Great customer service, particularly keeping me in the loop for all the shipping to Spain, etc.. The gear was fantastic for my recent trip to Norway. I left in 40*C temps, and by the time I was in the Arctic Circle occassionally riding in below 10*C and the gear was fantastic. Easy to get in and out of and the liners were a life saver when it got chily. No other gear necessary! And on my way into Oslo it poured for 6 hours on the highway. Rolled into Oslo, took off the gear, and was totally dry on the inside. I wish my gloves worked as well as your gear did!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for such a great product and a pleasant purchasing experience.”
Brian Sharp (In Spain)

“Temp Claims You Make Are Accurate I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how satisfied I am with the Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket and liner. I am very pleased by the quality and attention to detail. The size is right and I’m really impressed that the temperature guide you provide on the web site with respect to the liners is so accurate. The jacket arrived on Saturday and the temperature has ranged from 35 to 75f. since then. I have already had the opportunity to try the jacket with nothing underneath, one and two liners together. I’ve been perfectly comfortable. Nice job. Thanks also for the Polar AX Gloves. They are a welcome addition. I’m eagerly awaiting the pants. Thanks again.”
Mike Blanchard, Muskego, WI

“Mark Bleeker Crash I’ve owned a Motoport Ultra II Air Mesh Jacket for a few months now. I recently received a set of their Air Mesh  Pants. Both the pant and jacket are comfortable in an incredibly wide range of temps. I ride in temperatures that range from the high 30s (in the mornings,) to the high 90s and beyond – sometimes in the same day. I use a fleece liner to keep me warm in the cold, but I am comfortable through the full range of temps I experience. I ride an 06 Suzuki DL650 VStrom. I was recently in a low-speed collision, which resulted in my bike and I sliding down the highway slab together. The damage to my non-Motoport boots, gloves and pants will require replacing them. My Motoport Jacket not only prevented *any* road rash, I feel that I was lucky to have escaped with only bruised ribs. The jacket received some cosmetic damage, but Wayne said that it doesn’t even require repair. The gear feels like it’s the “real deal” and my limited practical experience with it indicates that it works as well as advertised. Though I really don’t want to test it any further.”
Mark B

“My Three Month Review As promised, here is my three month review of my Motoport Ultra II Pants. Things I don’t like: Velcro closures on the legs curls into the inner mesh lining. I don’t think it does any damage to the mesh, but is is certainly annoying to have to un-stick the closures to zip up the pants. It’d be great if there was some non-stick material right by the zipper. There is a gap in the right leg Velcro closures that allow water to flow through to your pants. The gap is right near the crotch so if you’re not wearing the inner lining when it starts to rain, your’re gonna look funny when you pull off the . Either keeping the Velcro in place through that part of the pants or maybe a small strip of neoprene to keep water out of short durations would be nice. No pull up loops. I hate tugging on the stretch fabric at the waist. I know it’ll last, but I still would like to have something more substantial to help pull them up. Loops like these would also be great for hanging the pants to dry out or re-sppray with 303. Things I like: Everything else. Seams – beautifully stitched. Zippers – Huge, sturdy, work great. Belt – sturdy, flat, easy on/off. Belt flap – Nice touch. You can tell these pants were made by people who ride and hate scratching the gas tank. Love the embroidery – sweet little design! Pocket access – what a great design touch. I can wear my and still get to my regular pockets. Outer pockets – you could carry a weekend wardrobe in these things! Love ’em. Inner lining – soft. I wore the over shorts on a particularly hot day and the inner lining was incredibly comfortable – no chafing. Lower leg size adjusters – another nice touch that allow you to snug the lower pant area down to fit your boots. Armor – light weight and sits right where it should – I guess that could be the custom fit you provide as part of the order service and it’s nice to know that the pads sit in the right spots. Fabric – I love the way the material sheds water. We have had one very wet spring/summer here in NH and the pants, with the inner liner, have kept me very dry. Fabric – it breaths! The comparison to leather is incredible. If I stop in the sun, my legs stay cool while my leather clad arms are instantly hot. You Wayne – wow, what a difference it makes to work with the person involved with the manufacture of the product. You know riding, you know protection, you provide great advice and excellent customer service – Thanks! On balance, these pants are simply wonderful. I’ll be ordering up a jacket soon so I can ditch the leather completely.”
Doug-n-Donna Finner

“Crashing at 130 MPH!!!!! Hello Wayne: Ever since my motorcycle accident earlier this year -January 2006, I intended to write you and tell you about my experience and convey my gratitude for the gear that you encouraged to purchase. Three years ago when I began looking for motorcycle protective gear, my research led me to contact Cycleport. Like many riders, I planned to probably buy “Joe’s” mass market gear. Thankfully, after the education that you provided, I purchased an Ultra II  pant, GP-2 pant and GP-2 jacket. I also purchased a leather jacket too -not from your guys. My friends thought I was a little nuts to spend so much money on protective gear. After my accident, everyone said you’re so lucky that you bought that gear. The cops, firemen and paramedics at the accident scene all wanted to inspect my gear. They believed that I should have died. The Accident: Around 11 AM on a beautiful January afternoon in Colorado, on way to lunch with some friends, I turned my bike to enter the interstate. As I accelerated up the on-ramp to the highway, I felt the urge to “open it up” a bit. Well, once I merged onto the highway, I accelerated to the left lane where to my surprise -save a semi in the center lane, I saw no vehicles until past my intended highway exit -two exits from where I entered the highway. No vehicles for the next mile and a half!! Well, still feeling spirited, I lay my chest on my bikes gas tank, wound the throttle as far as it would go, shifted to fifth and glided. As I approached the semi in the center lane, I glanced at the speedometer. It read just over 130 mph. Passing the semi, I noticed another vehicle in the right lane traveling the same speed as the semi. A police car!! Knowing that I would never slow in time before passing the police car, I intended to break enough to perhaps pass it at 90-100 mph and perhaps when he recognized the situation, I may have slowed to 65 mph. Well, I don’t remember touching the brake lever -just the intention to brake. My thought finds me tumbling down the highway. A very surreal experience. Everything slowed down. I clearly remember my thoughts. First thought: Oh crap! I may die. As roll, I see the sky. Next thought: What a beautiful day! -Yes, really that’s what I thought! Roll again and see the sky. Next thought: It is a beautiful day! Roll again. Next thought: No, I will not die. I’ll be okay. So, I relax and just go along for the ride. Once I stop tumbling, wary about the semi in the center lane, I stand and immediately run to the median. I reach into the side pocket of Ultra II pant and takeout my cell phone. Miraculously, only the antenna suffered any damage. BTW, my wallet -in the other side suffered minor damage as well. I still use both today. Next, I look for my bike and “holy smokes!!!” I see my bike a very long ways down the highway. The police investigator who arrived later estimated that my bike slid over 1100 feet – miraculously on one side without tumbling. All the witnesses of the accident approach me in stupefied disbelief that (1) I’m up and walking, (2) I’m calm and coherent and (3) that I’m not dead! BTW, the police investigator accurately calculated my speed at a “conservative” 130 mph. They ticketed me with enough points to lose my license, but fortunately, the district attorney reduced the points enough to keep my license. I do not feel proud about this accident. No bravado here. Pretty dumb and very lucky. The cop who I tried to avoid never saw the accident and just continued down the highway. Within a few minutes, six police cars, two fire trucks, and two ambulances and of course two tow trucks arrive. I called a friend to collect me. The cops ask me to sit on the highway until the ambulances arrive. I did briefly, but I insisted that I felt fine. The ambulance arrived removed all my gear and found only quarter size road rash on my wrist. They attempt to take me to the hospital. I refused. I insisted that I felt fine. One of the paramedic called a doctor to try to force the issue. The doctor instructed them them to test my mental condition. I passed with flying colors. They even asked me what international leader recently suffered a stroke – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon. Afterwards, the other paramedic admitted that he did not know the answer to half the questions. Everyone at the scene believed that my gear saved my life. My helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots. Here’s link to an online photo album that I created from pictures of my accident. If you want any full-size images, please inform me. My pants: Prior to my accident, I held some skepticism about the effectiveness of the seemingly thin tri-armor and fabric. Well, I am a huge fan. I know that my knee slammed on the asphalt with tremendous force. In the pictures, you can see this. Yet, I suffered little to know bruising. In fact, the next day, I awoke and went to the gym and exercised. My shoulder did feel sore for several days. The fact that I unhesitatingly replaced my Ultra II pant with another one and added the  Jeans proves my commitment to your gear. Though I did not wear my GP-2 jacket on the day of my accident, now I feel extremely confident whenever I wear it. BTW, I love my  Jeans. Great recommendation. I wear it much more than my Ultra II pant. I cannot imagine how much in hospital bills that my gear saved me. To anyone considering buying some “ballistic” material that’s covered with polyurethane: My advice: Don’t do it!! Spend the money!! Buy good gear!! Though I believe in Cycleport’s gear and will likely not stray, you don’t have to buy Cycleport, just by good gear. Good gear costs more, but it’s worth it. How much did avoiding the ambulance ride to the ER save me? BTW, I still arrived timely for lunch with my friends. Wayne: Thanks for all your recommendations. I feel very fortunate that I listened. In many ways, I did die that day. Ever since my accident, I value each moment more than ever. I live life with uncompromising joy! On that day, I thanked God/Universe for granting me my life and promised her that I would not waste it. In the seven months since my accident, my life has been and is absolutely perfect! I pursue my dreams with abandon and I succeed!!! I treasure riding more than ever. Life’s short. Live it!!! “The function of man is to live, not to exist.” — Jack London –”
Damytzeus, Denver, CO

“5 Serious Crashes Since 1994 I bought my first motorcycle in 1980 along with a LTD 1000 Kawasaki, when I was 24 years old. I bought my first leather jacket, helmet and gloves. I’m a commercial roofer so I must drive to the job sites. I put 30,000 or more miles on my motorcycle every year since 1980. In 1994 I got a catalog in the mail from Motoport. I know what  was used for, (bullet proof vests,) but nothing else about the material at all. I drove 70 miles to Motoport where they told me their suit was 5 times stronger than leather and machine washable, so I bought it for under $1,100.00. I continued to wear my motoport suit every day, rain or shine for two years. In the summer I would only wear the jacket. One morning on the way to work, I had my first crash. I was going 90 mph on the 405 north by LAX, (Los Angeles Airport). I went off on the 105 E ramp still travelling at 90 plus. I ran over a large section of someone’s FLAT tire. I was leaning in a curve when I drove over the rubber with my front tire. It was still dark outside and I didn’t have on my  pants, only my  jacket. The front tire of my bike kicked out to the side and flipped me over on my left side before I even touched my brakes. It was 5am on a Sunday, there was no other traffic around me. I stayed on the bike, one leg under and slid across two lanes. Then I let go of the bike and tumbled another 50 feet or so. Becuase I had only blue jeans and tennis shoes on, my legs and feet were ripped apart. Road rash from my thighs to my toes. Four weeks of Bleach Baths and Scrub Brushes, truely the most painfull experience of my life, so far. My hands and wrists also received some road rash because I had “shorty” gloves on. (half fingers no wrists) My  jacket kept my upper body completely safe and uninjured. Even my hip bones were protected by the long waist of my jacket. My only injury under the was my nylon wind breaker that I wore under my jacket was melted to my elbow. Sliding on the road caused so much heat. The jacket transfered the heat so well that I got a 2 inch rug burn on my elbow but my suit never went away. I had minor damage to left sleeve, which spent the most time slidding on the road. All the damage was just surface marks. The jacket material, seams and zippers all were undamaged. I replaced one sleeve at Motoport for $60.00. Seeing and feeling the difference between r on my upper body and NO  on my lower body, I will never ride without my . About 8 months after that came crash #2. I was on the freeway in the morning traffic. All lanes were full and traveling at about 35 to 40 mph. I was lane splitting at aobut 50 mph or so when my back tire locked up, due to mechanical failure. I was ejected from my bike at about 25 or 30 mph and landed on the Freeway. Tumbled a few times and got to my feet. Because I was in my suit I was completely uninjured. Also my suit didn’t have a mark on it. Two years went by before crash #3. This time I was traveling on a city street in lane #2, away from the curb, when a car pulled from being parked against the curb to the center left hand turn lane. The car went 3 lanes over and cut me off without ever seeing me. I put the bike down on its side and went for another brief tumble without hitting the car. I broke all the foot pegs off one side of my ZX-II. Due to wearing the suit I was not injured at all, nor was my  suit damaged in any way. Three years pass before Crash #4 happens. I’m on the Freeway going to work in the morning before day light. I’m in the car pool lane doing 75mph. I can see that there are 3 or 4 cars in front of me that I’m following. The pack of cars, that I’m in the middle of, comes around a corner and crashes into a broken down car in the car pool lane with no lights on. On my ZX-II with my suit on, I’m the fifth vehicle of a twelve car pile-up. The first four vehicles crash in front of me. The vehicle directly in front of me is a One Ton Stake Bed Pickup with a cement mixer in the back of the truck, side gates on the sides, but open bed in the back. My ZX-II went under the truck, I went over the bars through the wind screen into the back of the One Ton Pick up. I flew into the cement mixer with my right shoulder and arm, bounced off and was pitched off the pick up to the pavement on my face and chest. While laying face down wedged between the pick up and the concrete divider wall I could see headlights reflecting off the pavement from the other cars heading into the crash at Freeway speed. So, I threw myself up from the ground over the concrete divider wall landing on my face and chest again on the on-coming side of the Freeway. I got up hugged the divider wall in fear of the traffic on the other side hitting me. I peeked over the wall and watched 5 more cars and 2 motorcycles hit the first 5 vehicles at well over 60 mph. There were 12 vehicles total, 2 pickup trucks, 7 cars and 3 motorcycles. One person went to the hospital from the pick up, two went from cars, both of the other two motorcycle riders went to the hospital with very bad injuries. There I was standing, without one scratch or mark on me. I couldn’t believe it!! It was like the scene from Pulp Fiction when Travolta and Sam Jackson get suprised by the kid in the bathroom. The kid empties his 9 mil and every bullet misses. I JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE I WAS OK. This time the  suit did have some minor damage. There was a lot of sharp objects that I hit when I went into the back of the truck that marked the suit. Still all the damage was on the outside of the suit. Nothing let go or gave-out. This crash was all impact, no sliding. I was very happy with the performance of my suit. I sent the jacket only to Motoport and they added another layer of material to one sleeve, a piece across the shoulders and one on the chest area where it meets the shoulders. One other piece where the chest meets the shoulder in the front. Less than $100 for these repairs. September 20th 2006 crash #5. On the freeway all lanes are full. I’m lane splitting on the double yellow car pool lines between the car pool lane and the fast lane. I’m doing 45, traffic is doing 20 mph. A PT Cruiser crosses the double yellow one car in front of me. I hit the car with my left side of the bike. My leg between the car and bike, bounce off, hit the car in the fast lane with my right side also with my leg between the bike and car. Then, back to the left and crash in front of the first car I hit. With a short slide/spin on my left side, with my leg under the bike. Three impacts and one slide. I walked away again! I was limping but walking. Both of my calfs were brused from being smashed betwen the cars. After all it is only a suit not a steel cage. So at this point here’s my total: 5 crashes 3 totaled bikes; 2-ZX-II, 1-GPZ 750 In the twelve years I’ve owned one  suit. I’ve only sent it in for repairs twice, for less than $160.00 total. I have over 400,000 miles on this suit. My only injury that required a trip to the hospital was when I crashed not wearing the pant. On December 9th 2006, I went to now Cycleport. (The same company as Motoport.) I rode there still wearing my  jacket and pant. I purchased a new  jacket and pant and never asked how much it would cost… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!! I will never ride without my Cycleport Suit.

Thank You Cycleport,


“Lee Papayoti Crash I just wanted to pass on a good word about the Cycleport Mesh gear and the Tri-Armor. I recently took a bad fall, trying to avoid a car that was reversing up a hill. I and 3 other riders crested a hill with a blind crest at about 60mph to find a car in our lane!! According to my fellow riders, I probably scrubbed off speed to about 30mph, but lost control of the bike and fell backwards off of it. I hit the ground hard enough to suffer a concussion – my helmet even cracked at the back. I also slid and rolled some distance. But I had no other injuries other than the concussion – no bruises, nothing. Apart from some scuffs on the back of the jacket, the Cycleport  Mesh gear was fine. The pants had almost no marks on them, the jacket had marks and scuffs mostly on the back and some on the sleeves but was still structurally sound and useable. I have little doubt that the  Mesh gear and Tri-Armor helped limit my inuuries to just a concussion. Thanks”
Lee Papayoti

“Big Improvement Over Aerostich I had worn a Aerostich two peice suit for over 150k miles. I had planned on getting another Stich until I talked with a fellow rider who had a Cycleport suit. Well I made a ride to your location and wound up ordering a Ultra II Air Mesh  Jacket and pants with Liners. After making a 10k ride I must report that your suit outperforms the Stich in all types of weather. I rode in temps from 35f to 108f. Rode in rain, hail and a dusting of snow. Thanks for making a great product and being so easy to deal with.”
Patrick O’Hara

“Riding in Australia Hi, Thought you may like some feedback from Australia. I live in a sub-tropical region of Australia where humidity makes riding in traditional leather motorcycle gear very unpleasant. After scouring all of the Motorcycle shops locally and online I came to the conclusion that sweating it out in leather was to be something I had to put up with. I could not believe the flimsy mesh and textile “warm weather” clothing being sold would fool anyone into thinking their skin was protected. I finally found what I was looking for with Motoport. Protective clothing that could be worn in the hottest weather and would offer decent protection in the case of a spill. After getting over the initial hurdle of ordering (let’s not mention the website!) and waiting for my gear to be made, I have never regretted the cost or the purchase. Quite simply, the Ultra II Air Mesh  Jacket/Pant is the only riding clothing you will ever need to purchase. In 35 degrees Celsius weather I can be assured that the airflow through my jacket and pants will keep me as comfortable and cool as possible. I would even say that I am cooled that riding in shorts and tshirt. With the removable gortex liners in place I know that I am waterproof as I ever need to be. Even more impressive is that with the liners in place have comfortably ridden in subzero (Celsius) temperatures. It was numb fingers that were the weakest link in that adventure! I am both a convert and an evangelist for your riding gear. I will never recommend any other textile gear. Regards Paul Osborne”
Paul Osborne

“Another Girl Happy With Her GP-2  Jacket Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my order (a month ago) and I’m very pleased with it. The fit is good and it’s more lightweight than I had expected for the protection offered. A few people who have seen the jacket love the styling and color (yellow/black) and they were the skeptics when I’d decided to order from a company they’d not heard of before. I saw several reviews of your product on line while I was researching prior to my purchase. Most of them seemed to comment on the price and the wait time. I have to tell you that the price is well worth the cutting down the risk of injury to my body. And the wait time? I ordered in December thinking that I would have the gear in time for spring riding – and I received it 3-4 weeks later! I’d say that’s pretty incredible lead time considering you had to cusomize my order for me. Thank you for all your time and help. I am unsure who else I spoke to with your company, it may have only been Christie, but you were all wonderful and very helpful. When I got my measurements messed up you could have just said ‘oh well’ and made it anyway, but instead you followed up with me to find out how I came up with those numbers. Thank you!! The snow and ice is trying to melt and I hope to be out on the road soon. Thank you again and I look forward to doing future business with you. (As well as sending as many other riders as possible your way.)”
Cindy Lapp

“Robert Freemans Crash Hi Wayne, You probably don’t remember me, but I bought an air mesh jacket and pants outfit last year. I’m writing because unfortunately I had a bad accident but your gear really saved my ass, so I wanted to thank you. I lost control in a turn at 60 mph and went into a ditch. I ended up flying through a barb wire fence and rolling over rocks and gravel. I broke my collarbone and had a hairline fracture in my forearm, but other than that there wasn’t a scratch on me. The cops said someone crashed there a week before I did and lost all the skin on one side of his body. My initial point of impact was my knee — it didn’t even hurt, but without the armor I have no doubt it would’ve been broken bad. I may have broken my elbow too judging by the wear on the suit. My poor bike was smashed up, so I’m utterly amazed that I wasn’t. Thank you so much for designing this gear. It really saved me from a whole lot of pain. Regards, Robert Freeman”
Robert Freeman

Julia Bryer’s Ultra II  apparel. 950 miles on the gear this weekend. 😀 It was super comfortable. Those pants are the most comfortable motorcycling gear that I have ever worn. I LOVE them. The jacket is great too. They zip together really easily and don’t pull at the back or front of my neck when they are attached. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the gear. It fits very well. I am happy to write up an evaluation and discuss specifics with you. I am also happy to give recommendations to other riders. Also, I wanted to thank you for changing out the pocket and collar details with hi-viz instead of black. I definitely like the way that looks. I also wanted to thank you for rushing them to me. I can tell that they are made with enormous care for the details, even though you made them so quickly. I actually did not have any pants that fit me correctly for this trip. I would have had all sorts of rub marks on my knees from the crappy pants that I would have had to wear, if you had not sent these to me on Thursday. I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much. Julia Bryer”
Julia Bryer

“Giselle’s Air Mesh  Pant Hi, Wayne, Thanks for checking on me. (Another gold star for you.) I received the package when I got home tonight. I was worried that FedEx was going to require a signature and I wouldn’t be there to sign. I was very happy to see the package. I am very impressed. I am glad to write a testimonial for the quality of customer service and workmanship of the products you sell. I hear what you are saying about the  stiffness. They sure are roomy and will be much more comfortable than my old motoports. I can’t thank you enough for your extra time and effort in helping me choose which pant would suit me best and taking care of me through the stressful process of the searching your stock, manufacturing the new pant and having full communication with me throughout the whole process. I have never seen better service and I won’t forget it. I will be back for a jacket next year or maybe sooner. All my friends (and those on my listserves) will hear of your business practice and quality products. I’m am not just saying this stuff, either. Some people say I expect too much and that I am often disappointed. I am just a number to Dennis Kirk or JC Whitney or even New Enough. You told me you remember my sale from a few years ago and that makes me feel special. If I were closer to California, I would ask you for a job because I would want to be part of a successful business like yours. I am not sure what more my formal testimonial will say — I ended up writing it all above. Now it’s getting late and I need to pack for tomorrow’s departure. Regards, Giselle”

“Best Mesh Apparel on the Ducati Web Site motoport/cycleport  I’m not going to turn this into a rant, (i hope) and my intention is not to claim that motoport is better than leather. But I did a lot of my own research, and talked to a couple of gear manufacturers, and I too learned about abrasion resistance, impact protection, and also a lesser known but still very important factor of seam-strength. Most track/race leather suits only provide seam strength for the the amount of pressure it takes for an average rider to fall from ride-height to the ground. Why? because on a track, there is a lot less concern for hitting things. most racers slide off the track, maybe into an air fence or whatever, but their main concern is abrasion resistance. So if you get hit by a car going 30 or 40, and *then* hit the road, maybe bounce off a sign on your way down (don’t ask me how I know this, it was very painful), you’d better hope your gear has good seams, and that it hasn’t busted before you hit the ground, in addition to the good abrasion-resistance and good impact protection. Most gear manufacturers have very poor seam strength ratings. (but because they compare to race leathers, where seams aren’t as much of an issue….it is just a different environment than road riding, with different concerns and areas of focus) Another thing: beware of hard armor. It has poorer absorbtion, and tends to distribute force instead. That means more of the initial impact force will eventually wind up being transferred to your body. Dual, or better yet tri-layered soft “armor” is actually better at absorbing force. motoport.com —  suits direct from the manufacturer, so low markup rates. Custom fit is available, althought lead time is high for that. I got a tour from the owner, and he did educate me about alot of this stuff. (hence my bias, which I am not trying to hide) Their seams are rated the highest in the industry, if i remember right it is a 5-way (five separated threads) lock-stitched on all seams. i got the ultra air mesh, jacket and pants, (overgear, zips together to make a VERY comfortable suit) and I have worn it every day for the past year (commute 4-5x/week, occassional weekend rides too) and it is Fantastic. I wore it to laughlin a month ago — it was over 100 degrees going across the desert, and it has a coarse enough weave that when you’re moving, you don’t feel like you’re wearing a jacket at all. But you still feel like you’re wearing a suit of armor. And I had shorts on underneath. And btw, they don’t use *any* coatings of any kind, so the melting issue is virtually a non-issue. (you’d have to be going track-straightaway speeds to get this stuff to break down due to heat, and even then…) Speaking of track speeds, they do make a GP-certified suit as well. I got mine with all the liners (2 in the jacket, one for the pants) for just over $1k. If you think that cost is high, then disregard this entire post. For me, I don’t care what gear costs. I can’t believe I rode in jeans for over 15 years — what, did i just not care about my legs? Nowadays I just want the best protection I can get. if you can’t tell by now, I highly recommend it. their web site is completely hideous, but don’t let that fool you. It does contain good info if you feel like reading small italic text. (yuck) Anyway, YMMV — there is no evidence to say that is “better” at protecting you than leather. I am just trying to point out that there are other issues that are equally important, and you could have the best leather, but the poorest construction, and then where would you be?”
Scott Finkel

“Good Bye To Another Roadcrafter Wayne, I wanted to send you a note relating to the Ultra II Air Mesh CyclePort suit I recently received. First, I was impressed that it arrived well before the estimated time. Great service! Second, the build quality was significantly superior to the RoadCrafter suit. No question there. Third, after using it to ride to work this morning, it works better than I ever imagined. It feels like I was riding in the jeans and shirt I was wearing under the suit alone. The suit barely seems to reduce airflow at all. I was incredibly comfortable and gave amazing freedom of movement compared to the roadcrafter. As someone who has owned both your product and the Aerostich Roadcrafter, I have to say the Aerostich is now going to one of my riding buddies. I see no need to keep it. It’s hotter, not as well made, feels bulkier, and is more restrictive. All in all, I am EXTREMELY impressed with the suit, the service, and the culture you have created at CyclePort. If you ever have a customer who is choosing between the two offerings, feel free to pass my contact info on. I’m happy to set them straight J. Karsten.”
Karsten Voermann

“I’VE WORN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING, THIS IS THE BEST Quite simply, the most versitle and protective gear you can get. The armor is first rate and more coverage than most. I reviewed this when in CA and now can let you know it works in TN also (hey, Deal’s Gap is a trip). It’s the best I own (and I own a lot), and I got my wife a set. Thanks again to Wayne and crew for working on a custom design for her as he did with me. Quite simply, the most versitle and protective gear you can get. The armor is first rate and more coverage than most. I reviewed this when in CA and now can let you know it works in TN also (hey, Deal’s Gap is a trip). It’s the best I own (and I own a lot), and I got my wife a set. Thanks again to Wayne and crew for working on a custom design for her as he did with me. Product weaknesses: There are basically none, other than the high cost (the bast costs and this is comperable to reace leathers). I think that most would like to see and try it on first before making the big commitment. I was lucky to be able to go to the store before Wayne closed it. After trying it on, I was sold. Most others would not commit without comparison shopping. Overall Opinion: To give a sense of how veitle this gear is, we took it on our recent month long tour (Rt. 66 and back) which encompassed 7000 miles and a lot of weather and temperature variations. Yes, we did “Frogg Toogs” for the five days of rain, but the GP-1 jacket and police pants worked great. From the 100+ temps of Death Valley, to the low 50’s of Monarch Pass, we rode in this gear for 27 of 30 days and it was simply fantastic!!! We washed it when we got home (do that with leathers) and it is going on our Alps tour in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of options out there, but if you want the best, this is it. Oh, by the way, I also have the mesh jacket and have been using it in our 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity…works great Product weaknesses: There are basically none, other than the high cost (the bast costs and this is comperable to reace leathers). I think that most would like to see and try it on first before making the big commitment. I was lucky to be able to go to the store before Wayne closed it. After trying it on, I was sold. Most others would not commit without comparison shopping. Overall Opinion: To give a sense of how veitle this gear is, we took it on our recent month long tour (Rt. 66 and back) which encompassed 7000 miles and a lot of weather and temperature variations. Yes, we did “Frogg Toogs” for the five days of rain, but the GP-1 jacket and police pants worked great. From the 100+ temps of Death Valley, to the low 50’s of Monarch Pass, we rode in this gear for 27 of 30 days and it was simply fantastic!!! We washed it when we got home (do that with leathers) and it is going on our Alps tour in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of options out there, but if you want the best, this is it. Oh, by the way, I also have the mesh jacket and have been using it in our 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity…works great Quite simply, the most versitle and protective gear you can get. The armor is first rate and more coverage than most. I reviewed this when in CA and now can let you know it works in TN also (hey, Deal’s Gap is a trip). It’s the best I own (and I own a lot), and I got my wife a set. Thanks again to Wayne and crew for working on a custom design for her as he did with me. Product weaknesses: There are basically none, other than the high cost (the bast costs and this is comperable to reace leathers). I think that most would like to see and try it on first before making the big commitment. I was lucky to be able to go to the store before Wayne closed it. After trying it on, I was sold. Most others would not commit without comparison shopping. Overall Opinion: To give a sense of how veitle this gear is, we took it on our recent month long tour (Rt. 66 and back) which encompassed 7000 miles and a lot of weather and temperature variations. Yes, we did “Frogg Toogs” for the five days of rain, but the GP-1 jacket and police pants worked great. From the 100+ temps of Death Valley, to the low 50’s of Monarch Pass, we rode in this gear for 27 of 30 days and it was simply fantastic!!! We washed it when we got home (do that with leathers) and it is going on our Alps tour in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of options out there, but if you want the best, this is it. Oh, by the way, I also have the mesh jacket and have been using it in our 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity…works great”
Roy Moore

“The Police Pant Really Works Beyond a doubt the most versitle set of riding gear we own. I have been using the GP-2 jacket and pants for some time now, but decided to get the Police Pants for touring at the same time that I got a jacket and pants set for my wife. First off, I again give “props” to Wayne and crew for working with us to cutomize the jacket. The pants we “right out of the box” and fit great. Shortly after getting them, we took off for a month long RT. 66 tour to Santa Monica and back. We did 7000 miles, were in the saddle 27 of 30 days, and the GP-2 jacket and Policw pants never let us down! Other than using rain gear (for 5 days running) we never needed anything elese. From the 100+ degree days in Death Valey, to the low 50’s at the top of Monarch Pass, this gear did it all. We are now taking it for the Alps tour in a couple of weeks. Product weaknesses: Think that the reflective stripes should be optional. I asked that they be deleated, but they came anyway. Wife likes them, I don’t…guess who wins!. Overall Opinion: This gear represents the best in what is out there. It is expensive, but what are you and your body worth? I have a closet full of gear, from Aerostich (just as expensive) to race leathes, Belstaff, etc. Guess what gets used the most? There is a lot of competition out there now, but if you can afford the best, check this out. Wayne’s problem is that at these prices, most people want to see it first. I was luckey to go to the store before he closed it and see the gear. I bought it, I love it, and I got it for the wife. But a lot of people are not going to spend the “big bucks” without being able to try it on. That’s too bad, both for them and Wayne. This gear is top notch. Value:”
Roy Moore

“I’M THROWING AWAY ALL MY OTHER GEAR Mr. Boyer, BEYOND all expectations! Your air mesh is just incredible. It’s everything I’ve been looking for the last decade in a warm weather jacket. Nothing with ‘air’ vents, perforated leather, or gore tex, even comes close. I outta know, I’ve given them all a try. I had always wondered about your line since the days of Diffi. I wish I had taken the step forward and tried your company decades ago. I can literally throw away my old collection of various jackets now.”
Glen Sueda

“PEOPLE SAY I LOOK LIKE BIG BIRD Hi, Wayne Have used your Ultra-Trek suit for two solid weeks commuting and wanted to get back. Every part works great, solid zippers, fantastic fit/quality workmanship, very comfortable and I feel very protected in the amount/placement of the armour and the Hi-Vis yellow. People kid me about looking like Big Bird and call it my chicken suit, but they see me….and all that matters to me is conspicuity. Really welcomed the amount of storage in the pockets, my maps (old school) and Ipod, keys, sunglasses and sandwich all have easily accessible homes and to be able to wear office clothes and zip this suit on/off like coveralls is the best. I’m flying to CA to pick up another bike, then meandering back east through NV, CO, UT, WY, SD, MN, WI and CAN in eleven days, so it will get a real workout. Totally happy with your product/service Dave Wittmer R1200CLC Pennsylvania”
Dave Wittmer

“Happy Customer From Englad Hi Wayne, My Dad received the Ultra II Suit – he had to pay customs and VAT over £150! – but he is really pleased with them. The fit is fantastic and this is the best suit he has ever purchased. He says it is brilliant. Thankyou very much for your help Wayne – it’s very much appreciated. Regards Donna”
Donna Cartridge

“IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER! Hi Wayne, I been breaking in my Ultra II mesh suit every chance I get and continue to be extremely impressed. It flows air better than I initially thought and is at least as good in that regard as my other mesh clothes except for the front of the legs where the air flow is pretty much blocked by your heavy duty thigh and knee armor. I consider that to be a pretty good tradeoff, especially when I have been reading about all the thigh and knee injuries the local riders manage to inflict on themselves. It looks like my Roadcrafter, Tecknic, Firstgear, and Fieldsheer jackets and pants are pretty much obsolete at this point. I could have saved a lot of money by buying your gear a couple of years ago instead of going on a buying spree — and probably would have — if I only could have seen it somewhere. I can honestly say that before Park City, I had never seen a Ultra II jacket or pants. I have read about them on the Internet for several years but had never met anyone wearing either. Maybe we are way behind the times here in Eastern Washington/Oregon but I am finding that very few motorcycle riders or dealers in this area are even aware of Cycleport which I would like to change a bit if I can. I thought your “tear test” challenge was very impressive and would like to offer the same test to other riders that are admiring my Cycleport gear. If you could send me a sample of both the stretch and mesh that I could carry with me maybe I could make a few sales for you or at least make my fellow riders aware of the options that are available — and if you want to send me a XL stretch suit to show off to the sport bike riders that would be even better :-)) Actually, I am so impressed with your products that I intend to buy a stretch suit as soon as I win the lottery but until then I will just put it on my wish list as something I really don’t need but would be very cool to have hanging in my closet. Thanks,”
Steve Abernethy

“DEER RUINS THE LAST PART OF A LONG TRIP I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Air mesh  pants and jacket. I hit a deer with my Goldwing at 45 MPH and went down. My gloves,boots and helmet are destroyed my suit is scuffed a little. The bike is missing the front fender and the crash bars on the right side have holes ground in them. I rode the bike from the crash site to a motel, Then rode it 400 miles home the next day I am sure that without the protective gear from Motorport I would be in a hospital 400 miles from home This was on the final days of a trip that took me from 31 degrees at the top of Mt Evans to 110 degrees in Arizona. If you wet your cloths under the air mesh suit you can ride in 110 degree heat and be cool. And a liner when it is cold will keep you warm. Ken”
Ken Kanarr

“SO BRIGHT IT HURTS MY EYES!! Hi Wayne, Just had to add my 4 cents worth (with inflation) about your amazing GP2 jacket. I was involved in a bad collision last night, and got only a broken wrist. Other than that (and some minor road rash on my other wrist where my glove peeled back), there wasn’t a scratch on me. The bike is a total loss. The paramedics examined my jacket almost as much as they examined my wrist, and they were very impressed (with the jacket – not my wrist). They attributed my good fortune to my gear, and said they wished more people would wear your products. I got the high visibility yellow, and have noticed that I’m having significantly fewer “close calls” (except for the lady last night, who must have been legally blind). It really makes a difference. The yellow is so bright that it almost hurts my eyes, and that’s exactly why I got it. I hang it on the back of a kitchen chair, and we rarely turn on the lights in that room anymore. When I take my jacket camping, we leave our flashlights home. You get the idea… Thanks for such a great product. I got it because it’s the best jacket you can buy, and I’m very glad I did. Tom”
Tom Chambers

“Works Great in Florida Heat Well thanks to Ron K. Miller’s info from ride2die.com , I decided my Olympia riding pants may result in a cooked butt. So, after researching all my options (‘Stitch and Cycleport) I chose the Cycleport stretch pants. I called the company and they gladly sent me fabric samples and after a followup call with Wayne Boyer, he sent me an email with other links to various articles and the more I read the more I realized my ass was on the line. I followed the directions for measurements and called Wayne to order my pants on Thursday 9/6. My pants and liner were custom made in California and shipped the following Tuesday and I received them Saturday! I chose black as I have found that light colors are hard for me to keep clean. I understand that the material doesn’t absorb or conduct heat and therefore will not be hot in any color. At first I thought, “man these are going to be hot and heavy” but, after putting them on (and it takes some time for the armor to form to your body) I went for a ride on my Harley. I wanted to ride something hot, hot on a hot, hot day! It was 92 out. As I was leaving I thought “why am I not sweating?” I always sweat as I put on ATGATT and get the bike out of the garage and can usually feel the sweat run down my legs. As I started riding, I found the comfort zone scarey. These pants are too cool and light weight to protect me! No sweating and great air flow. I’m not sure I’ll ever need the liner in Florida, but will up north for winter I’m sure I will. They are waterproof and easy to get on and off and because they are stretch, you can wear them over jeans or street clothes. The right leg zips from waist to ground and visa versa with a two way zipper. The left leg zips from ground to your knee. The zippers are heavy duty waterproof with Velcro flaps and are on the inside of the leg so they are not exposed to weather or the road in the event of a crash. The fabric won’t scratch your bike either. There is an adjustable Velcro cuff on the lower leg to improve fit. Among other cool features are access zippers, with flaps to allow access to your pants pockets and a belt with cover that snaps over it and looks cool. During an afternoon shower, water beaded up and blew off. These pants are cooler than jeans and Cordura. I’ve tried them all, so I can say that. I honestly felt like I was wearing shorts! My friends that have the Aerostitch (3 different people) have all said that their ‘stiches are too hot for summer riding in Florida. Needless to say, I’m ordering the jacket now. They aren’t cheap, but neither is skin! If you are looking for some cheap riding pants, send me a post as I’m selling my Fieldsheer and Olympia’s. (38 inch waist 35 inseam) From now on, I’m sporting Cycleport!. I’ll post pictures later. __________________ Craig 2000 K1200LTC “Little Tipper” 2001 Harley Softail Deuce “Big Bore” BMWMOA #113448″
Craig from Miami Florida

“Another Happy Girl Hi there 🙂 I just wanted to pass on to you that I am VERY, VERY happy with my new jacket and pants that my husband gave me for my birthday. He wanted me to be as protected as he was. He first purchased the jacket and loved so much that he then decided to get us both a pair of riding pants and a jacket for me. I have never been happier! They have “stretchability” to them and that alone made them very special let alone the safety factor. We have also stayed very dry with the liners. We have since passed on the website info and because we wear this all the time, we have had people ask us about your products. So we are hoping to pass on some new customers to you from Nova Scotia. Cheers!”
Cathy Whiteley

“Great Sevice With the Best Product HI Wayne, Just wanted to let you know that I received my jacket and pants on last Friday! So far I am extremely pleased with the purchase. I lucked out because There was only a one week turn around from the time I placed my order to the time that FEDEX attempted their first delivery! Very Cool. So far everything seems to fit great. I tried to break in the armor with no linings this weekend, but the air meash was a little cool with no linings. I live in wyoming and the temp was in the low forty’s yesterday. Even in the cold, I was excited to see how breezy the air mesh was, as I am planning on this being a year-round suit, so I know it will feel great in a few months when things heat up. Now as far as the liners! This morning was my first commute – Decided to try both pants and Jacket with full liners. I left about sunrise. Temperature was about 42 with 15-20mph cross winds, so I know the windchill was significantly less than 42. I ride a naked bike with no fairings or windscreen. Travelling at constant speeds of 40-60mph on the way to work, I was almost TOO Warm!!! This is excellent!!!! With my old gear I would have frozen my nether regions off!!!! So now I know that I can definitely ride comfortably in even cooler weather!!!! Not that I had doubts, but after this morning I am extremely confident in my purchase. I look forward to many long years of use with this gear. The only area I have noticed any issues is the forearm of the jacket. With full lining, it is just a tad tight, but I know the armor isn’t fully broken in. I am going to give a few days and then try trimming a little of the armor if needed. But even with that minor detail, this is the most comfortable fitting gear I have ever worn on a bike! Thank you Wayne for a wonderful product!!!!! Also, please extend my thanks to Christy. I was out of town last week and couldn’t be home to sign for the delivery. When I called, Christy went above and beyond to call fedex and arrange for them to deliver when I would be home. Aside from the Great service that you showed me personally, I just wanted to recognize one of your employees for their service as well. I will be recommending you to all my frinds who ride. Thanks again for everything, and feel free to use any of my comments as testimonial to your wonderful business. Sincerely, Bob Mathews Cheyenne W”
Bob Mathews

“GP-2  Suit Crashed The beauty of buying a Motoport suit is that you get some options in return for the price – things like fit, color, liners, reflective striping and extra zippers so you can re-enact the dance sequence from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video are customizable when you place your order. I chose Motoport because I felt the  material that they use is the best overall compromise between comfort, protection and maintainability. Additionally, I was very impressed with Wayne’s commitment to his products and his customers. I ordered my stuff in 2006 and have owned it for over a year. The overall fit of the gear is great (considering it was built with my particular bulginess in mind) – there is no annoying flapping, inflation or chafing while riding. The gear is easy to get into and out of, is comfortable during a long day’s worth of riding and contributes to a sense of security through the lack of clothing related distractions. When on the bike, the armor lines up and stays in place in spite of moving around while on the bike. I have owned and worn 1 piece leather suits and was never able to just jump on the bike and have the armor line up right every time – on the flip side, I never have to futz much with the armor in my 2 piece GP2 suit. One of the big reasons to consider is the fact that the material breathes. I would describe the air flow as being close to similarly weighted and woven cotton-based fabrics (like denim jeans or maybe a cotton sweatshirt) at highway speed – it doesn’t “blow through” like a cotton t-shirt, but there is definitely air flowing through the material at highway speeds. This means that even with waterproofing applied, the gear is water resistant at best – you will get wet if you spend more than a few minutes powering through an average rain fall. Consider the liner option or putting on rain gear if you will be riding in the wet. One could get even more ventilation by going with the lightweight or mesh fabrics, but riding in the heat of August hasn’t left me feeling overheated as long as I keep moving. I have been wearing the suit with just a t-shirt and shorts underneath when it is hot out. The zippered vents are functional and you can really feel the air moving through the suit when you shift enough to create a little space between your body and the material (or armor) – I really think the suit is slightly cooler overall than a fully ventilated leather suit. I rode across Utah and Nevada in July wearing my  gear and felt more comfortable than if I had been wearing jeans in terms of managing the dreaded monkey butt issue. Another huge benefit in my opinion is that the suit is machine washable without having to struggle though removing the armor – you need access to a front loading washer and the rest is just waiting around. I had the unfortunate experience of crash testing my Motoport GP2 jacket and pants recently. It was about 10 minutes before 7AM on a Saturday morning, a few miles north of Poncha Springs on Highway 285 when out of my peripheral vision a deer appeared at the side of the road scary close – I just about had time to think “don’t do that” when it sprang in front of my bike. I would say that it was all of 30 feet of reaction time while running at highway speed. I thought I might swerve around the backside of the animal – but barely had the bike changing direction when I hit the deer full on. The impact was jarring – like the mother of all rugby tackles. I had this flash of the animal looking at me accusingly as we collided – I think it was more its body snapping around the front of my beemer at the point of contact. The next thing I knew, I was off the bike on the right side and tumbling like the six million dollar man down the highway. I could see the bike sliding out ahead of me on a slight arc towards the right side of the road, sparks flying from the grinding cylinder heads. When I stopped tumbling, I thought I was done crashing, tried to stand up and pitched forward in additional somersaults since I was actually still sliding down the road. I had that brief moment of identification with the thing about racers going limp until they were sure they weren’t moving and so I just held on for the rest of the ride. I was aware of the slide when the tumbling stopped the second time and rode it out. The best description is that it felt like I was riding along with everything fine and the next thing I knew, everything was not fine. Like a Bambi-bomb had gone off on me. While I didn’t lose consciousness, I have no sense of the scale of the wreck and tumble. I do know that the entirety of my tumbles and sliding occurred on the asphalt road surface. I got to ride in an ambulance, Yay! X-Rays… all negative. Superficial scrapes to my wrist and knee. 7 stitches to my ADV-Salute finger. Tetanus shot, sprained ankle and hand. Muscular soreness from being flung down the road. Walked out of the ER under my own power a couple hours after arriving and had some breakfast in the charming little town of Salida. So, what about my Motoport gear? I was wearing a GP2 jacket and pants with the waist zipper zipped. Both the jacket and pants look heavily cycled and there were some tears . Having said that, the combination of the fabric and tri-armor did their jobs: the scrape on my knee probably would not have happened at all if I hadn’t taken the armor pieces out of my lower legs so I could zip the ankles outside of my boots (instead of the in-boot cut that I originally ordered). I feel pretty dumb about that. Either way, I got off the bike at highway speed and got a single minor scrape in the area covered by my gear. If I had left the armor in, I don’t think I would have been scuffed at all in the areas covered by my Motoport stuff. Contrast that with the stitches required to close up the laceration on my finger where my elk/deer leather gauntlets tore through during the crash. Verdict: think what you want, but I basically walked away from a 65 MPH collision with a deer and follow-on crash with only superficial injuries – I really liked my gear before the crash, but its performance when I needed the protection has left me exceeding grateful to have chosen Motoport gear. Funny how the most important decision that I made that day was what to wear… At the end of the day, it was a toss up for what hurt worse: the stitched finger or the site of the tetanus shot! I sent my gear back to Wayne and company to see if it could be repaired. It turned out that I had two options: have patches sewn on over the damaged areas or have the damaged panels replaced. The difference in price was patches for about 25% of original purchase price or panels for 50% of the original cost. I went with the patches and also asked that they turn my innie ankle cuffs into outies along with some extra inseam length so I never have to be without my knee and shin armor again. The pricing for the modification was (like everything else with Motoport) very reasonable. My gear was fixed and sent back within about two weeks counting transit time. The fixes were well done and the change to the ankle was built in a way that you would hardly know that the pants had been modified. Like a bonehead, I didn’t send Wayne the boot measurements for my boots – so I had to send them back for a minor rework. Once they had the measurements, the crew at Motoport were able to get the ankle cuffs fitted to my particular boot brand (Oxtar TCS) and my pants were back in about two weeks again. I’m very pleased with the quality of the repairs and the alterations to the ankles – I don’t think there are many companies that back their gear like Motoport does. I can’t imagine one of the off-the-rack motorcycle fashion brands rebuilding their stuff to keep you from having to buy a whole new suit. In terms of the overall performance of my gear and Wayne’s customer service, I think you can’t go wrong with gear from Motoport.”
Jim Klopfer

“Best Gear For Florida Wow! What a spectacular jacket! After I bought the Stretch pants, I thought I wanted the Ultra II jacket. So I ordered it. Much to my surprise, it felt too large. I had failed to take into account that the jacket was meant to be a touring jacket and wearers would be wearing more clothing under it than we do here in Miami, Florida. Designed to have 2 separate liners, it was more than I wanted. So, as the company says “100% customer satisfaction” I returned it and ordered the Air Mesh  jacket. Talk about perfection! In the hot humid weather of Florida, it is perfect! I own three other brand mesh jackets, and none are as cool and comfortable as the Cycleport. One reason is the Cycleport has stretch panels on the sides under the arms and above the shoulders to allow movement and expansion. I spent eight hours in the jacket the past weekend in hot, humid and bright light conditions and was 100% comfortable. My friend in his Aerostitch Darien was hot and sweating. This jacket is made for Florida! I started out early when the temperature was in the 60’s. By afternoon it was upper 80’s. Never once, even in stop and go traffic was I uncomfortable. I also noticed that the black stretch  pants were both cool and did not absorb the heat the way my other riding pants do. Thanks Wayne, job well done!”
Craig Owen

“Head ON INTO A GUARDRAIL I’ve been considering Cycleport riding apparel for some time. I had opportunity to meet Wayne and try on the gear at an FJR meeting (WFO-6) in Park City, UT. I bought an Ultra II Mesh jacket and matching pants. I’m an ATGATT rider, so I use all the gear on all of my bikes. While riding with some friends on my KLR I had an incident. After 5 1/2 hours of riding I was overcome by the heat on a 95 degree day (my fault, I didn’t stay hydrated) and passed out. I fell off the right side of my bike at 35 mph on a paved road and slid head first into a guardrail support beam. The medics at the scene told my friends that the gear saved my life. There were no abrasions on my skin, exactly what I expected from the gear. The gear was damaged when the medics cut the jacket off me to get to my body to assess my injuries. I had broken ribs, shoulder blade, and cracked vertebrae, but no roadrash. Cycleport gear does exactly what they advertise and precisely what I expected. It protected my skin and kept me safe. In fact, once the bruising began to surface, there were clear outlines of where the padding in the jacket had protected my chest and right thigh from the impact. I am extremely glad I bought this gear and recommend it to eveyone who asks, though I prefer to not be a “crash test dummy”
Michael Krause, Elk Grove CA.

“Ultra II Cordura Better Than Aerostitch In 2005 I bought an Ultra II Cordura suit with all the liners. In 2006 I was doing a ton of commuting for work and I bought an Aerostrich Roadcrafter suit for its easy on/easy off. So I have used both in all conditions. Knowing that many prefer a one piece suit to a 2-piece suit, I will not try and compare apples to oranges that way, but I sold the Roadcrafter after I sold my 2 wheeler. I really thought that the Motoport suit was far superior for a variety of reasons separate then my preference for a 2 piece suit. This isn’t to say that the Roadcrafter didn’t have its place and have its benefits, but the Ultra II was definitely my first choice. In 2006 I took a trip to Deals Gap and when I decided to pick which gear to take, I took my Ultra II for its comfort and improved safety features. I have used the liners in the suit and I rode home in a downpour deluge and my wife was astonished when I removed my suit and was dry inside. I think the Aerotex product is stellar. I will admit I do not use the inside liners because they are a bit cumbersome for me, and I carry all my electrical gizmos and wallet in the pockets of the suit and I hate the feeling of the suit being wet, and I really like the breathability of not having a liner all the time. This was one of my gripes about the Roadcrafter as it was freakin’ hot and sticky crotch having that in there!! I bought an Aerotex rainsuit that I put over the top of my Ultra II and this suits me better. I have had that same Aerotex rainsuit for 3 years and I wore it 8-12 hours everyday for 6 months in when I was riding for a temporary job in Seattle area—never leaked and I only washed it with Nikwax 1 time since I had it. My only recommendation for the Aerotex suit is to make the zippers on the legs a bit longer so that it is easier to put the leg through on the side of the road with motorcycle boots on…it is always fun trying to do the one-legged hop without falling into oncoming trafficJ. Absolutely well worth the investment!!!! When comparing the Tri-armor and the TLTec foam I would say there is definitely more in the Ultra II and after reading Wayne’s posts I don’t think I could give a better or educated statement on protection. I will say this, I was unable to tolerate the Aerostitch back pad as it was too stiff, especially when it got cold (I initially justified the stitch so I could use it all winter in Wisconsin on my sidecar too)…I have a short torso and that back pad tended to make increased pressure on my neck. I found the Tri-Armor to be much easier to have more of around my body. Praise God I have not had a crash, but in that case I think more armor is better! My last reason for dumping the stitch was that damn crotch zipper leaked, I know some deny this fact as it hasn’t happen to them, but on my neutral sitting bike water would puddle on the tops of my thighs and then seep into the crotch after 20 minutes of hard rain. I was not ok with having to carry a rainsuit to put on over my stitch. I have buddies who never had this happen and I believe them I think it has to do with how you sit and how the suit fits….I couldn’t take that part. I just bought a new (used) 2005 Triumph Tiger, my wife needs a suit when she rides…I will begin looking at a new suit…at Motoport!! I also learned a new lesson, I will not buy black…too hot! But I had black for both the stitch and the Motoport!! Thanks Wayne for a stellar product! Eric J. Nelson 513 N. Hubbard St Horicon, WI 53032 Respectfully”
Eric J. Nelson